“Painting the Picture, What is Tier 4b?” by Chow – 1.19.23


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All comments are my opinion only.

I have read and discussed several opinions on how the exchange process will go down for 4b.

I felt it is important to paint a picture to better understand the variables “Centered Around Tier’s ”.

“The exchange tiers” will be processed and paid differently.

Tier 3 and 4a are by private invitation only and not an internet (e-m) group,  or 800# invitations .

In most case these groups have larger than normal amounts. Most are in box form , $1 billon per currency (Dinar, Dong Etc)  or possibly “loose currency” equal to a $1billion per box. One can say I have 1 – 5 – 10 – 50 – 500 ++ boxes.  The number of boxes some people have will boggle the mind and I will not go there.


As I said, in most cases,  it is by invitation only , usually different (even higher)  rates and invited to confidential,  highly secure locations,  4b participants will never know.   

Why 4b invitation will be different than tier 3 or 4a

4b will be notified by your bank or Intel site 800#, why ? To reward the intel (internet) folks for helping spread the word of the Global Currency Reset preparation.  In most case 4b folks will be less than a box and get paid a higher rate than tier 5 public.

The odds are slim it is not the 800# on your card , because the 4b group will be eligible for Contract rates or special rates for the Intel internet group . If everyone called the Card 800#, how are they going to differentiate tier 5 (normal public) from 4b ??    They can’t ***

The card 800# is for the public tier 5 and the pubic is not going to be aware of 4b. Could it be at a bank and not an exchange center ? Possibly , but the notification in my opinion will be the same mentioned – your purchasing Bank e-m or Intel 800# .

Why 4b will have higher Security screened protection at the exchange location

4b in many cases will have much larger amounts than tier 5 (public) and need a lot more security at the location before the exchange . Card 800# is not secure.


Remember adding in the special contact or other rates , the currency you are holding is insanely valuable.  They need security “before” to protect you going in. Will you get cash ? The odds are high you will not come out with cash , if so it will be small .  

Tier 5 you just walk in and exchange with no appointment.


As I have said before , in my opinion , most rates have been set or 95% set months if not a year + + ago . Remember , this is a mega global 209 country , 29 in the 1st bundle grand event planned for a few decades and fine tuned the last 1-2 years. . They will not plan global rates at the last minute. They don’t care about another $20 – $40 billion in Iraq’s Reserve or how fast Iraq has new contracts. The plan has been set – Iraq is the catalyst country to kick off the RV coordinated with NESARA / GESARA as the Middle East Financial hub . Don’t get all caught up in Iraq / Dong float fluctuation, leaders etc. They are testing the market , playing with time getting ready for the grand opening of — The RV coordinated with NESARA / GESARA  

“Called the Great ‘Global Currency Reset”

Remember , Be safe , humble helping family , friends, and humanity


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