“This is a Contrived Crisis” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 1-20-23


Friday Evening News with MarkZ 01/20/2023

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good evening everyone. Love and peace to all.

Member: There seems to be so much that is about to blow. Could this be our time?

Member: Hoping to hear some progression on the liquidity and payouts of bonds around the world. Along with many other key indications that seems to be the preemptive financial sequence we are waiting for 1st

MZ: “Prime Minister Al Sudani chairs a meeting to discuss the Federal Budget” They are trying to get it off “stuck” and moving for early next week is what I am hearing out of Iraq. Do they have to have it- No….But would they feel more comfortable?  I am being told by my finance ministry contact that they would feel more comfortable pulling the trigger if a concensus is reached on the final budget.

MZ: “ The Framework assigns the Sudanese a suicidal mission in Washington…A financial truce to secure employees salaries?” What they are facing is a shortage of dinar in the local market that is causing a liquidity problem in iraq…….They have plenty of US dollars….. but dinar is scarce. You know how they could fix this? They could RV and put the lower denominations in circulation.


MZ: To me this is a contrived crisis to try to help push the RV forward. Maybe I am being wishful in my thinking but, with the shortage of dinar the government is struggling to pay salaries. They have pulled so much dinar off the streets in order to raise the value and RV…..

Member: Then they should just do it!

Member: Hey Markz!!! I agree the Dinar shortage could be that they are trying to replace large bills to smaller notes?!?!?

MZ: Now here are the rumors I am hearing. Please treat them as rumors as they are clouding  things on purpose….we know that.

MZ: A contact in Iraq gave me a rate. And somebody else gave me a “heads up” from what one of their Scandinavian bankers told them on Iraq and the possibility of a NEER rate. I am being told they are pushing hard for a full RV reset but that Iraq is prepared again if the reset is stalled to release the NEER.

MZ: The latest value I am hearing from 3 different sources is $1.66 if they pull a NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) …So I am hearing this from two different European contacts and someone in Iraq. I find this very interesting because it gives me hope they are going to force the issue and move forward no matter what.

MZ: Banking contacts still believe we are all going at once… do I


MZ: My contact over there still says they have every expectation of going by the 31st. If they are going to pull this off they have to hit next week at a mad pace to be able to make that happen.  

MZ:  Redemption center contacts are on call this weekend. On a two hour call in….Not expecting to work….I hope they are wrong.

Member: Notifications can still go out without redemption folks….all we need is call centers first.

Member: Mark…Dallas on PPN said he got a message this morning to be sure and get plenty of rest tonight bc we will need it!!

Member: Dallas said he got a message Relax… Rest today.. Tomorrow .. Is going to get REAL!

Member: I think its encouraging that Saudi Arabia just said they are now ‘open’ to the idea of trading in currencies besides the US dollar

Member: Mark could you be getting disinformation?

MZ: I don’t believe anybody is purposely giving me disinformation….but that is a question we always ask ourself. …I heard a lot of other things I don’t repeat….….we are very close… contacts in Iraq and banking in Europe and their comments about the NEER today gave me warm fuzzies to know that something is going to move forward no matter what. .

Member:: Any word about the Chinese elders? The rumor is they are going to release the reset on Sunday if it hasn’t gone by then?

Member: I’m hoping  the Chinese Elders are just going to go ahead and pull the trigger Sunday


Member: So if it doesn’t go soon….Iraq will go alone……at the NEER rate of $1.66…….I could live with that.

Member:  If Iraq goes on their own where do we exchange?

Member: Mark had said last week it still should be redemption centers……he thinks

Member: If Iraq do a NEER, I wonder if will we have another higher contract rate??

Member: So are there rainbows on the new currency?

Member: Called rainbow currency because of the different colors of the denominations. No rainbow on the bills that I know of.

Member: Mark you mentioned both systems running parallel for a time. Is that pre or post RV or both?

Member: I would bet both.

Member: I’ve been told there is another Bank inside of some Wells Fargo banks, could that be for the RV

Member: Does anyone else thinks it makes more sense for the redemption centers to be signing NDA’s protecting our privacy than us signing them protecting theirs?


Member: Some truthers say there will be an EBS, some truthers say that would be too shocking. I say let’s shock them awake!!!

Member: Hey Matkz! thank you for all you do and all the mods also! Praying for the release!!!

Member: Really hope this is our last weekend broke!!!


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.


Mod:  MarkZ “Back To Basics” Pre-Recorded Call” for Newbies 10-19-2022 )

The next stream is tomorrow at 11 Am est……..unless.

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