WHA Information Briefing: 2022 – Out of the Chaos Arose More Chaos


Information Briefing #181

2022 – Out Of The Chaos Arose More Chaos

I am going to invoke dominus privilegium and personally address you in what will be the last briefing for 2022. These are my words, unless described otherwise.

The year comes to an end, and I am sure there is no need to summarize it here, as all of you are experiencing it firsthand in your daily lives. I am quite sure that depending on how each of you are personally situated, the chaos impacts in very different ways. What is most important is that one learns how to adapt ways and means to survive through it all. And this is certainly not going to be a universal approach for everyone. However you are making your way, I hope you are achieving your goals in doing so, the current malaise notwithstanding.

Let us review a few key areas of interest, and briefly discuss what I would like to achieve next year.

The Global Settlements

For those that don’t know, the World Global Settlements are to be the largest financial transactions in the history of Earth. They are designed to achieve the ethical infusion of off balance sheet Asiatic dynastic wealth into world economies, subject to strict oversight and management, by a core team of trustees, including one of our key site contributors.


As most of our readers know, a serious meeting took place in New York last December, which resulted in a failure to agree on terms for U.S. beneficial access. The U.S. negotiators, we are told, have committed a very serious error in failing to accept terms designed to protect the transactions from earlier acts of treachery that could not be allowed to repeat. Now we are awaiting a possible commencement of these monumentally huge transactions via a BRICS framework, which would leave the U.S. to go it alone to compete with a world seeking to move away from dollar dominance.

We have the good fortune of direct contact with the one entity that key Asiatic dynastic Elders consult with on the GS, who recently said the following in an internal discussion:

The potential net consequences now facing America will be draconian. A multipolar split where America loses all dominance. Nations dropping the petrodollar. Ending global reliance upon SWIFT. The end of energy and core commodities priced in dollars. Global suppliers refusing to sell energy or commodities for worthless dollars, demanding the US pay in alternative currencies, or heavily discounting the dollar. 

We face pension funds becoming insolvent. Banks bailing in from clients’ savings – stealing from you. Pensions being reneged upon and income losses in value of at least 30%.  Soaring gas, home heating, health care and food costs. Food shortages, and the collapse of welfare with riots expected as former recipients revolt. 990 plus US warfare bases shut down with no money. Vast fleets at sea not able to buy fuel, or food, or pay for docking. An air force not able to buy jet fuel.

The US has exported jobs and industries. It’s made the Third World wealthy and America poor. Old mother Hubbard has nothing in the cupboard. The world knows the US is run by whores. 

Is this the new incoming domestic Boston Tea Party where the world says, “Enough!”? 

Yet the illegals keep flooding in and crime rises. D.C. is on the take, and corruption rules fools.


What can go so wrong?  The world is cutting D.C. free!  Losing 75% of the world, what then is America’s destiny? War? WWIII? All lose. 

Rethink and plan out of bail-ins. A bail-out for those who can! It IS coming, and when it does hit it will go like Rome. D.C. is incapable of planning through this. Scam city. Every snout seeking a hand out.

Information and knowledge, now, is everything. We [WHA] are forewarned of so much. Heed it.

We have been repeatedly warned that a BRICS GS release will have potentially detrimental economic effects on the already strained, hyper-inflating USD. As BRICS nations continue to expand, and with their currencies possessing hard metal asset backing, the non-metals backed USD may find itself being supplanted in traditional long standing trade mediums. This could result in a Weimar economic condition in the U.S. I have taken steps to personally prepare for this, and I suggest you research how to protect your portfolios from such deleterious events.

As I would like to think: We are in the right place, at the right time, with the right information, and know the right people who deal with the GS on a daily basis. So our updates on the matter will be right from the source, when possible. I don’t think it could get any better than that.

Tales From The Crypto

Some time ago we added a list of suggested crypto ideas as a courtesy to any readers who wished to avail themselves of it, and we will continue to do so free of charge into 2023.

I continue to point out that this sector is truly terra incognita, and will be subject to very extreme volatility, suitable only for risk capital. Recent events have shown why such warnings were given, and continue to be.

