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Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 6:13 PM ET on January 22, 2023

Science seems to be right; it is proved in the laboratory and demonstrates progress. It helps us along in our daily lives. In a world with ample burdens, it makes life more bearable. Science is our friend, we believe. And the inner knowing we call “Faith” can seem dangerous to those always seeking proof. But Science must come now to a deeper understanding of its true role.

It takes strength for a human being to persevere in an information vacuum. Much of life’s hours are spent seeking knowledge and information. The standard of accuracy can be blurred. It is troubling in the extreme when the commonly available knowledge and news is found to be unreliable. It seems not congruent that intuition is still valid in an era when Science is such a powerful aspect of life. Thus, it is disconcerting when one’s intuition emerges as a contrast or foil. 

Considering any future that seems fraught with change is challenging. The human brain craves certainty. Yet the world has NEVER offered that state (outside the bounds of one’s spiritual heritage). Theoretically, the 20th century should have been the time frame when great advances in knowledge and technology enabled a golden age for mankind. However, the opposite happened. We simply were not ready. It was a tragic, humiliating century that exposed the worst of our inner conflicts and challenges. Our relationship to the elite control mechanisms of the past led to massively higher levels of warfare and genocide. That breakdown of humanity’s governance and social systems was a troubling paroxysm that will be studied and discussed for centuries. Regardless of the disastrous destruction endured, there came about a parallel salvation initiative. This initiative gained great impetus as leader after leader began to realize that serious change simply had to come. 

There came a valiant and cohesive effort to ensure that mastery of science and technology by a new and benevolent power base was set in motion. And so momentum was ultimately gained in the effort to wrest control of existential technology. Humanity could no longer trust its own atavistic elite, clinging to a failed past, to properly manage the future.

Science has been a very real path to improvement in a physical world, yes. Does it not give us the improvements of technology? In the same breath, however, we realize that there is a powerful spiritual and mathematical aspect to everything in our world. Science then is known to be but one part of our Universe. Increasingly, as we learn the secrets of expanded Science and the higher realms of Mathematics, we change our time-lines. We see openings to an ever-expanding series of portals into more complex systems of thought, action, and dimensional interaction. All this potential MUST be accompanied, it is clear, by even greater acumen as to our overarching spiritual heritage. 

The human brain is incredibly large for a reason.

So despite all the progress it fosters, some have come rightly to believe that it is incorrect to “worship” Science. They see it as so because Science can literally devolve into a false demigod. Especially when it fails to mesh with Universal Law. Logically, scientific exploration can prove false when it is based on an incomplete data set. It can prove inherently false when it is explored from a limited and partially obstructed vantage point. It becomes completely false when it promises that it “alone” can make the world better. In reality, for a primitive but beautiful water planet to correctly progress, it is the merging of Science and Spirituality that forms the proper path. 


We see well enough that Balance is the imperative Force in all things.

Only a tiny few of the world’s population are ever allowed to govern. The elite in place for many millennia; some evil, some good; some advanced, some atavistic; some constructive, some destructive, have reigned erratically. They have attempted to manage each Age, which then led into another Age, and, all ramifications left humankind a bitter legacy to face. Warfare and destruction, interspersed by periods of peace and construction, formed a large legacy. Varied forms of slavery and the shackling of the human spirit, formed another legacy. Until the past four hundred years, ninety percent of the world’s population remained illiterate and under-educated. That formed part of our legacy.

But, the human brain will not stay shackled; and the human spirit will not stay enslaved. Revolutions, whether bloody or enlightened, are also part of the legacy. Now, we live in the time of a Great Transition. The zeitgeist of this planet has indubitably changed; and the rate of change has been accompanied by a rising crescendo of anxiety, complexity, and mistrust. In truth, we have come to a tipping point on this planet’s Timeline. It is that point in a planet’s Akashic when it either destroys all its many gains and potentials, falling into darkness; or, moves into its higher self. 

The latter path offers entrance to a beautiful Golden Age. Much has happened along the way to allow this soul collective to reach a point where it can flourish. And we want it to flourish.

It is obvious that the physical conglomeration of matter and energy that is a sun or a planet will at some point perish. It is taught, but not quite so obvious, that the coherent energy essence that we term “a soul”, once created, will never perish. Perhaps. Also taught, but not always observed, is Universal Law. And any lack of observance of Universal Law is to be corrected, and ever corrected. That is definite and immutable. 

