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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:59 AM ET on January 13, 2023

People are asking how they are going to receive all their previous year’s payments for this year’s IRS QFS refund? Who is keeping track, how will they arrive and when?

How do I know if this is true or not in not paying the Income Tax is that I have done research over the last 30 years, and even claimed EXEMPT with a major employer that had contracts with the DOD in which I needed a security clearance, but the IRS and CA FTB is still after now me while not in jail.

Posted; “Judy Note: A former IRS Agent confided that US Income Tax was voluntarily and enforcement was illegal.” Once this comes out then those that have been charged, arrested and thrown into prison for ‘Income Tax’ evasion, as they were charged based on a mandatory tax, they should be put at the top of the list to be sought out, released and fully remunerated for all expenses paid and to what is due.

Posted; “MZ: “IRS announces it sent out 12 million tax refunds after making corrections” Many are finding out they are getting back more than they thought.” It would appear a larger refund and not the full amount paid in or else people would be freaked out as they don’t know what’s coming.

Since the IRS was shut down two years ago and we have the QFS computers then what has been done in the 50 plus years some have been paying into the system there are the computer records that show they paid something and it has all been collected and ready to send out once the word is given. Hit the Switch.

Those IRS agents that were working to clear things up for the Republic and prepare for the massive amounts of refunds and remuneration must have signed an NDA or else be thrown in prison for the crimes they already committed. And will many be going to prison for their ‘Employer’ forcing them to do this? They were just doing their job!

This is not the NESARA Payments, as this is remuneration for what we paid to the IRS for the Fraudulent Income Taxes, thus everyone should be receiving it in due time and not waiting, that is if you paid anything and not just a government gift payment.


If you have been receiving some type of benefits as a senior you get in at the top of the list of maybe 200 million people and if you have a legitimate BASIL IV compliant bank account it should be easy for those tracking you to get the funds to you.

If it’s 100 transactions per second then in 24 hours there are 8,640,000 transactions per day, 60,480,000 per week or everybody done in just over 3 weeks, but the computers should work faster than that. They may have over 100 computers, thus maybe only 6 hours, or will it be by snail mail for which some people may not get theirs for 5-10 years as it was for more than 20 years for many people.

The flags on who gets what and when is determined on whether you were a good little boy or girl and do not have anything against you, and of course illegal immigrants will not get any of this. If you filed fraudulent tax returns to get more than if you were to pay nothing to get a bonus refund then those flags will show up.

For the years 2022 and 2023 for what you paid in already then you might just have to file tax returns to get that back, and file the ZERO Income tax returns to get it all back, unless your employer still has it in their accounts. If your employer refuses to stop the withholding then you just have to report them I guess to the US Military.

This should be a direct deposit into your bank/QFS account and it will not be any payment where you can only earn interest off of it, like some people say. They should not send a check to where it can get lost, stolen or misplaced as it should be a large amount, plus some interest added for while they held it. Can you figure it out; maybe $10,000 avg paid for 40 years is $400,000. Your state income taxes are the same as they did not come about till after 1913.

By the way, if this gets out soon will Biden be exempt from showing any of his or his family’s tax returns as they looked at all of Trump’s returns as income taxes are no longer to be paid?

There will be several different types of remunerations from different things you were involved with so you will have to ask questions on those if you need to.


If you want some real info on the Income Tax and Federal Reserve then look up the books from Irwin Schiff, Bill Benson and G. Edward Griffin.



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