“Conflicting Messages” by Logan B – 1.8.23


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 2:10 PM ET on January 8, 2023

The Galactics tell us that they will not directly interfere with our dark problem on the surface unless their plans are for an immediate destruction of the planet or huge loss of life. They tell us anything less is our responsibility to deal with yet they have just said that again they have finally given the dark their final final ultimatum that they either immediately shape up or ship out or be removed by them. 

The next one is really Elon Musk you run a space agency but you don’t know anything about aliens. Either you really are that unawakened, which is scary for someone who has been responsible for putting up the satellites that connect us to the alien QFS, or you are just playing dumb because you have been told not to say anything about that. Yes, the QFS is alien but in a good way. I think the interviewers that ask Elon this question want him to say yes there are aliens and they all want to wipe us out and take the planet for themselves or enslave us. Elon did say that if there were aliens they would be so advanced we wouldn’t have the slightest chance to stop them. The MSM love that kind of garbage. The enslaving part happened long ago but thankfully by the grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ they haven’t wiped us out. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us during the Age of Pisces. With a formal occasion aboard the New Jerusalem Jesus officially handed over His leadership to St Germain to lead us into the Age of Aquarius, Golden Age. Jesus is not retiring. He will still be very instrumental in helping us with ascension and getting us to the 5D+ Diamond Age of God.

There are some quiet murmurings from the dark, which may get louder quickly, saying we need to be aware that any Galactics offering quantum technology gadgets and systems that better our lives has the objective in mind to become our new controllers. Corey Goode names the Galactic Federation specifically. He may have a point. We do need to be careful of any of the SSP and ICC factions. In our current polar situation there is good and bad in everything including the Galactics, even Angels, but I think the onus is on them to tell us who we need to be wary of. 

Anything offered by St Germain’s GESARA team should be fine although he did recently replace all of the trustees of his funds. They may or may not have been faultless in giving his funds to those that asked for humanitarian purposes but the fact is the dark wound up with most of it and the push is on to reclaim those funds and give it to who it was always meant for. Us. Blessed are the meek. No, us does not include the new humanitarian organizations that have sprung up claiming that all the funds should go to them because we are idiots and only they know what’s best for humanity. That again is the very definition of new controllers. St Germain has always been about the Sovereignty of individuals not Nations, groups and especially not corporations. Do you know what Sovereignty for individuals means and are you prepared to accept the responsibility of it? 

So basically it boils down to this. The Solar Flash Event is being held back until more of humanity is awake although the Blue Sphere beings have left the solar system that were holding back the energies so at this point it is pretty much what will be will be as we continue into the Photon Belt. Awakening has pretty much stalled until Sovereignty. The idea of even well intentioned groups leading us to Sovereignty has never worked in the past and there is no reason to believe it will now and it is too late now anyway for the time that will take. Ascension is not possible without individual Sovereignty. Individual Sovereignty is not possible until GESARA and the RV is released and people are finally free to make their own choices without worrying about the most basic of needs like their next meal. 

I know everyone is tired but I think the Light have finally seen the light in St Germain’s thinking that was put into question after 9/11. It pains me to think how far along we could have been by now if GESARA would have happened then but we can’t do anything about that now, not even with a time machine. They tried that by removing the father of the son that would be the future leader of the NWO. It didn’t work. 9/11 happened anyway. On another timeline 9/11 didn’t happen and I hope they are watching how that timeline has progressed and are pleased at what they see. 

They say that ascension to 5D is possible now but is it. Sure ascension is possible with years of meditation to ascend astrally to 5D of which many have done since Atlantis and I mean a lot. The pyramids all around the world and the churches of the Knights of Templar were designed to do just that for those that wanted to. Of all those that crossed through the veil to the other side only two I know of have returned to the physical to help out humanity. Jesus and St Germain. No one who has had an NDE has ever wanted to come back here once they experience what’s there. Honestly, would you. Without at least a 12 strand DNA upgrade to a crystalline body physical ascension is impossible. Upgrades have been going on for years but who knows where we are with that. No doctor that wants to keep their medical licence is going to test you for upgrades. 


Remember once GESARA starts we need to put our blinders and neck brace on to always look forward to help as many as possible to ascension. Never ever look back but keep your intention focused on the now to attain the abundant future we want for everyone. It doesn’t hurt to do that now if you are able. 


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