“No Cash” by Logan B – 1.24.23


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 8:47 PM ET on January 24, 2023

Since the federal reserve is no longer allowed to print funny money Benjamin Fulford has received info that the Rockefellers are behind making pre 2021 bills illegal on January 31st in an effort to prolong bankruptcy and force everyone to accept their central bank digital currency that they plan to launch on the same day. Everyone with old cash under their mattress are kind of screwed. They probably won’t have much luck exchanging the old USN for new because many are reporting that banks don’t have any. They will probably have no choice but to wait until after the 31st to bring in their cash and exchange it for cbdc. Also a lot of this cash is probably being hidden from the irs that they don’t want to claim. That shouldn’t be a problem if the irs is truly kaput but we’ll see how that goes.

The central banks are thinking no problem. If they can no longer print physical funny money they will just issue as much digital funny money as they want switching what we perceive as illegal quantitative easing from physical to digital. All we can hope for is that the Restored Republic can make cbdc illegal on the 31st and have all the banks setup with a good supply of commodity backed USN or usable digital currency. 

It seems that if the central banks of the world want to issue a digital currency they cannot use any of the over 8800 illegal non-backed digital currencies that already exist. They have to issue something new. 

We are told that we have to wait for a complete current financial system crash in order for our new QFS to take over well guess what if the Restored Republic and the world had made all fiat currency illegal instead of just making it illegal to print more that would have done it. We are not heartless. Crashing the financial system is needlessly cruel and stupid. By cutting off their ability to print physical, issue digital and refusing to accept the elites funny money we are slowly (now quickly) forcing them to accept QFS/GESARA as their only option to having to get a “real job” and eeking out an existence as they have forced us to do but we would not do that to anyone. 

The question is how long do they plan to allow this slow demise of the elite to continue. As far as everyone is concerned this is more than long enough. With the reports around the world of large protests of people fearing the loss of their pensions and people saying there is money missing from their bank accounts it is clear that the elite will steal their way out of trouble. The GESARA plan was to execute their plan without hurting ordinary people. 

Are we going to have to wait until after the 31st? 



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