I continue to believe that we have not seen the ultimate highs that are yet to come in future cycles. So the extreme volatility we have seen this year, with prices down where they are, should not be taken as a final capitulation or failure of the industry. Far from it! It is, in essence, the price we will pay for a much larger future payoff, with the ultimate goal of transformational wealth accumulation.

This is a time to cost average your holdings, if right for your circumstances. But one must be careful to choose projects which are well researched and have valid use cases, and not borrow funds to buy them. Our list of suggestions is to guide you if needed. There are thousands of tokens and coins. We have presented only 13 of them to consider.


The Blockchain economy is still very new and struggling to find its legs in a regulatory quagmire of bureaucratic swampiness. But, find them, they will.

We will have to be patient, as I am quite certain that once the regulatory framework is worked out, Wall Street interests will not miss out on fee income they desperately need from offering crypto-based products to their millions of clients with trillions of dollars to invest. Once they build easy, one-click onramps for techno-dunces to use, combined with new generational inherited wealth that surveys revealed is earmarked for this new space, we should see a monumental rise in demand for potentially scarce supplies of BTC and ETH, and the many quality tokens which transact on ERC-20 blockchains, along with BTC-settled ETFs. Only SEC incompetence, scam artists, and current economic malaise have delayed it.

The current price volatility is not due to lack of interest or a defect in the technology. Not even close. Bad, unregulated brokerages, are. But, brokerages and exchanges are not crypto. They are essentially mirrors of old centralized monetary systems which have the Federal Reserve to bail out the scams. Crypto has no such backstop, so bad actors will go down and stay down forever. And that is how it should be. It will strengthen the future players who will be forced to operate with greater transparency in order to win the trust of the smarter money that will demand it. So, you will either offer that transparency, or be brushed aside, and not bailed out.

Commercial interests continue to make plans, and adoption goes on. Along side it, we will have to suffer the impacts of scams, bad actors, bad ideas, economic whipsaws, political incompetence and foot-dragging to get to where I want to see us all arrive – life changing wealth accumulation by being early and being disciplined to know we are early and knowing just what is ahead. It will slow us down, but it will not prevent the inevitable. No forward leap into any technological advancement has ever occurred drenched in the effulgence of perfection.

For now, as I write, my personal view is that prices will continue down for a while longer. The margin calls from the FTX debacle are causing forced selling to cover leveraged bets and other similar stupid gamblers’ folly. This is foolishness by greedy players and we can take advantage of it by adding to our positions at discounts, using cash.

Again, we are early, and accumulation is the game right now. It is common in this space for prices to retreat 90% before firing upwards 5,000% and beyond. If you can just buy and hold, think of what awaits you. But, we may see BTC at $12000 and ETH at $500 before we are back on the trip upwards. Bear markets usually end on a very, very ugly capitulation that is sudden and wipes out the last of the weaklings and leveraged death-loving berserkers. We have not seen that just yet. You’ll know, if and when we do.

For now, we will continue to add new quality ideas as they are researched and vetted. And barring that, there is little need for any change of our particular crypto strategy for 2023.

Plans For 2023

We will continue on with the comment section, made available for sharing of information and general discussions. It’s your forum to bring forth anything you consider important, so please do so.

I continue to appreciate the many valuable contributions made by our regular readers on a very wide array of subject matter, and I am very impressed at the genial, dignified tolerance as others present widely diverse views and opinions.


For 2023, I am going to devote less time to my own comments and more to the new portfolios which I have been working on for some time now. I will not go into details on the final shape of the new ideas, which will be presented for your consideration, but rest assured that very careful planning will be done to navigate the uncertainties ahead in the next year, and make available options for you to take advantage of, if you wish. I feel it is important to offer some tangible value to help survive and hopefully thrive amidst new challenges, and not just talk about them. Some practical application, as opposed to merely the theoretical, so to speak. As always, we cannot and will not give individualized investment advice.

And, if the Global Settlements find an optimum environment to proceed, we will certainly be ready to assist with administrative duties pertaining to any post-release related financial products which may be properly made available to our readers.

From all indications, the next year may present some serious challenges, so as I am always reminding you all: BE READY FOR ANYTHING!

I appreciate you allowing my personal indulgence with this message to you. Thank you all for your participation. We will be back after the 1st of January with a new feature and hopefully a lot more.



Happy Holidays From WHA

Source: White Hat Auxiliaries


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