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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-17-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the Big Call – it is Tuesday January 17th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks everybody for tuning in tonight.  I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday yesterday – Martin Luther King Day. Hope everybody – I watched the parade on TV. I didn’t go downtown for that parade, but I did watch it. And that was pretty cool, motivating. Cool.

And so thanks everybody for being here for us tonight and with us, all over the country. You know, whether you’re watching live whether you’re listening live or other or whether you’re listening on replay numbers or replay link or whether you’re one of 11 million people plus that might be getting our call tonight, translated simultaneously in your language all over the globe, 68 languages is what we had Thursday night and we were hit there with a computer glitch so instead of 12 million, they’re probably about   I believe that number was, was 10.8 million people got the big call just on that format, not including the conference calls and replays that we do on it – So I’m happy about that.

Alright, so let’s get into the Intel side of things and let me bring to you guys – let me regroup – What we’re about to experience in approximately the next 36 hours. I don’t know if it’ll start at midnight tonight or just about but it’s to go from midnight tonight till about Thursday morning.

And this is what’s what we’re going to have happen is all of the currencies around the globe that are fiat base like our USD dollar okay, which was just backed by the full faith and credit of the US government, still the strongest currency in the world, even though nothing really was backing it – nothing of value. And that’s why we’re going to an asset backed dollar called the USN –

and then what we’re going to see is a decline in the value of fiat currencies globally – taking place over the next approximately 36 hours, and this is sort of a readjustment  – the markets – like commodity markets, the stock markets – are aware of this change – and they are positioning and position to take advantage of the change-over tables from USD to a gold backed US dollar.

So this is this is sort of a currency realignment, a currency adjustment of fiat currencies around the globe, basically losing value and are replaced by asset backed currencies, all countries.


I don’t know if they will the major This is the major adjustment, but as far as it affecting the markets – I’ve never believed for a minute that we have a stock market crash or commodity market crash – we’re going to see some realignments  – you might see some adjustments – you might see some dips but it’s nothing to me that won’t come back especially if you had an asset backed currency which was 90 some odd percent backed by gold like we used to have in the old days.

Wouldn’t you feel confident about your dollar if it was gold backed? Or asset backed?  You sure would, especially if you were to compare it with nothing other than the full faith and credit of the US government which just mean basically sort of the ability to print paper.

So I think we’re in for a real treat here in the next couple of days – I believe we’re looking at those occasions coming out. Certainly in the next couple days, maybe more. We should be moving into the position of setting appointments and getting our exchanges started

Now let’s talk about redemption centers –

We know today, redemption center staff went in at 8 am all the way till 10:15 tonight and it was in case this thing went today – and in case we had toll free numbers to use to call in to set our appointments and my understanding is that redemption centers – and this may vary a little bit over demographics – but overall – starting tomorrow.

We’ll have very similar schedules, of around 8 in the morning  till about 10 at night, maybe some even later than 10 – but that this will occur around the country in all of the redemption centers for a period of at least 10 – 12 days.

Now some areas It is expect some zim holders within a certain period of time. Some other ones have more, some have less. So they’ve all tailored their schedule, to go 9 – 10 – 11 maybe even 12 days straight – in a row – So that is in the works – that is the plan we got verified yesterday. That is something to look forward to


Now, along the lines of that of the redemption centers being scheduled like that for the next 10 -11 12 days – is the concept of having not just for regional call centers, but eight regional call centers.

Now these call centers are scattered through the United States. So they’re probably spread out a little bit and then maybe by time zone – where you might have to on the east coast – to central – to the to the pacific, I don’t know that but I was believing that it’s probably something like where how they are set up probably the call centers are in the area that might be more heavily populated.

Okay, so what is the plan? The plan is for us to receive emails from Wells Fargo that will have –  my understanding is a 800 number – meaning “one” – multiple but just one number that you call them -based on your calling you go to that regional call center with the 800 number. So when you get there, these are actually digital call centers – That were actually open yesterday from 11am.

Now I don’t know that they did anything yesterday because we didn’t have the number to call. I don’t think they’re doing tests because already did just in these, but they’re there and I invision us using a keypad to dial in the number and get a recording – get a computer that says you know if you’re a zim holder, maybe press this –   if you have ready dinar press that – in other words – it might be coded, where we have a certain code attributed to currency.

I don’t know this but I’m anticipating something like that. And at some point in the discussion, you’ll enter the ZIP Code of either where you live, where you work, or where you want to do your exchange, If you know the zip code for that area.

So you enter that information, the computer talks back to you and I understand, could do one of two things – they could direct you directly to the call server that does that kind of direct routing through the call center and they talk to them And you know, find out when your appointment is where it is all that good stuff directly or you will be given a number to call.

And you could even in your email – be given the 800 number to call at a certain time. I don’t absolutely know that they may do that. to connect  you to the redemption center that will do the

That’s what to look at. Now obviously you want to have your pad and your pen ready to go to write down anything they mentioned to you on that you need to remember –

Now one little side note here, There will be toll free numbers – they will come by email – if anybody doesn’t know that by now and are saying something different they really don’t understand what the heck’s going on.

The other thing is, you should get not get to your appointment, no more than 10 minutes early – they don’t everyone stacked in the parking lot – that is something important to know


And the other thing is – is regarding NDA – non disclosure agreements –  If you’re a zim holder, or you’re gonna redeem sheet bonds, like yellow dragon – Red Dragon – railroad bonds, whatever it is whatever sheet bonds you have to redeem you will sign a NDA.

If you have currency only – dinar – dong – what ever you’ve got  you don’t have to sign a NDA  for those currencies – just for zim and for bonds, and zim are a form of bonds as it is talked about the last couple of calls as bearer bonds.

So the other thing that’s interesting about where we stand now is to know is we just heard today North Korea and Iran made their way into the BRICS nation’s banking.

Okay, United States was already a member – well remember a couple of weeks ago, I think Venezuela as well has made their way in – Israel made their way in. I think most of the countries have positioned themselves that want to be a part of the BRICs. And that’s good. It’s good that North Korea and Iran made it and of course Iraq within a long time ago, and everything really is set this this large.

Monetary let’s call it adjustment period. That should start tonight, maybe at midnight and go through Thursday morning – that adjustment is taking place – And that should be everything that we know that has to be done. Before we go and maybe we go while that is taking place.

So it’s hard to say whether tomorrow is in play or maybe just the toll free number to set appointments. We don’t know – it could be that we get our appointment set and we go in and do our exchcanges and redeem our zim starting tomorrow or Thursday but it’s looking pretty good for one of those two days for our start.

That’s kind of the latest information that we were able to get from our better sources. Most of the banks are very quiet right now. They’re not really pulling anything specific and we’re just hushed up as you can expect. No news is good news. So that’s really where we stand on that

So I’m excited about it, guys. I’m very excited. Listen, my last call at least a half a dozen times, maybe more. And we’ve been faked out I don’t know that there’s anything else that really needs to be said.

We’re gonna we’re gonna want to enjoy this a little bit. When it comes out. We’re gonna want to take our time together,

With that, I think that’s everything I wanted to bring tonight is very close. With a lot of what happens I feel we’re finally there. So let’s see if we would have a call on Thursday – We may Not


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-17-23 REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:08:50

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-12-23 REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:20:40

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