“They Need to Revalue First” – Coffee with MarkZ Intel Stream Highlights 1-24-23


MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: gm everyone , I pray we are close to the finish line!

Member: GM all … one more week in January … praying it’s monumental!

Member: January 29th looks like a solid date for the IQD to have an international rate…

Member: Mark, How can the new governor of the Central bank raise the value without adopting Basel 4 first?

MZ: Good Question . They have to raise the value before they can be Basel 4 . They cannot be basel 4 first and then raise the value for a couple of reasons. 1. It’s not tied to an asset until they raise the value….but more importantly …If they were to go Basel 4 first…..everybody around the world would know it is time to buy IQD in a massive way. It would create such a security headache and pain in the butt  for this and really toss the value up in the air

MZ: They need to revalue first and then go Basel 4. I hear this will all happen within minutes.


MZ: there is no negative news today. After the tremendous amount of news coming out of Iraq yesterday…..we are still getting positive stuff. I am still hearing encouraging things from paymasters and group leaders, and bond connections. …

MZ: There are some European bond connections that are expecting FULL liquidity (not pieces or parts) tomorrow. Which means that things will move forward. Hoping this is really it. The news coming out of the bond side has been exceptional overnight.

MZ: other than that….very quiet on the US side. There was more chatter from Europe and S. America than any other location right now…… .

MZ: From Iraq: This is a reprint…I believe the original story was on Bloomberg….”The US holds Iraq hostage with the dollar”  talks about how since 2003 Iraq is required to send all it oil revenues to a single US bank account. And how Washington is weaponizing Baghdads own dollars against Iraq. Devaluing  its dinar currency and hindering payments.

MZ: this is why Iraq needs to revalue quickly and separate themselves completely from the united States. The US has been manipulating them ….this is the last corner stone to somehow keep the RV from happening. My belief is the US has been leaning on politicians over there …bribing, threatening them and that could be why Sudani has removed the CBI president. The US has been keeping a thumb on the Politicians and Iraq banking system.

Member:  This article tells us possibly why we havn’t gone yet. The US is terrified of the implosion of the Petrodollar.

MZ: Iraq has been positioning themselves to go without them….they have the approvals.


MZ: Saudi Arabia is leaving the Petro dollar and they now have a Petroyuan and a PetroRuble.

Member: About a dozen stocks on NYSE were halted briefly today, because of technical glitch ?

Member: stocks on the market are trying to bust loose and squeeze, they keep having to halt trading to put the lid back on. Margin calls are close!

Member: Can you explain the bond inversion and how it affects the RV?

MZ: This means the syste has become very unstable and you are about to see a crisis where you have to cheese the people (currency) or the governments (bonds) …Bond inversion was a sign that was given to me to watch for by one of the top people in the North American banking block…..we were told to watch for the extended bond inversion…..this is the sign they could no longer kick the can or football.

 Member: Bond inversion is financial systems way of saying the future is worthless then the present!

Member: Are the banks going to crash…will there be runs on banks?

MZ: I think the banks are going to ok….will there be runs on banks…..I think absolutely there may be based on human nature. When there is uncertainty and people don’t know what to expect…they panic. Be prepared for 3-4 weeks….have enough food, medicine and cash on hand. Wait for everything to calm down.

Member: Remember the bank run on Mary Poppins movie…….may happen just like that.

Member: The sooner they start- the sooner its over……..Just do it!!!


Member: Ouestion Mark do you think the people that work for the Federal Reserves will lose their jobs when this goes down or will they be moved to the US Treasure.

Member: I’m worried about signing an NDA

MZ: That is still up in the air, but I am told if we have to sign one at all….it would be for our own safety and regarding the rate….you will not have to hide the event from anyone…just be quiet on how much you made. ….That is not a bad problem…..don’t worry about it.

Member: if Mr.C gets a knock on the door…won’t he be under an NDA and can’t tell you??

MZ: He won’t have to tell me because I would wake up to phone calls from people screaming …we would have announcements on gold backed currency and you would see news running non-stop about new currencies …new bills that are now asset backed…..this event will be painfully obvious and not an event anyone can miss.

Member: I was doing some searching and in 1980 iqd was worth 4.00 why if they wanted an old rate of 3.22 I would think it would be higher with inflation.

Member: If the rates are even half of what you’ve said over the years , we will all be set for life and then some! I’m not worried about rates, I just want someone to light up the green light!!!

Member: Does anybody know this answer.. can you go to the redemption center more than once? Say I cashed in some of currency but still waiting on more can you go a second time?

Member: I had the same question. can we go to redemption more than once?

Member: I would say that to have to set an appointment more than once would be harder the second time due to timeframe


Member: Mark said 50 time no doubt dipping. you get 1 shot


Mod:  Bring everything unless certain currencies held aren’t going in that first basket. One appointment, all done aside a second appointment needed for any projects.

Member: If we NEER which we will, you sure can take dinar money and buy more Dong. Frank said last night  We Will NEER. No codes. He had a great bank story last night.

Member: I think the IQD goes float on Jan29 because that’s the day they hit the Iraq stock market.

Member: when this happens will anyone but us notice? will the public just sleep through it?

Member: They will know about our new currency….imo…just not about the reset/RV…

Member: I believe most will not have a clue….they will stay fast asleep.

Member: If they are worried about people being awake, the EBS or EAS would absolutely wake them up if they would just release it!

Member: I believe The cabal is falling apart like Forrest gump’s leg braces


Member: Why are flags at half mastlately?

Member: I have no idea…..what do you guys think?

Member: I think military tribunals are going on in the gov buildings and that’s why half mast and POW flags are flying over them and why the specific types of fencing are up.

Member: Mark, What does you gut feel for the timing of this to go?

MZ: I get in trouble everytime I say this…but my guy feels it could go anytime in the next 2 weeks…with am emphasis on the next 2 days. I hope my gut is

Member: The sun will come out tomorrow… bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… there’ll be sun

Member: Thanks Mark and mods….see everyone tonight…unless it happens sooner.

Dr. Rich and his team join the stream at the end today….please listen to the replay for their information.


Mod:  MarkZ “Back To Basics” Pre-Recorded Call” for Newbies 10-19-2022 )




Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.



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