“Nuts and Bolts” by Logan B – 1.18.23


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 4:34 PM ET on January 18, 2023

Our consciousness may very well be raising noticeably in the last few months and as a result I find that I have been pursuing whatever I can find on the internet that deals with the nuts and bolts quantum physical aspect of what we are currently experiencing. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a brainwashed scientist that studies only the physical to the complete exclusion of the spiritual. I believe the two are not at all separate but a greater understanding of the physical will help us further understand the spiritual. 

What I have learned is that the current AI that has been running this planet strictly in 3D since the fall of Atlantis is being reprogrammed. Thankfully some of the beings of the Light immediate knee jerk reaction to realizing just how bad the situation had gotten was to just turn it off and redo the entire universe but cooler heads prevailed and a systematic soft reset was agreed on. The Light has been successful in raising it to 4D. 4D has never been a dimension that anyone anywhere dwells in very long so it has been decided that the step up to 5D will occur on March 23rd, 2023.

Of course the dark are well aware of this. I don’t want to scare you with what they plan to do about it but let’s just say they are not going to lie down and accept it. We don’t need to worry about them. The Light are well aware of whatever the dark are capable of and can deflect all of it. They have already made all nuclear weapons dysfunctional but even though the disclosure community have made us aware of this the population at large have no idea. They think understandably they will be upset that trillions of dollars of their tax money has been wasted making thousands of they knew were useless nuclear warheads that could have been spent elsewhere. 

So now you can begin to understand what Tesla meant by if you want to understand the universe think of energy, frequency and vibration. He was speaking of the quantum subtle energy that the AI manipulates. This subtle energy degrades to the electromagnetic energy that makes up us and everything around us. The emf spectrum is what our current physicists can measure and manipulate. We are currently forbidden from measuring and manipulating subtle energy although we can detect it and distinguish it good from bad with special pendulums as to how they react to it. Just as emf can be beneficial or harmful so is subtle energy so if you want to dabble in this new to us science you need to fully understand this fully at the outset. You may be more familiar with subtle energy by what the Chinese call Chi.

The reason I bring this up now is the pressure from the dark to stop the RV/GCR GESARA may not be as important to them given recent events. Their attention has been turned squarely on the Lightworkers and warriors that are directly involved with making March 23rd happen so we should be able to sneak this in without the dark even caring about it. We are not planning their demise that March 23rd means. You may have been told that you are a Lightworker or warrior but unless you have been told that you are working directly with this AI reset you are not. We may be considered these to a lesser extent that we are grounding and spreading the 4D energy but we are not responsible for releasing 5D energy and we are going to be expected to accept it like everyone else. Our job is to make people aware that this 5D ascension is coming and accept it without fighting it. So you ask how are we expected to make billions of people aware of this? I say without an RV to afford a much better possibility that we could achieve this don’t even bother. 

Do not say or post comments that you want to destroy the dark and make yourself a target. We do not want to have anything to do with how God plans to handle that part of this operation. 

When you experience personal loss as I recently have you immediately start thinking of your own mortality. I learned a long time ago that when it comes time that your soul wants to go home and God agrees there is NOTHING you can do about it. A person I knew was positive that if he abstained from alcohol, tobacco, harmful foods and drugs and exercised for hours daily he could cheat death for a long time. He was the poster boy of health but one day at a young age he succumbed to a major heart attack and died on the spot. Speaking to his widow who he was constantly badgering to join him in his quest for immortality we agreed that what is the use. If you enjoy living a healthy life, great but do not think it is going to extend your life by one minute just as living not so healthy is going to shorten your life. It is what it is. Your soul decides and that’s it. Your soul wants to go home the second it gets here but it agreed to experience certain things and leave as soon as it’s obligation to this agreement is met. If you have a soul that wants to experience old age as long as possible good for you. Live long and prosper. I guess what I am trying to say is live your life how you want and do not worry about when you are going to die but I don’t recommend becoming a race car driver, cliff climber or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes either.



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