“Is this a Sign?” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 1-21-23


Weekend coffee with MarkZ 01/21/2023

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: GM Marz…. it’s going to be a beautiful weekend!

Member: So we have a picture of a fire breathing dragon in the coffee. Are things going to get hot?

Member: Thumbnail…….. Golden Dragon

Member: Time for the dragons to release the funds

Member: Let’s go NEER! Just like Frank 26 said. He also said Iraq people have an app on their phones to be able to trade intentionally by the 29th of this month. Should be an exciting week ahead.


Member: Mark talking NEER last night for float. I could live with $1.66…….something just needs to happen.

Member: So at $1.66….a 25 K dinar note would be worth $41, 500 in US dollars

MZ: This weekend I will be keeping the batphone close in case we cross the finish line.

MZ: On the banking side: Redemption center folks have not been called in. they are on a 2 hour “on call” this weekend.

MZ: There is still very positive chatter. Most of my banking contacts still believe it will happen by the first.

Member: They better get on the move… we’re on the short side of January

MZ: Nobody knows the exact date except the handful of folks that pull the trigger. Do I still think January is possible?  Absolutely. They have positioned the money and could pull the trigger at any time.


Member: I wonder if Iraq goes NEER, will we get a higher contract rate?

Member: Mark said he thinks so…..a couple weeks ago

Member: did anyone see Nader of the Middle East post this morning?

Member: Nader just posted a video saying for the first time in 20 years he was able to send money from France to his mom in Iraq electronically. He says “so Nader says “something” is happening and it’s good

Member: Nader also said he heard something is happening Feb 1st or 2nd. He doesnt know what.

MZ: I am glad you all watched and supported Nader to get his news…..He is very happy. Yesterday he sent money to his mother from France electronically. He sent it yesterday and she received it by this morning……This had not been available before in Iraq. This is a important part moving forward in the banking world. They needed this before they pulled the trigger . He feels like around the first something big may happen.

MZ: You all need to support him and watch his videos…..listen, follow and subscribe to help Nader out. He tells us what is happening on the streets.

Member: moneys moving in Iraq they don’t have to go to exchange they can do trade with anyone.. that’s great.. sounds like things are getting more fluid

Member: Nader: Transferd money from crédit Agricole to rachidin wow that’s great

Member: Nader 2nd video:


Special Call From Sheila who calls into the stream today:

MZ: Now this is exciting.  (Sheila calls in with news)  Hi Sheila have you heard anything on the exchange in general? Nader had a great video that they can now send money electronically and internationally just this week. From France to Iraq with no problem…… Is this a sign?

Sheila:  I absolutely believe that is a sign. I hear a delegation from Iraq has been here a week to work on putting the rate live in the system. And we have been over there in Iraq working on the rate to go live there as well. I hear the rate will be live on the 29th.

Sheila: You and I both know that there is now way they will have a live ISX Iraq stock exchange rate on the 29th without have a rate?  You cannot trade on the NASDAQ with the ISX without having a rate. And that is the whole purpose of the delegation being over here.

MZ: That is kind of my take on that too. They are launching their ISX on our NASDAQ, and for them to be able to do that IMO – they have no choice but to have a functional, working, international rate/currency that is accepted everywhere all over the world. How can they send money through the stock exchange without a functioning international  currency ???

Sheila :  Exactly!!!

MZ: That is one of the reasons I am still excited about the month of January.

Sheila: I think Charlie Ward said it best. “Everything will be finished in January.” And I think in Japan…The Japanese people have been posting for a while about the rate ending in their country in January….and other countries as well and all transitioning to their new currency.

Sheila:  I know each country will have their own transition …I know the Phillipines has announced they have a new monetary policy. Each country is going through a transition and will have new money. A new rate. They are having these discussions openly if you watch foreign news…They make it very clear that they are transitioning to a new monetary policy with a new asset backed currency!

Sheila: it just happens that the US is last.  The month of January is a transition for us. Even in foreign news articles I have seen them say “The US will transition from their old dollar to their new dollar as of Jan. 31st” They may announce it between now and the 31st to the people , but they have 60 days to transition over to that.


Sheila: it is very public knowledge that banks hav new printed Treasury notes in their vaults. This is tier 1 banks only…that I know of… could be more now but at the particular moment I heard it- it was tier 1 banks only.  .

(Note: Tier 1 banks are the large international banks like WF, BOA, Chase, HSBC ect……not smaller regional banks)

MZ: I think that is key it’s in tier 1 banks only. Now Sheila maybe you can comment to this. Originally we were supposed to be paid Fines and Penalties , Prosperity packages in fiat…..then there was going to be a revaluation and then a reset….then we were going to get the rest in gold backed?

