“Biggest Puzzle for the Reset” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 2-2-23


Someone please grab this groundhog. Evening News with MarkZ 02/02/2023

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Good Evening Everybody!!!   Hope you had a good day.

Member:  Hello and happy groundhog day

Member: I will never watch that movie again after living Groundhog day over and over again in Dinaarland

Member: In true southern style we are having fried ground hog tonight for supper! Anyone want to come???

MZ: For those that don’t know… Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow today…predicting 6 more weeks of winter. So bundle up just in case he is right.


Member: (From Dinar Guru)  Mnt Goat   Conversation with my contact in the CBI (continued)   Question: Isn’t the value of the dinar much greater than the value of the US dollar fiat currency? So why are we not seeing the true rate of the dinar?  Answer: You pose a tricky question to me. Yes, I agree the rate should be much higher, at least 1:1 with the dollar but I believe much more and more like 4:1. But there is a process in place to get there, we are implementing it now that Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq has returned. We are looking forward to working diligently with all advisors and global leaders. It will not be long.

MZ: I will agree with this one 100%

Member: I do not understand why you talk about Iraq so much when we are waiting on the US Treasury?

MZ: Because Iraq is like the canary in the coal mine. It is the easiest place to watch. And Iraq is the biggest piece of the puzzle for the reset. We watch Iraq and global markets and bond inversions. We are now in the midst of a bond inversion ….We were told this is what we would see when the reset becomes a forced necessity…..and that when that happens we are close.

Member:  I wonder can the US prevent Iraq from re-evaluating?

MZ: “Deputy: The central bank will issue new instructions within 2 days to control exchange rate fluctuations.”  This is a new article that came out today.

MZ: “Iraq recovers 80 million USD stolen in the “:Theft of the Century”  They still need to find the rest of the 2.8 billion that was stolen.


MZ: “ Targeting Iran , US tightens Iraq’s dollar flow causing pain” They are weoponizing currencies in Iraq because they are ad at Iran.

MZ: What I am hearing from banking centers, bond folks ect……..It has been a week of “Groundhog Days” for them . They went in Monday …they were told “tomorrow:. They went in Tuesday and sat there all day……they were told “tomorrow” .  They went in Wednesday …..they are very frustrated but were told that it is so close we need you here daily….until they finish this thing. They are pushing them hard to not leave or go anywhere over this weekend.

MZ: They are very frustrated and have been expecting this every day since Monday. Nerves are very frayed at this point. but they know we are painfully close. I hope the pain will be worth it when we cross that finish line.

MZ: As of now the Redemption Center crew has no idea if they are working this weekend or not. They are expecting to maybe be on call. They will get an update tomorrow morning.

Member: Mark what do you think about the devaluation on the Lebanon currency? Is this an indication the new system is about to go down maybe?

MZ: I think it shows how fragile things are and how close we are as they are being forced into a corner. We are watching many countries currencies implode all around the world .  They are going to have to do something or billions of people may starve . To me it is an indicator of how much they need a reset.

Member: We know we are waiting for something to happen before we go. I wish someone would just tell us what we are waiting for.

Member: Wish the white hats would hurry up

Member: The problem with The White Hats is they see the pain but they don’t feel the pain

Member: Mark, I’m thinking white hats are storm troopers from star wars. they can never hit the target either


Member: White Hats are just a rumor and don’t actually exist. If they did they should have done this already

Member: Did you see the photo today of Charlie Ward in a gold tie & gold handkerchief?

Member: Dr Kia had good info today on the history of the gold back currency.

MZ: Dr. Pruitt released another video during our podcast this morning and then came here to join us…..She heard a rate of $3.90 from a contact if hers in the country of Iraq. It would not surprise me.

Member:  Do You think we’re ever going to cross this finish line?

Member: The world will die if we don’t…….

Member: everyone thinks they’re kicking the can but I beg to differ nobody knows the date nobody knows the hour or the minute so you can’t kick it if you don’t know it

Member: thanks Mark and mods…see you all in the A for coffee.


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.



Mod:  MarkZ “Back To Basics” Pre-Recorded Call” for Newbies 10-19-2022 )

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