“Update on NESARA/GESARA and the World Situation Right Now!” by Reda – 12.4.22


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Beloved IDC Readers!

Our beloved Jesus (Sananda) it’s giving us a window of hope with his message! 

Sananda update on the world situation right now.
by Ngari

Beloved brothers.

It’s up to me to keep you posted on Gaia’s situation right now. The victory of the light is already perfectly outlined and the plans of the Earth Alliance are already in a conclusive phase.

The long-awaited checkmate is already happening. The forces of darkness no longer have the power. The people have woken up. There is such an expansion of consciousness that day after day they inflate the armies of anonymous people who fight for freedom.


The time has come when the hunter is overtaken by the game. In our beloved Brazil, the prayers of an entire nation have been heard. The military keep the country armored. No one gets in. Nobody comes out. The dark ones no longer have how to flee. They are being hit and neutralized, wherever they are.

The enemy is located, and in all countries, they are being detained, neutralized and will surely have what they deserve. They will be tried and sentenced for all their crimes against humanity. From now on, the promised prosperity, abundance and peace comes to each of the citizens of Gaia.

The NESARA/GESARA law becomes effective in all the nations of the planet. The QFS replaces, definitively, the moribund Fiat system, which kept you all captive of debts. You can now expect a calm and happy life, without frights or worries about how to make ends meet. Eliminate all visions of tragedies, of famine, of limitations and lack. All of that is being wiped off the face of the Earth.

Our beloved Gaia is already an ascended planet and all of you along with her. The shocking energies entering the planet are raising its vibrations, causing the sleepers to wake up to life beyond their television screens. Everything goes to ask for mouth.

NESARA/GESARA brings with it the forgiveness of bank debts, the extinction of income tax, the one-time 14% tax on new consumer goods, gold-backed currencies, or real wealth. All will be rich and abundant. You will not have to work like slaves for a bad life.

The MedBeds and a whole technology at the service of man and his perfect health arrive. “AS SOON AS THE REDEMPTION MONEY IS RELEASED”, our humanitarians go into action, building with our help and that of the galactic brothers, the new Holistic Healing Centers. every citizen of that planet will have free access to health services and new technologies, previously even imagined by you.

So, beloved brothers, know that all suffering is being abolished from the planet. Only happy events knock at the door. The Earth Alliance is in complete control of the situation, on all levels. The military, once the objectives of the divine plan for Earth have been fulfilled, will put an end to Martial Law, giving the green light to the full force of NESARA/GESARA. The entire Company of Heaven is with you, helping in the work of liberation of the planet. There is nothing to fear. Nothing can go wrong, since the elevated planetary energies do not support anything negative. Just fill yourselves with gratitude for all that you are about to receive.


I am Sananda, and I love each and every one of you.

To all those beautiful humanitarian souls out there in this beautiful rising world, I asked you for your assistance, times are harder, I’m still waiting response from a job I applied to, please pray for me, I have less this week week to leave the place I live and get a new one (I pray to those beautiful souls that have already redeemed or exchanged to help me with $2,000) And to the those precious beings who have the means to help I humbly ask you for your SUPPORT while our we wait for our blessings! 

Your contribution is highly appreciated! And Remember that Everything you give will come back to you multiplied! 

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Blessings of Light to all! 


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