Dinarland Highlights for January 20, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 1.20.23


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I am still being told the process is going…the process is working. And I cannot find anybody who thinks it will go as long as 2024. So please quit worrying about that.

I am still hearing nothing negative…but it’s still quiet on the RV front. We had a flurry of information last week and now we seem to be in a lull. I assume it’s because of the NDA’s that went out…  I’m not panicking…I am definitely not thinking it’s delayed to 2024…NONE of my contacts think it any way will go in 2024…

Please treat…as rumors as they are clouding things on purpose…  A contact in Iraq gave me a rate. And somebody else gave me a “heads up” from what one of their Scandinavian bankers told them on Iraq and the possibility of a NEER rate. I am being told they are pushing hard for a full RV reset but that Iraq is prepared again if the reset is stalled to release the NEER. The latest value I am hearing from 3 different sources is $1.66 if they pull a NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate)…I am hearing this from two different European contacts and someone in Iraq…their comments about the NEER today gave me warm fuzzies to know that something is going to move forward no matter what.  My contact over there still says they have every expectation of going by the 31st


Henig (KTFA)

The dollar has gone down… the dollar has gone down“… cheers from the audience as Al-Sudani entered the Basra stadium

the audience chanted: “Download the dollar…Download the dollar in the dialect.

IMO: Very poor translation in the headline there. It’s not past tense, as the headline wants to show. They’re calling for the Dollar to be devalued…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: The CBI came out and spoke because everyone is pointing fingers at the CBI.  All they keep saying is the rise is for a reason.  It’s for the new electronic platforms that were in place to make sure that the dollar reached the one who needed it and not through other means illegally.  This is absolutely new… streets are beginning to now start talking about how CBI is hurting every day citizens.

FRANK: I don’t blame you that you went to the CBI and you protested…The platforms that they’re talking to you about, are where the dinar is going to float.  There’s nothing wrong with you as a citizen to put pressure on the CBI…

“For the first time… $100 jumps over 165,000 dinars in Iraq”


Is [A currency book] how banks in the United States are going to check for counterfeit bills Or should we find a bank with some sort of machine?”

Some will send them off to the mother bank if it’s a small bank.  That’s why I encourage you to go to a big bank.  Some of them might use just the currency book and that would probably be the smaller banks…You just don’t want to lose sight of your dinars wherever you go.  If you give them, they better give you the equivalent in American money.  Don’t let them take your dinars


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

They’re about to make a change and it’s expected not only by the citizens but also by the Ministries.  They’re all expecting something to happen from the CBI…



Clare (KTFA)

The Wall Street Journal reveals the scenes of the Fed’s tightening of the dollar in Iraq

the Federal Reserve Bank in New York began imposing stricter controls on international transactions of dollars by Iraqi commercial banks in November 2022, in a step to reduce money laundering and illegal seizure of dollars that go to Iran and other countries in the Middle East that are subject to severe sanctions.

Article 2:
Iraq Economy Reels as U.S. Moves Against Money Flows to Iran — WSJ

Iraqi banks had operated under less stringent rules since shortly after the 2003 U.S. invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. Almost two decades later, American and Iraqi officials said they have decided it was time to bring Iraq’s banking system into compliance with global money-transfer practices. 



I remind people…Iraq currently has over 100 trillion dinar in circulation. There is no possible way that can ever significantly RV the Iraqi dinar unless they gradually remove the currency in circulation first.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…the so called Super whales – wow that’s got to be a big player…started being paid out and given access to funds… Wednesday…And it’s continuing now…the good news is …we don’t have to wait on the Super whales to be paid out…we could start exchanges possibly as early as tomorrow [Friday] or Saturday… Things are looking very strong for us right now…I’m excited because I think we’re finally…coming down the homestretch…and we’re getting ready to let her fly.




The truth of the matter is we have no idea how much Iraqi currency is in circulation.I’ve read articles talking about for…5 or 6 years Iraq was spending somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion dollars…buying the dinars back and destroying them [a] soldier was telling his friend that when he was in Iraq…he had to log in their currencies as they destroyed it.  As soon as he said that I asked him about it. I said, ‘You’re talking about the new [dinar]?  The dinars of today?’  He said, yeah.

I said, ‘Did they say why they were destroying them?‘ He didn’t know why but their job was to protect their currency and so he had to log in a list of serial numbers and they were destroying it.  He said they destroyed a ton of it.  Even though it says there’s 157 trillion dinars that are in circulation how many of them are actually in circulation …that’s one of the question I have.  I know this for a fact Iraq was trying really hard to figure out what is and is not in the hands of speculators and how many dinars are actually out there

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