“Waiting for that Shoe to Drop” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 1-14-23


Weekend News with MarkZ 01/14/2023

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: If you follow the Julian calendar, “Happy New Year” today!

Member: Really hoping for good news this morning……..

MZ: The news we are getting right now is pretty interesting stuff. Texas Snake reached out to me last night and told me it is ok to share his information. This was very kind of him

MZ: I finally figured out why his contacts at redemption centers are called into work…..and mine are just on call this weekend……His contacts at redemption centers are in the call centers  for making the appointments  …Mine will be handling the redemptions . My contacts are not the call centers……


MZ: My contacts are still on call this weekend. They got an update this morning to still be on a one hour call… if they get the call…they have one hour to report to their centers. That is very positive.

MZ: I did speak to some bankers that say they have money positioned and ready. They are being told that all of their funds are prepared and ready. So they are waiting for that shoe to drop.

MZ: I am getting very positive news …but don’t know what to tell you on timing yet guys. I know many that are ready and prepared to execute distributions. I think we have a lot coming in the next few days….stay calm.

MZ: PP’s and CMKX ….there is nothing moving there yet…..I did check with a contact on the CMKX side and he said they are updated and prepared as far as Fines and Penalties. So they are ready to go as soon as they get the notice. 

Member: How often are F&Ps updated by the US Treasury?

MZ: I hear about every 2 weeks. Mid month and end of month.

Member: Doesn’t it make sense that the RV&N/G happens after the stock market crash and fiat money collapses?


MZ: Yes….we have always been told there are 2 options.   One: It can soft land with a controlled demolition then go……OR two: They can wait for the crash and implosion to happen…. Then do it.  Logistically it’s easier to wait for the crash. The problem is a lot more people suffer while we wait for the crash. Guess we are going to find out what type of human beings are in charge of this information .

Member: Bruce’s big call is speaking pretty confidently about this weekend and early next week.

Member: Bruce’s source: 90% certainty on current days, 100% on 17th-19th…

Member: TS says his banker has his RCs /call centers staffed today waiting for notifications- to make appts- not go to appts yet….. “We will be scheduling our appointments over the weekend appointments would begin on Tuesday”

Member: PPN said yesterday I he Q clock ends 1-19-2023 and also the US Debt Clock ends as well

Member: 56 flights up at the moment that are using the Call sign FTT , which is banking trust companies moving something to their branches, maybe GOLD to be Basel 4 complaint?

Member: My banky manager who is quite tight lipped about just about everything asked me yesterday where we stand. I thought it odd and said any day now. I could have sworn there was a ship eating grin there.

MZ: I’m sure ready for us to get our NDA’s , take a break and then regroup to change the world.

Member:  Charlie Ward said he’s under NDA.

MZ: “Did you know Russia started to tokenize gold.”  A blockchain platform built by Russia’s largest banking institution SBER has been used to issue digital assets based on gold. The value of the tokenized precious metals will depend on the value of digital gold. Meaning there is a physical amount of gold to back it up …..Guys, this could replace the US dollar. This might be what we have been waiting for all along?


MZ: “US Treasury secretary warns congress that The US will hit the debt ceiling within a week.” But she has promised “extraordinary measures “ to do whatever it takes.  Boy I hope that means a revaluation and a peg to sound money.

MZ: “House passes a bill to reduce IRS funding by 70 Billion”  It is now headed to the Senate. But, it has little chance of passing the senate and little chance of crossing Joe’s desk unless there is enough public pressure put on them.

Member: I am retired Air Force. all this info about exchanging on military bases I believe not to be true. I work on the largest base in Ohio and it will not be happening here.

Member: Noone knows how it will work …..I would think military bases would be very to secure to exchange……guess we wait and see.

Member: No one will know addresses of redemption centers until appointment is set, for security reasons. You will find out where they are when you make your appointment – not before.

Member: I drew a tarot card and asked if it would happen this weekend and I got the card Four of Wands – Completion!!!

Member: I’m having déjà vu from 2021 & 2022! Any moment, any time, any day, we’re close! So much has happened but not enough, stay grounded!

Member: I lost count since 2008 how many weekends stating RV is happening, I have Learned to sit back and wait for the 800 numbers notification.

Member: will we get a private email with phone# or just one of our regular daily emails??

Member: I think it could be either…….we have to wait and see.


Member: Chinee$e new year 1/22 23, $sunday??  Hope we aren’t waiting for that!

Member: I woke up this morning with this excitement inside me. Big smile. Giggles!!! It’s here. Congratulations we all made it together..IMO

Member: God bless everyone may we have a wonderful weekend!

Member:  Mark. Thanks as always for everything you bring to this community.


The CBD gurus join the stream at the end. Please listen to the replay for all their information.


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.


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The next stream is Monday at 10Am est……..

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