Sheila: Fiat is a thing of the past. Everybody’s money will transition. It’s in the banking system. It will convert over 1 to 1. Our announcement to our gold standard and asset backed dollar began at the UN building  on 9/15……Iraq’s started on 9/22 and Zimbabwe’s began on 9/23 when they announced it at the UN building.

Sheila So, once they make this announcement officially you have a period of time to get things in order from that moment. . If you go back and look up that event on 9/15 at the UN in New York City….you will see there was a whole host of security around that event for that purpose.

MZ: is there any place they can go and see all of that.

Sheila: I have old articles …I can try to dig them up so you can post them on your website.

Sheila:   On 11/25 it was also announced in Switzerland about Nesara/Gesara was in effect…..these things have legal timeframes around them …they don’t just happen overnight. Once it is implemented it could be a 30 day cycle or a 60 or 90 day cycle. It could be 120 days for Nesara?.

MZ: All of us have been guessing on how long Nesara/Gesara was going to take to fully roll out.

Sheila : Originally Nesara started and initiated on Sept. 17, 2019.This is not something that was overnight.


Sheila: Everyone should know that the glitches going on at BOA and things like the big layoffs at Goldman Sacs …you are seeing a big transition in banks. A big transition to our future asset backed money. I am hearing it may take up to 8 years for the cycle to complete. And before we go to a completely virtual system . We will have cash in the new system and also digital access. . We all will have a learning curve to go through

Sheila:  How long have they been training Iraq on this particular system? I think it’s been probably 3 years???

MZ: Yes they came out and announced the I-dinar which is going to be a gold backed digital dinar…but, for a period of time they would have physical cash as well to represent the digital gold backed dinar…They told us all of this in their press…they didn’t even try to hide it.

Sheila: This has been going on for some time in Asia as well. ….The US is just the last one to do it.

MZ: Have you heard anything on the EBS?

Sheila : Listening to truthers …..i believe that will happen after we get started exchanging. Then the 10 days of disclosure.

MZ: Thank you Sheila for taking the time to talk with us this morning.

Sheila: My pleasure….i think there is a lot of great stuff coming out and at this point nobody should believe this wont happen until 2024….Pay attention…we are all at the right place at the right time. Watch the ISX…that is going to be really important. I think everyone is going to be very excited and happy with the new system.

MZ: Sheila was closely connected to Al Hodges the attorney for CMKX in his last year or two …She is one of the most connected ladies on the planet. …just be aware there is more than one Sheila out there in the information world… if someone says it comes from a Sheila- it might not be the same person.  

Member: Thank you Sheila for your intel…wow


Member: Thank you Sheila and Mark

Member: Chinese New Year tomorrow, great day for an RV Patriots, I hear the Chinese elders are ready to get this RV done

Member: Anyone else see they started their Chinese new year with a big golden snake across the water! It was beautiful and it had meaning!!

Member: It was the holiday parade of golden dragons on the Yulong river!!

Member: With Asia having 11 hours ahead sure would be nice to hear tonight

Member: Dallas on PPN last night said his contract called him first thing yesterday morning and told him to rest up as things are about to happen. For what it’s worth

Member: Wolverine says RV should happen by the 24th

Member: As I reported before, in 2021 Michelle Fielding said RV would happen February of 2023. Looks like she might be dead on the mark. LOL.

Member: GroundHog Day’s coming up…lol

Member: Lots of Citibanks closed permanently!!!


Member: my bank put up a sign saying they are going to a NEW system on February 3rd!! makes me warm and fuzz

Member: MarkZ, What is your opinion of this statement: “As of Fri. 20 Jan. the US fiat Dollar had transferred to the gold/asset-backed US Note.”? If this were true, wouldn’t it be widely known?

MZ: Stop worrying about if you will have time to turn in your current fiat bills. We will have plenty of time…..I am told that once it starts….ideally they would like to keep it to 30 days to get them all out of circulation. But I was told it will be more like 90 days.

Member: Will coins still be usable?

MZ: Absolutely they will still be usable. You do not have to exchange your coinage.

Member: Its an amazing time guys, hang on in, we have a whole new life end of march the world will transform and we shall be on our way. new earth, be patient much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Member: Today’s call blew me away….Thank you all and God bless


The CBD Gurus join the stream at the end. Please listen to the replay for their information

Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.



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