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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-10-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It is Tuesday January 10th and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call – Thanks for listening everybody wherever you are located around the globe – We had a pretty good reach on Thursday night – our call went out to 9 Million people in many, many languages – we really appreciate the team that put that together for us – and that is not including the free conference call people that called in live or listened on the replay link  – I think that is a record for us – I don’t think we have had 10 Million – or close to 10 Million people listening to our call – so that was really cool to hear that –

Well, let’s talk a little bit about where we find ourselves now, because this is really coming down at crunch time.

And the reason I say that is because we got some information late last night, too, I don’t know it’s in the, you know, 10 or 11 o’clock timeframe came in and it was really cool because we had just let you know, it had been very quiet yesterday until late last night – and Sunday was relatively very quiet. Saturday we had a little bit – Sunday quiet – yesterday quiet without what the world is going on. Where is everybody?

Well, most everybody is under gag orders. NDA, they’re not allowed to talk. They’re zipper lipped, whatever you want to say. They just – we are really just so close, that they don’t want certain people talking.

And I mean, it’s tight. It’s really tight now. But we were able to get some information late last night. That came out of the Treasury that pointed to this starting this afternoon with notifications –

Now – We didn’t get absolute clarification on which notifications – whether it was for us or bondholders. We determined a little later today that it looked like it was probably referring more to bondholders than to us because another piece of information that came in from a very trusted source was talking about -talked about Wednesday, or Thursday – that’s tomorrow or Thursday, with bond funds moving this afternoon. overnight tonight  and tomorrow morning which would obviously be going into these bond sellers accounts.


And then once those bond sellers get emails notifying them of that, and they get an access code they can enter in and so on. They should have access to funds tomorrow or Thursday.

Now we’ve talked about being on a shotgun start with the bondholders, which are tier 3, we’re tier 4B, as the Internet Group, and we believe we’re going to get started about the same time as they received their email notifications, so their email notifications will notify them that they have access to funds in their accounts.  And then our notifications will be telling us we can call with an 800 toll free number and set up or exchange appointments.

So even though it’s close to a shotgun start, they’re getting access to funds and should have access to be able to spend while we’re setting our appointments to go in and exchange and redeem our zim 

Okay, so it’s close. It might even be off for 12 hours. it could be that bondholders get a 12 hour head start on us. It shouldn’t be dramatic if it’s really a shotgun start. So we’ll see – but funds are definitely moving into these accounts.

We talked about that. And now we’re looking for the Green light for the Wells Fargo servers to discharge their emails to us. so that we can call and set appointments using 4 regional call centers in mainstream mainland United States – we do that we’ll be able to set our appointments and go.

Now while I’m on this topic – There’s been questions about what about Canada? What about Mexico without other countries around the globe?

All right. Everybody is not going to have the redemption centers like we have them in the United States.


They’ll be similar, very similar in Canada – And I cannot say whether we got redemption centers in Mexico, I should know that. But let me tell you what I do know

Canada definitely has at least 1100 – 1200 redemption centers. We’ve got over 7000 maybe even more than that in the United States.

And Canada is using Scotia Bank HSBC is really the lead bank in Canada. And I think the redemption centers are working through those to two banks.

And in Mexico and Latin America, because Mexico is still considered North America even though it’s a Spanish speaking country.  Mexico and Central and South America have Banco Santander or Santander Bank which is a tier one bank – and will do Zim redemption, by the way.

The Banco Santander will be the bank from Mexico and Latin America if you have one near you. Now, we’ve told people they can use the toll free number if they’re registered on big call universe with their email – they will get an emailing that will have their toll free number in it.

As soon as we get that put out we can be pretty quickly. Once we get the numbers we’ll send those right out. So if you’re in some of the other countries but you’re registered on big call universe with your email, then you see and you may have to try to use that toll free number I know it’s not always – doesn’t work the same – need a toll free notice from outside the country.

You may have to add – you may have to call with a country code and they have to figure out – you guys that are outside the US calling the United States know that – you already know this. It’s been so long since I’ve done that again, I can’t even answer the question.

But here’s the thing, if the redemption Center / call centers do not direct you to a city and state or province for example, in Canada, where you are, like anywhere out in, let’s say that you’re you’re out and you’re dealing with Calgary okay?

