Dinarland Highlights for February 1, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 2.1.23


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Remember Warren Buffet invested in this…Donald Trump has invested in this…. Warren Buffet said years ago that the dinar is a great long term investment when he purchased his. And many politicians have invested in this…If it were a scam…it is one that will take a couple hundred million people by surprise…including some of the smartest people in the world.

Big thanks to [Guru] Nader for this…they are openly talking  on Iraqi Television about the need to substantially change the rate of the IQD. This is a wide open conversation there. Sudani has said they will move to $3.48 and restore it’s value.  It is out in the open…  hearing mixed things from upper level banking contacts. From “It’s moving forward to…no it hasn’t yet, but give it a little time…There was a lot of anticipation for today…so lets see how today develops. Nobody knows the exact timing…but we know we are close.  

Nothing negative today…With the bank chatter-A number of sources are saying the meetings in DC are going swimmingly…as they lay out the final groundwork for this. The chatter really has been fantastic. I am hearing positive things on the speed at which they plan on executing our payouts etc… There was fantastic chatter from DC and New York today to get this thing released. Things are very positive that they have pounded out the final arrangements that need to be made…About the rates floating around…they may just be place holders…we don’t know…We have seen $3.70  to $3.90 …the rate that most have reported seeing in $3.81. Hopefully this will be what the people on the ground in Iraq can expect…they deserve it.


Nader From The Mid East

Sudani announced it.  He said in Arabic…he’s going to put back the dollar to his real value. That’s what he said exactly [in Arabic].  His real value is $3.48When I don’t know.  Let’s see what happens today and tomorrow…

[Iraqi TV new report translated]
Muhammad al-Shi’i…The specialists said that Al-Sudani’s statement that the dinar is stronger than the dollar implies two things.  The first is a prospective decision that may reduce the dollar against the dinar that is less than 146 [1460 ?] and…restore my confidence for the dinar and the issue of dealing with it…As for the second explanation, the Sudanese wants to reduce the demand for the dollar especially with informal dealers who do not go to the window to sell the currency but rather go for a company for exchange companies the parallel market.


Frank26 (KTFA)

There’s a big meeting that’s occurring in Washington DC because of the Central Bank of Iraq’s monetary reform.  Because Sudani the prime minister of Iraq, because of the new governor Alaq of the CBI.  It’s a BIG meeting.  It’s the 3rd one…It’s for the Iraqi dinar against the American dollar.  It’s the only reason.

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: There’s a certain amount allowed to pay Iran for electricity but USA has proof that still large amounts of dollars are being sent to Iran. This delegation has to explain to Washington DC and being held accountable.  All this must be handled and destroyed…

urgent… Central Bank Governor: We will issue decisions to reduce the dollar and two meetings with the American side within two days



Samson (KTFA)

Sudanese to citizens: Do not acquire the dollar.. The dinar is stronger

Strong Dinar – Change is to come.




The rumors are swelling away.  I got people telling me, ‘Hey did you hear the Prime Minister say that he was going to restore the exchange rate to its original amount?’  Yeah I heard him say that…When Al-Sudini said he was going to restore the Iraqi dinar back to its original rate, people are going, ‘Oh, man he’s talking about $3.48 or $3.22!’  That’s not what he’s talking about…the value of the Iraqi dinar is 1450 for all of its exports but all of its imports is 1660.  I’m over simplifying things…when you have parallel exchanges they should always be close to one another.  Right now it’s not.


Mountain Goat

So, it was time to catch up with my contact in the CBI… What I found out through my conversation is that they know they must stop the corruption and now they are taking bold steps to allow any foreign currency including the dinar to pay outside debts to other countries.

Question: How long will this take to make an impact?

Answer: I was told they expect a couple weeks at most since most merchants already have dinars they will probably pay in dinars. The other countries already agreed to take them. This was the problem before since the embargo of 1990 no other country wanted the dinar as it was too speculative.


Sandy Ingram

The new cabinet is forcing stores and institutions to use Point of Sale transactions…POS are exempt from taxes…implementation effective June 1 2023.  This sounds like a digital economy to me.  Iraq is getting control over transactions and the flow of money. We can only hope this will lead to a higher rate exchange in the future.


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