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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 2-9-23   

Transcribed by WiserNow

Good evening welcome to everybody tonight – hope everyone’s having a wonderful day and a wonderful night wherever you are.  And thanks for joining us on The Big Call. It is Thursday, February 9th – You’re tuned in and listening whether you’re live or whether you’re listening on a replay link or replay numbers.

Thanks for tuning in and many of you could be getting our call in your own language as it’s being simultaneously translated 1.2 seconds from the time that I’m speaking into what was last week 99 different languages and 15,340,000 people. So hopefully you’re one of those and every week it seems like our reaching increases. What really matters is that you’re tuned in and we’re glad you’re here

All right. Thank you Bob appreciate that so much. Let’s talk about some intel. Let’s see where we are and where we might be going.

There was something that Genie (spelling of persons name?) mentioned in her prayer about Social Security and the other birth certificate money. All of that is positioned to start. When I say all of that I’m really talking about the retribution funds that are being – they’re being handled in some little different ways, but the senior 62 over – people that could qualify whether they’re honored or not, doesn’t matter. But whether people that are 62 and older, who could qualify for Social Security –

They are in a group that gets back this restitution allowance, which is my understanding is that a compilation of money paid in taxes – goes way back,-  interest paid on loans, mortgages, etc. bank loans – All of that – also includes your birth certificate, traded as a bond along with a death certificate if that applies. Not For you but maybe a spouse – , that also includes marriage license, divorce decree, all of these were created as financial instruments on us – unbeknownst to us,

Now, we are supposed to be compensated for that and paid back for that. And those 62 and older are supposed to get their total divided into 11 annual tranches. Make sure if we’re, if we’re putting this out for information make sure you understand that one payment a year for 11 years?


One payment – annual – one payment per year, times 11 years? That’s what it’s designed to pay people that are 62 and older and that amount is going to vary quite a bit based on how old you are, how much you earn, blah, blah, blah, so many things.

Like you know, how many loans you took out, or loans, etc. There’s a whole formula to it, and they have that. So we’re supposed to get all that back. Starting the 15th which is a week from tonight.  Well, a week from yesterday because yesterday was the eighth yeah week from yesterday or the 15th through the end of the month, which is the 28th.

Now, I’m not sure how they’re lining that up exactly. But I did hear this. I’ll take this everybody with a grain of salt because I don’t I don’t have it exact but my understanding is that the social security, which is every Wednesday – 4 Wednesdays in a row- They’re supposed to pay that out on three Wednesdays and restitution allowance, one Wednesday, a month.

Now it’s gonna vary for people in different age groups. And it’s gonna look differently and it’s just not -It’s not absolutely clear, but I think we are going to have that starting on the 15th which is only six days away and take us all the way through the end of the month with that restitution allowance.

Will Social Security – which is separate now. Social Security is a separate animal. Will, that increase? I don’t know if it’s this month or not. I was told it was but it may not be this month but that increase – I’m not talking Cost of Living Allowance COLA increase – that was 8.7%. Last one. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about something bigger. So let’s see what happened on that. Let’s see what happened – it’s a little confusing because I get all this information – sometimes it’s hard to get clarity on it. All right. let’s see what we do have it’s maybe a little more clear.

The information that we’ve had so far today is that some bond holders are able to receive funds up to their 1% of their total of the bond transaction and have access to those funds today -not very many, but selected bond holders ok – And there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it – As far as the bond holders are going


We also feel that what we’re getting for us in tier 4B will be triggered by – in other words our notifications will be triggered by the bond owners getting their notifications to have access to their funds.

So there’s remember we talked about a shot gun starts we thought we could go when they’re notified we’re notified. It could be that or it could be theoretically, a 12 hour space between their notifications. And then we get notified up to 12 hours later. So that’s the latest we’ve got on that taking place and the relationship that we have in starting with regard to the bondholders becoming notified – and they having access to their funds.

The other thing is what we’re hearing from an international bank today was that they’re waiting for the green light to come out for our new USN or what are called United States Treasury notes. USTN currency to be available to come out – once Treasury says yeah, thanks. Put it out. Yeah, put it in the drawers put it in the ATMs. Yeah, once that happens. I believe that’s going to coincide with the start of our exchanges  – and the banker wait for that to happen – And looking forward to that green light coming on. But I think we are to.  The latest thing we heard today was we’re within two or three days of that.

Now, we have heard earlier yesterday that bond holders would receive their notifications today or tomorrow, that’s Thursday or Friday – And if that happens, it could open us up where we could get notified over the weekend.  Possibly tomorrow but more than likely over the weekend.

We’ll see how that goes. But that’s how close we are right now – that’s how close we are.

Let’s see what else is there I was going to talk about – I think that’s pretty much what I was going to bring tonight.

So that’s where we are for tonight. Guys, we’re very close. I know we said that. but it appears that we’re gonna see some things happen pretty soon – and I hope it’s before next, you know, the 15th It shouldn’t be that way. if this intel holds up. Let’s see what happens. All right, let’s pray the call out –  Good night everybody

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