Or you’re dealing with you know another in western you might in Kamloops for all I know, you know, wherever you are just give them give them the town in the province. You know maybe you’re in Alberta, British Columbia. You know, wherever you are, let them know where you are. And maybe they can give you a direct location that you can go do your exchange and set that up. But in general, HSBC, in Canada and most of the world. HSBC is the lead back outside of United States

In the United States lead bank is Wells Fargo, but in Canada it’s HSBC – also though Scotia Bank and there may be a couple of other banks involved with exchanges like Mexico, obviously, on close on time they’re in Latin America. And if you’re in Europe  I’m gonna say HSBC would be the first place to check for your major, major banks. Right we’ll have to see how that shakes out for European friends. Okay.


Yeah, this is a worldwide event. And don’t think that the rates that we’re gonna get in the United States are the same for everybody -they’re not going to be the same – our screen rate that we have here and the contract rate is for US citizens.

So it’s not going to be something that even though you’re listening to the big call and you might be in France, or you could be in Germany, you could be in Italy, or wherever you are, you know, your rates are gonna vary from us, here in the United States, just the way the way it is. They set that up and so another is not gonna even matter. The zim is gonna be worth a lot. regardless of what country you’re, you’re changing or redeeming this in.

So I wanted to get that out, say that.

The other one that we are getting very, very close, things are closing down. It’s harder and harder to get strong information. The bank have pretty much shut us out, but I will say this – there have been occasions where even last Saturday – today is Tuesday – or last Saturday, dinar was being changed but only one note – when that was in the in the north central part of the United States.

One note whether it was enough to create emergency funds or healing funds, that was not at a high screen rate. It is starter rate at a rate that we’re gonna get at the redemption centers it’s not the rate that contract rate on the dinar.

So it’s, it’s something that a few people have done, and they’ve worked with their banker. But even in that case, the individual did not get access to all of that money – just access to just a small portion of it. So that was something that was done, I think, in an emergency situation.

Based on the Intel we received today and last night, it looks like we should get started In the next two days. Thursday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It could very well be that we get notified tomorrow and start on Thursday. That’s what I hoped is going to happen. we could get started tomorrow. It’s possible

But there is something about that. Now there’s one other thing that’s very interesting. You guys remember we talked about the retribution funds, coming from birth certificates and marriage licenses, and so on that traded as bonds on us in the United States.

You know that I’ve talked about seniors age 61 and above, In the first getting a first tranche of those loans and getting that back and how it would happen – A pretty good chunk of change once a year for 11 years.

All right that timing for that, which is part of NESARA is supposed to kick in between the 16th and the 20th of January this month. 16th is Monday


So that’s next that’s next Monday. Now, the 16th and 20th Okay, we thought that, oh, at least a week or so maybe longer I brought that on the big call. But in talking with one of our strong sources – He indicated that the date of the 17th – `18th – and 19th are going to be very important to us – and that it would be something major happening.  17th 18th and 19th Okay.

But I believe if my math is right, that would be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

So, could that be the dates that the retribution funds are rolled out as part of NESARA?  Is it is it NESARA being implemented or enacted here? Is it a political change that’s taking place? What is it – we don’t know?  But I know that the 17th  18th and 19th falls right in the middle of the 16th to the 20th.

So I’m just wondering if that might be what we’re looking for, is that retribution funds, which is really a payback for those and there’s more to it, you know, there’s a lot more to NESARA than we can talk about on this call. There’s a lot more to it and I hope that we get It brought out in ways that we can understand – and soon! I mean really soon – within this week or next week – we should have NESARA brought out – with announcements – we should have our new USTN folding money currency out.

We should have a discussion about the fact that we had a gold or an asset backed dollar now. With the US D the fiat currency is on its way out. And the USN asset backed currency primarily with gold as an asset is on its way in And we’re changing it already trading it digitally. It’s been traded for a couple of months at least digitally. So we’ll see how all this shakes out.

I think this month is and you know, we’re 1/3 way through the month. I think this month is going to bring us a lot of good things like getting our exchanges done, but now if you’re looking forward to moving with your redemption center appointment, make sure that you have if you’re Zim holder, make sure that you have projects lined out that you can present at the redemption center in your five to eight minute time segment

So that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys. I think we’re super close.  And let’s look forward to what -should be a great rest of our week that we should be getting some good word here in the next day or two.

All right, thanks everybody so much for listening  to the Big Call – welcome everybody that might be hearing us all over the globe in your own language. If that’s the case, like we had on last Thursday night where we had reached 9 million people with our new format in their own language – that’s wonderful. and I hope you’re a part of that.

So let’s go ahead and pray the call out. Stay tuned, see what happens in the next couple of days,  and we’ll talk to you when we talk to you –

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