It is obvious now that those empowered to govern our future will be meeting a sterner test. It is always best, through all eras and epochs, that the cognoscenti, the military leaders, and the official governance diligently harmonize with Universal Law. Today, in the fulsome lead-in to the Transition, they are attempting to do just that. They are committed to embrace that part of Universal Law that includes the dictum of Grace: “do your best; do the least harm”. It all implies a sensitivity to a better understanding of Time itself, and timelines.

A rising tide of humanity have received the new teachings and the new knowledge (which are actually ancient). However, receiving teachings and knowledge does not necessarily translate into Belief. The connection, and in some cases the re-connection, of the cognocenti with the greater masses of humanity is to happen soon. Each soul is encouraged to seek and find the higher harmony that is their birthright. This self-oriented task will become easier as the manifestations of the Transition become apparent. Tangible benefits will be immense and immediate for those honored with the sacred tasks of global implementation. It is a humbling but honorable task. All benefits will disperse to every corner of the globe with great zeal. It is very important that each and every soul on the planet stop everything at the earliest moment, find a mirror, and peer for one solid minute at yourself. You are called now to assess who you really are. And in all coming days, make a supreme effort to progress in any way that you can: for the dictum of Grace: “do your best; do the least harm” does not protect everyone. 


Embracing a new reality has always been intimidating to the human being. We have seen it. Great numbers will emphatically embrace the Transition’s new reality, however, because they will instinctively “know”. It is not only a good thing we see happening, it is a dire necessity. There is no gain in condemning or browbeating those who do not believe as one’s own self does. That never works. There is gain, however, in Forgiveness and Love and Kindness in the face of change. That is what always works. There is good in continuing to teach, as all of ascension is based on teaching. There is good in healing, as many hearts and bodies have been broken. There is good in seeking harmony and balance, as that will generate our collective best. And all will see soon enough that the scarcities and infirmities that have plagued this world will be greatly lessened.

God bless the Teachers and the Healers. God bless those leaders who now embrace and reflect Universal Law. And God bless the Warrior-Cognoscenti who have long supported and protected them! God bless those who now comprehend the clarion call! 

Whether we realize it or not, we have been exposed to great truths. Because, because, because…that is our own ascension manifesting into action. To ascend, one must first be receptive. One must be willing to acknowledge the woeful failures of this world, even through the many Ages. To ascend, one must comprehend and firmly believe that there is Grace, Love, Amity and Coherency available in the Universe. Why come here at all, when a physical world is always such a challenge? When a paradise planet lacks Grace, we see all manner of pain, loss, ignorance, strife and suffering take hold. So we joyfully learn that there is a Beginning and an End to all physicality, and a higher journey. However beautiful and poignant is Gaia, we will come to know that this is not the true Paradise. 

We here have a chance to be the committed purveyors of Knowledge, Abundance, and, the Balm of Gilead. Entire nations are poised now to see a much better future. As all unfolds, we ourselves should endeavor with every fiber of our being to aid the full expression of the benevolence of the Transition. We shall salve the pain, the loss, and the suffering around us, such as can be accomplished. We will endeavor as well to embody new Hope to all we meet, and always reflect the eternal Light. In this process there must be an inevitable exposition of the darkness. Truth is Truth. Millions have already deserted the darkness. Firmly with the Power of Grace, we wish to ensure that this planetary Transition will always uphold and sustain the “least harm” dictum.

There is a different future unfolding and there is a “proof of concept” coming. The new path’s results will either be proven absolutely correct, partially correct, or incorrect. Before all starseeds committed themselves to this Time, to this Planet, and to all its human souls, there was outlined a path toward inspiring our physical brains to pursue knowledge. It inspired diligent prayers for wisdom and a chance to make life better. In tandem with that was a steady nourishment of the soul that stemmed from our harmonized relationship with our higher selves. In this way, we have kept on to the proper path; and in some cases “re-discovered” the proper path. Some have even discovered a new Truth that once they scorned. Some will still demand proof. Some will never learn that proof always has a context.

World events masterminded in great secrecy hover over the masses; and yet there are signals and signs everywhere. More is coming out each and every day, if you know where to look. Let us carefully review legacy governance, malevolent elitism, and ineffectual legacy economic systems. It is incumbent upon us be much the better now; indeed, we must be superb. Many who are at least partially well-informed in this community have had the “seeds of awareness” planted. That is affirmed by the fact that you are reading this. Those who are attuned will know instinctively that any further pursuit of a false hegemony on this planet has now succumbed to Universal Law. In real time, we can see the steady movement into a Harmony that reflects each nation’s higher self, and indeed, a planet’s higher self.

Restive Sage 2023


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