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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-3-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is Tuesday, January 3RD Happy New Year everybody. Welcome to the Big call, wherever you are located. Thank you for tuning in. If it’s on the replay numbers or the replay link or whether you happen to be one of many people that could be listening with a simultaneous language translation in your own native tongue as we did last Thursday to 5.5 million people in 116 different languages.

So we don’t normally know the outreach of the call until the next day or so. But if this is reaching you, welcome regardless of whether you’re listening in English or in another language. We welcome you to the Big Call.

Now as we start the new year, let’s make 2023 a year of health – obviously a year of wealth and a year of well- being – and I think that’s what we’re often starting off on – you realize this is our second call in our 12th year of the Big Call and so you know what? I didn’t think we’d go this far. But here we are. So let’s, let’s bring out the intel that we have.

Now when I give you guys stuff – It’s based on the best information that we can source at that time.

You know that certain things tend to come up and they tend to push us back. We have a moving target all that good stuff. Right. Well, let me let you know what is happening now. And this is as of late as Gosh, I’m gonna say 7pm Eastern tonight.  I received information and let’s go into that.

What has been happening is – let’s talk first of all about the banking system. Now there are several levels of Basel compliance based on the Basel protocols, B – a – s e – l – Basel, Switzerland, okay. That’s how it’s pronounced in German – Basel. ( Bah – zul )


So, these protocols have different levels based on liquidity in the banks. They started having the liquidity to back up their deposits, or the monies on deposit with the bank.

Well, there’s Basel lll, we all hit Basel lV is where most of our banks have made that level. But there are several – and I’m going to say we are up to approximately 5000 banks in the United States that did not meet Basel lV  protocol by the 1st  – 2 days ago –  they had until Sunday to reach Basel lV compliannce

All right – now, some of the banks or tier three and tier four size banks mom and pops, possibly savings and loans, possibly branches, and we knew a long time ago, that even with Chase Bank, that they were going to let about 42 to 45% of their branches go because they would no longer be needed in our current future.

Okay, so many banks and this would be true of all the big banks are consolidating, and removing and letting certain leases on properties and bank buildings go –

Well, the theory was it’s not just the theory. What happened on Sunday – If the bank could not meet those protocols, they would be shuttered meaning doors close, locked, and electricity cut off. That was to take place, Sunday or Monday because Monday, as you guys know, was a federal holiday. As we were observing the New Year Day as a holiday, so yesterday was New Year’s Day observed in United States.

Now, today is our first day that the banks have reopened. But we should have proximately 5000 that didn’t. it could be branches. tier 3 and tier 4 banks, they could be a variety.

That’s okay. And I think within North America, which would include Canada, to the north and Mexico, to our south, considered North America, we could have a number closer to 7000 but maybe another 2000 in Canada and Mexico that did not comply with Basel lV compliance.  Okay now, that’s all cool. that’s all good.


What else? So we did hear from one of our bondholders paymasters was said that we should expect the bondholders to receive their email tomorrow, that would give them access to funds on Thursday. Now it may not be true of everybody, but I’ll explain that in a minute. But that’s certainly just one bond holder that we heard from a couple hours before the call started tonight.

All right, when we go back and see what has to happen, we know that there are is what I call cleanup on aisle three, cleanup on aisle three, four or five, etc. Okay, we’re referring to arrest and that is ongoing but there were several high value targets that needed to be picked up. And all the just a few dozen have been completely picked up by now. That should continue. There’s the plan to move and relocate these in the next day or so. But my understanding tonight is this will not slow us down from our start. The vast majority of the people that needed to be removed have been so far.

All right now cut to where we are.

One of our sources is very close to the Treasury and has strong contacts there and is saying that we should be getting the following starting at noon, Eastern standard time tomorrow. This would include our notifications for tier 4B also includes the fines – interest and penalties, adjudicated settlements like CMK X – Farm Claims – Indian claims – prosperity packages.

All should start and roll out over a 30 hour period beginning at noon – Eastern time tomorrow.

Now if you do the simple math, noon plus 30 hours would finish up at six o’clock pm eastern time Thursday. So noon tomorrow, Wednesday – Is 6pm Thursday is our 30 hour rollout window for what is going to be in affect was going to be a shotgun start.

If nothing happens to change that – That’s what we’re looking at. And we could have our numbers tomorrow. We could have our appointments made tomorrow. And we could exchange starting more than likely Thursdays for the start of our exchanges and the redemption of our zim bearer bonds

And okay, so that is the gist of where we are – everything. Picture all of those eight horses that I just mentioned about – those things in the starting gate and the starting gate opens at noon tomorrow. And then those rollouts in whatever time they’re designated to roll out – It may be simultaneous or it may be staggered somewhat.   But we’re looking for a lot of things to take place. And that’s really good.

Another thing that we’re looking for is Supreme Court to announce their decision about Brunson and the date that we have heard would be utilized for that would be January 6, which is Friday.

Now should that happen – that result of Brunson should completely reverse the 2020 election and the 2022 midterms and negate them.


Should that come out? We still don’t know exactly why it hasn’t come out before. But I know certain of our sources that leave one was Charlie Ward was talking about January 6, for that Supreme Court decision to be brought out. So We’ll see how that happens , and looking forward to that.

I’m sure there’s more – I’ll tell you something else too we talked I think either last Thursday, we talked about contract rates or the contract rate rather on the dinar and what that was tied – to that’s all good

I believe we’re going to see something with our new USTN currency or in United States Treasury note folding money that we put in our purses and wallets and money clips. Okay, that should be coming out. The day we start our exchanges – should come out – I would think either tomorrow or Thursday. We’ll see how that comes out. But that’s one thing that we’re really looking forward to.

And that’s start because we already know that for example, the dinar – the Iraqi dinar is already pre positioned on the bank’s screens as IQN slash USN

So the designation of IQD to IQN and USD to USN has already been on the screens for several days now.

That indicates at least digitally there the currency is being exchanged or being traded internationally as a USN a US note. Okay. So that was encouraging when I heard that for the first time. I think that’s been several days ago might have been a week almost now.

So I’m encouraged. I want to stay encouraged. I want us to continue to stay positive and believe that this is coming in as it currently appears to be

There’s just so many variables to this. That’s why it’s been a moving target for so many years. But I know Iraq has done their thing. Hopefully, they have done everything that they needed to do. We’ve countries come up that weren’t quite compliant with the Starlink satellite system. Now they’re connected and hooked up with the quantum financial system – everybody is connected and hooked up.

I think it’s ready, We’re ready to go. So let’s stay in faith for this to come through and let’s pray the call out and look forward to everything getting kicked off at approximately noon tomorrow.

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:11:21


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