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Henig » November 28th, 2022

Dhi Qar decides to suspend official working hours next Monday


{Local: Al-Furat News} The governor of Dhi Qar announced the suspension of official working hours next Monday.

Muhammad Hadi said in a statement, “The official working hours have been suspended for next Monday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Zaytoun Bridge incident.”   LINK

Clare » November 28th, 2022

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq receives the Assistant Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes


November 28, 2022

His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Mustafa Ghaleb Makhaif, received today, Sunday, Mr. Jesse Baker, Assistant Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes, and his accompanying delegation . 

During the meeting, they discussed bilateral cooperation between the two institutions and discussed the application of international standards in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and the Central Bank’s commitment to them, in addition to the application of due diligence from other government institutions in this file. In addition to efforts to enhance financial inclusion and keep the banking sector in line with global developments . 

His Excellency stressed that the Central Bank of Iraq is committed to all international laws and instructions, in the file of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and was able to transfer Iraq from the status of enhanced follow-up to the regular follow-up in the Financial Action Agency “FATF”, in addition to removing it from the European Union’s list of high-risk countries. .

On the other hand, the US Treasury delegation praised the measures implemented by the Central Bank in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, through its use of the latest systems in this file .

The Central Bank of Iraq,     Media Office,
November 27, 2022

Henig » November 28th, 2022


In numbers and pictures.. Al-Sudani announces the recovery of large sums of money from the theft of the century


The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, announced the recovery of large sums of money stolen from the secretariats of the Tax Authority in the case known as the “theft of the century.”

Al-Sudani said in a press conference held this evening, surrounded by the refunded amounts: “The competent authorities were able to recover the first batch of more than 182 billion dinars,” noting that “investigative committees were formed to audit the instruments disbursed from the tax secretariats.”

He added, “The investigation committee indicated the violations and negligence to facilitate the seizure of trust funds, and there are bodies within the Tax Authority and other supervisory and responsible parties that facilitated the process of stealing trusts, and we will announce these parties after completing the investigations.”

“We will not exclude any party involved in the theft of safe deposits,” Al-Sudani stressed.

He pointed out that “the investigative committees reached a conclusion stating that 114 checks were paid to the accused, Noor Zuhair Al-Muzaffar (aka Abu Fatima), with a total amount of more than a trillion dinars,” referring to “the disbursement of 114 checks to the accused, Nour Al-Muzaffar, for an amount of one trillion and 618 billion dinars.”

He revealed that “37 checks were disbursed, with a total amount of 624 billion dinars, to Badia Al-Masar Company,” noting that “the managing director of Badia Al-Masar company is called Abdul Mahdi Tawfiq, and its fugitive accused owner, Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ibrahim.”

And he continued, “66 checks were disbursed, with a total amount of 982 billion dinars, to the Humpback Whale Company, to its fugitive authorized director, Abd al-Mahdi Tawfiq, and its fugitive accused owner, Qassem Muhammad,” noting that “45 checks were disbursed, with a total amount of 607 billion dinars, to the Baghdad Wind Company, to its authorized director, Abd al-Mahdi Tawfiq, to its arrested owner, Hussein.” Kawa,” noting that “the money spent amounts to three trillion and 754 billion and 642 million and 664 thousand dinars.”

He pointed out that “the judiciary will issue a decision to release {Nour Al-Muzaffar} on bail as part of an agreement to recover the rest of the amount,” announcing that “the movable and immovable money of Al-Muzaffar will be seized and he will be prevented from traveling after his pledge to pay the rest of the amount within two weeks,” pointing out that “the majority of Al-Muzaffar’s money is real estate and he will sell it.” To pay with security monitoring and follow-up of Al-Muzaffar to prevent his escape.


And the Prime Minister announced that “the accused (Hussein Kaveh) is being recovered from the Kurdistan region, in possession of 45 instruments, the total amount of which is 607 billion dinars.”

He stressed, “We will follow up on any accused and in any part of the land and recover the money, and that will be the criterion for our relationship with the countries of the world in this file and offering money in this way because of the low level of citizen confidence in the state’s procedures.”

Al-Sudani called on “the accused against whom arrest warrants have been issued to surrender themselves and the stolen sums.” LINK

UncleVersie » November 28th, 2022

To sign memorandums of understanding. Sudani to lead political and economic delegation to Tehran tomorrow

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani to Tehran, on an official visit, on Monday, at the invitation of It was directed at him two days ago by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

Sudani, who was recently elected prime minister Iraqi, will visit Iran as the first foreign country at the head of an economic and political delegation, and it will also be His third abroad, after Jordan and Kuwait.

