“Did Anyone Notice?” by Melinda Siebold – 1.25.23


Entry Submitted by Melinda Siebold at 9:59 PM ET on January 25, 2023

For a long time, we Lightworkers were told there would be an EBS announcement. Now we are told “it’s not going to happen”.

And for a long time, we Lightworkers and currency and bond holders were told that Nesara would mean a fourteen percent flat tax and that would fund all governments, national, state and local.

Now, in a supposed white hat victory, our white hat new congress has introduced a law for a flat tax at a rate of thirty percent. So….twice what we have been told. And evidently its deceptively written to appear to be a lesser percentage. “shady” accounting.

I read some studies of it that said it would increase the tax on the middle class, and decrease the tax on the wealthy. And since non working seniors aren’t currently being taxed, it would be a net increase in taxes on them. Instead of a say, seven percent state sales tax, there would now be a thirty percent tax on their necessities.

And we need to remember too, that relatively few people support the government through income taxes. They pay a disproportionate amount into the feds coffers, but the truth is, most Americans don’t pay income taxes. There are the retired people, children, unemployed, self employed tax cheaters, rich people who know all the loopholes – like Trump – people on welfare, etc.

But under the new “scheme” more people are forced to give more to taxes. And right now, sales taxes go to the states. Under the new “scheme” only a quarter of one percent of the revenue will go to the state for processing, and an unidentified amount to run the state governments.  I tried to do the math and look up some figures to figure out what income tax brings in annually and what the sales tax base amounts are for the various states, but inexplicably the U.S. Treasuries “links” to open up spreadsheets and such to find figures mysteriously don’t function. And I would have to literally try to go to each states website to try to find what their sales tax base number is and add all fifty states together to try to assess what amount a thirty percent sales tax would bring in revenue for the Federal government. So, I was unable to get this information, but I have a feeling that at thirty percent sales tax, it would mean a tremendous increase in Federal government income. 

Can anyone see how this might be the perfect scheme to take away all state power and hand it over to the federal government?


Do you all know that our Founding Fathers specifically set up our government to be by the people, and for the people, and not by foreign agents, and for foreign powers? They set us up as states who only convened occasionally on a national level.

So why are we letting the so-called “white hats” keep leading us into more of the same?

I read that Juan O’Savin said that the holdup to the RV is that Trump and the white hats were insisting to Russia and China that the American dollar still had to remain dominant in world affairs.

Really? Supposedly Nesara and Gesara meant that every countries currency would be on an equal par. Why would any countries currency be dominant in an equal system? What is there to vie over Il Donaldo and Juanito?

I smell something fishy in Tijuana.


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