“NESARA Output, Part 2” by Danlboon – 2.6.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:41 AM ET on February 6, 2023

People are sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for when they can exchange to the New USTNs and have access to their QFS Account. All financial institutions should be at the same levels for the exchanges and no hindrances should be in effect.

By the way, I have not had contact from anyone that has a 2021 Biden Administration Federal Reserve Note they would like to exchange with me, thus that Administration is not accepted by this present US Treasury. And of course there should not be any 2021 Biden Administration USTNs as I assume they will only be Trump Administration USTNs. If anything the Biden Administration would be seizing all the FRNs from the banks to force us into their Global Digital Currency.

Here is a hint of some more ideas that came to me, and much more you could probably think of. And even with yesterday’s posting; “(Reader: Jacob) Time will Stand Still for 13 Days in April” will we have to wait another 2 months before things are made public?

Posted; “Exciting 3 months of TRANSITION. When USN goes live it will not be public but behind-the-scenes.” So here We The People will not have access to the USNs for 3 more months? How can it be behind-the-scenes when the FRNs are being removed?

It really shouldn’t be that only Tier 1 banks can hand out USTNs as then it might be that only 5% of the country will then have access to lawful currency, and then that comes in with government controls on We The People. Will it be that only businesses that deal with Tier 1 banks can do business and the rest of us Americans are shut out?

Since there have been rumors that have never come true at this time my friend is like many as saying this is all a farce as we have to vote in the correct people into office as the Republic will never come about as we have to vote it in with this present Congress. He also believes Trump should have told the people of everything he is doing and not hiding anything behind closed doors or he is just as corrupt as the others. If my friend does not get his Social Security Benefits increase this week then everything is a stall till March. He and others should not have their SSI Benefits be transferred to their QFS Account when they do not yet have access to that account.

Since my last posting I got thinking of like New York where they violate people’s rights pertaining to the 2nd Amendment and with the COVID restrictions. Those rights should be complied with if we truly have a Constitution and it is not up to the state or city officials which rights the people should have. If any judge put people behind bars in claiming these rights then those judges should be put behind bars as they should have known better, yet not given another opportunity to work with Constitutional Law and destroy even that.


It may come down to New York will not allow the exchanges of the FRNs to the USTNs soon enough as they the criminals/government will have to do the exchanging a lot quicker for themselves before the people do so they do not lose out from their dirty activities. I think the US Military Generals with be watching New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams very closely as to the restrictions they place on the people, and if they do not remove the present restrictions then they are doomed being faced with Treason.

There will not be any showing your vaccine passport to access your QFS Account, or else you can report it to the US Treasury or your local military officials of those banker/government officials, as even the local Sheriff could be dirty.

No way will pallets full of FRNs be coming back into the USA except for to go to the US Treasury for destruction, no exchanging of those large amounts.

It surely will not be where you are in one city where there are USTNs being used and then you fly to another city where they have not gotten that far like for eating at a restaurant, and that would be a problem if you ate at an airport restaurant, paid cash and the TSA comes after you for having the wrong currency. Foreigners may have more of a problem when they get to the USA with their new asset backed currency and we are not yet exchanging to the USTNs.

I would presume that by February 10 if the MSM has not broadcast major news of the upcoming currency exchanges and that the QFS Accounts are made available that there will be White Hats’ rogue news broadcasters stepping in instead of the EBS going 24/7. Trump and the White Hats I think have much more they want done before they want the EBS agenda out, and the best way is for the local news broadcasters to gradually get it out.

Once the NESARA announcement is made Trump cannot extend the 120 day limit for the Republic elections just because he has not completed everything by that time. Those Republic elections will not be the 2024 standard elections. The longer the criminals stay in office the worse things can get and the people are getting tired of it. Some have already hightailed it out of the country as they got the word they were going down.

It has been reported that Congress will vote on the IRS being removed and there will be a National Sales Tax, but the present sales tax is to be for the states not the federal government, but Congress wants a 30% sales tax in which they get 29.5% and that state gets 0.5%, so an automobile would cost an extra 21.75% in California and they lose 7.75% in revenue as they do get 8.25% now for themselves. Biden has said he would not sign ANY bill Congress passes, so it is good in one way, but to just have the Republic elections is even better.


And surely do not be conned by any government official or agency claiming that the amounts of what you have in your QFS Account are going to be taxable and you must have a printout of the amounts in that account to show the government to then be taxed. This is NOT Income!

By the way, businesses will not have a QFS Account as they do not have a Birth Certificate, so they will not become super wealthy, but sole proprietors will have one attached to the owner’s name, yet businesses will move into the Quantum Financial System to do business. It will be the judgement of the people working in a business if they will contribute any of their own funds from their own QFS Account, but it will not be mandatory per a threat of them being fired. So companies like Walmart will not soon have trillions of dollars put into their accounts surviving on their employees once this is available.

And the NESARA $100,000 monthly payments are totally separate from what is in these accounts.



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