“NESARA $100,000 Payments” by Danlboon – 1.8.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:37 AM ET on January 8, 2023

It has been said in the “Change is on the Horizon” video that there will be $100,000 monthly payments for 11 years to everyone in the USA, but now it is coming out that it is only $100,000 annually.

By the way, CPAs may still be busy on all this transition as businesses will still need them, but individuals won’t need them for long, except to deal with last year’s tax returns. Some of these CPAs will not believe any of this and they will go after people to con them, others will go with the flow and then many should be helping people out or their business license will be revoked.

Yet in that video for the monthly payments is $1,200,000 annually, and $13,200,000 for all 11 years. And for your ancestors and family that have already passed by next week and that had a Birth Certificate it should not be received by their heirs and thus stay in the QFS and not in the US Treasury for government spending.

Posted; “Fri. 6 Jan. 2023 MarkZ: NESARA will come out on a sliding scale. The younger receiving $40,000 a year (providing they didn’t quit their job) and at age 61 retirees get $100,000 a year for the next 11 years. This is on top of what people receive for retirement and social security.”

Posted; “MZ: If you were 24 and above you should receive $40-$60,000 . We are still trying to find out exact numbers.” NESARA must have been changed over the years and now only those 24 and above can receive payments and not 21 and above per the video.

Then others are coming out and saying we can only receive 7% annual interest payments on that $100,000, thus you receive only $7,000 annually. That is like; “Thank you for what you have gone though in your lives so the Federal Government is giving you an extra $7,000 annually for 11 years, and we the Government keep the rest for ourselves.” And this will not begin paying out till the first quarter is complete, thus April payments.

St. Germain has in excess of one quattuordecillion in that account, that’s 1 with 40 zeros behind it, but not enough to provide $13,200,000 in someone’s life for the 7.3 billion people on Earth? That’s $960,000,000,000,000,000+ for everyone all paid out now, 16 zeros.


Per the Federal Government the full Income Tax refunds should be a good increase for the people as you do not need more from the Federal Government even though they bought and sold you over your lifetime. Plus everyone that paid into any loan or mortgage it may be refunded as well and not just cleared, as the full amount was taken from your TDA. Or will it be that those funds will be placed back into your TDA/QFS account and you can only receive the annual interest?

And if we were to get the monthly payments then those that think that not providing the $100,000 monthly payments to ‘everyone’ in the USA as well as other countries is blatant discrimination, then people may be going to every country and try by committing fraud to collect from those countries as well, 5 countries $500,000 per month. But I guess the QFS will prevent all that as anyone that tries they will get nothing and be locked up.

I also think that insurance companies will be going down the tubes as all types of personal, medical, home, vehicle and liability insurance will be coming from your TDA/QFS account if and when you need it and not just make payments for profit for those companies.

Are the homeless not going to receive anything as they have no address to show proof of domicile? Will anyone that wants these payments need to have a job if they’re under the age of 65, and they will have to deal with their present income payments? Since there will no longer be any mortgage payments and we do not have direct access to our TDA/QFS account then in order to purchase a home we will have to wait till we stored up enough funds to purchase it?

Will our TDA/QFS account be put back to ZERO dollars as that was not our money to start with? Thus everyone that used us as chattel received the benefits that were placed on us and now we get nothing?

There needs to be real answers on all this, as even I am putting pieces together to figure it out. And since I am over 61 then I should know by the 17th or so if it is true and the payment came in, along with my SSDI payment increase, but I usually get it at the end of the month. I am under no NDA, and if that is a provision to receive anything then it is like claiming to be a Christian in a Satanic world.




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