The assistant director of the Iranian president’s office said For Political Affairs Mohammad Jamshidi, to the Iranian agency “IRNA”, “Ebrahim Raisi, will be greeted by Sudani, at the Saadabad Cultural Complex and the historical in Tehran.”

Jamshidi added, “The Sudanese Official meetings will be held during this one-day visit, and Memorandum of Understanding to develop cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad.”

Shafaq News Agency learned that the most prominent The files that Al-Sudani will discuss in Tehran are the continuation of Iraqi mediation between Iran And Saudi Arabia, especially as he plans to visit Riyadh a few days after Iran, will also discuss Economic files between the two countries, energy and other files related to security and border control.


Last Saturday, Sudani received the ambassador Iranian to Iraq Mohammed Kazem Al Sadiq, who conveyed to him the invitation of Iranian President Ibrahim Home to visit Tehran.

The meeting, according to the Sudanese office, dealt with Discussing a number of common files in the economic and investment aspect, as confirmed To continue meetings between Iraq and Iran on the security file, in a manner that preserves the sovereignty of It achieves the interests of the two friendly peoples and consolidates the security and stability of the region.

To sign memorandums of understanding. Sudani to lead political and economic delegation to Tehran tomorrow (

Henig » November 28th, 2022

Integrity: an arrest and search warrant against a general manager at the Ministry of Commerce

{Local: Al Furat News} The Investigation Department of the Federal Integrity Commission confirmed the issuance of an arrest and search warrant against the General Manager of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade in the former Ministry of Commerce.

The department, speaking about the case that it investigated and referred to the judiciary, indicated that “the Second Karkh Investigation Court issued an arrest and search warrant against the former general manager of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade, following the discovery of an inflation in his funds,” indicating that “the decision This came after the court reviewed the technical report prepared by the Authority’s Prevention Department and the statements of its legal representative. 

The department added, “The arrest warrant issued by the Second Karkh Investigation Court came in accordance with the provisions of Article (19/Second) of the Amended Integrity and Illicit Gain Commission Law No. (30 of 2011).” 

It is worth noting that the authority announced on the twenty-second of November the issuance of a judgment in absentia imprisoning the former general manager of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade for seven years. Against the background of his contract to supply (2500) tons of tea, which the results of the examination proved unfit for human consumption. LINK

Huh. Well THAT’S interesting. Insider trading with currency while leaking exchange rates? You don’t say.


Al-Bayati presents a proposal to radically solve the army’s livelihood crisis

{Politics: Al-Furat News} Security expert Sarmad Al-Bayati presented a proposal to radically solve the army’s livelihood crisis, after it was raised a lot during the last period.

Al-Bayati said to an unannounced program on the Al-Furat TV channel, “The soldier pays 125,000 in exchange for food meals, and after the great debate about the matter, I see that the amount is given to the soldier himself, and he is the one who deals with the issue of food.”

Regarding this file, he added, “The food contractor agrees directly with the Minister of Defense regarding feeding the army and feeding some remote units that are self-sufficient better than the rest of the army.”

He pointed out that “follow-up on the soldier’s diet is the responsibility of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff, and the committee should direct the self-sufficiency units to check their livelihood.”

And he continued, “Modern mechanisms can be adopted to track the course of livelihoods that were cut off,” pointing out that “the contract between trade and defense can be terminated if the livelihoods are not good.”

Al-Bayati touched on another file, which is the leaking of official books, saying: “We will reach the right track when we stop leaking official books to the media, especially books on which it is written that it is opened in particular and that is in full secrecy and personality.”

And he indicated that “the secrecy of official books with varying degrees of accuracy and maintaining the secrecy of official books is the beginning of institutional reform,” explaining that “officials traded buying and selling the dollar before its official rise, and this means that everything is being leaked.” LINK

UncleVersie » November 28th, 2022

The State Administration discusses the election laws and decides to complete the ministerial cabinet


11:16 – 28/11/2022

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The state, Monday, the provincial council and parliament elections laws discussed the management coalition.  The coalition stated in a statement received / Mawazine News / copy From him, that “the coalition of directors The State held its regular meeting today to discuss the latest developments on the national scene and regional and international in the office of Pavel Talabani in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

The coalition revealed, according to The statement, on “high-level dialogues and meetings to prevent the violation of Iraqi sovereignty from any third party”. He stressed on “the work of Iraq is serious about preventing its territory from being used as a springboard to destabilize the security of neighboring countries.”

According to the statement, “The meeting decided to complete the ministerial cabinet and name the Ministers of Environment and Housing. and reconstruction.”

He explained that “The Coalition listened to a comprehensive report on the provincial council elections law and the MPs discussed the details of the law from the political and technical points of view.”

The State Administration discusses the election laws and decides to complete the ministerial cabinet (

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