“The Space Imperative” by Restive Sage – 2.11.23


Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 7:12 AM ET on February 11, 2023

Massive amounts of money have been poured into space programs, rockets, rocket motors, satellites, AI systems, etc. over the past decade. Why is there such an imperative to expand and enhance our relationship with space?

Well, we already know that the Starlink system of over 1,300 satellites has emerged as the backbone of a next generation of comprehensive global communications systems and a new and enhanced internet. There are new phones that link to space nodes on these satellites; not to mention new systems for banking, insurance, and trading exchanges, such as Forex, Comex, Wall Street, etc, that can link in seconds with Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Brussels, Frankfort, Rio de Janeiro, and the City of London via new quantum AI protocols. We see a new global QFS coming into full fruition; and we see banking communication systems with amped-up global DLT (distributed ledgers) previously incomprehensible as to complexity and predictive modeling; and we see massive blockchain databases that function at incredible speeds to serve an entire world.

Yes, good people everywhere, be aware. Many still have their heads in the sand. Most will never care. Powerful forces understand all of these developments, and they are faced with the age-old challenges of hegemony vs loss of hegemony. No representative power group wishes to be marginalized in the historical blender.

Each decade that comes will add another set of countries with space and orbital capabilities. Secret weapons and weapon systems cannot be shared publicly. The placement of space weaponry into orbit is an image we can visualize, though we really don’t want to think about it do we. Where does the money for space come from? It comes from a never-ending digital well, for money has been digital since the 1960s. Expense for the truly important things, you see, is no object. Because, when you can create money out of thin air, the limits are pushed outward ad infinitum. There are indeed an array of THEORIES of MONEY out there to tweak the creation of what is actually just a store of value, in tradable form, for exchange into, and out of, goods and services. 

Protecting the gigantic investment already made in everything space (and more) has become much more important. The confluence of CERN’s meetings with a GALACTIC reality will not be shared with you or I. Space is the new frontier as we have heard all our lives.

The entire financial system of a planetary population now has an orbiting functionality. Eight billion is not a large number for a super-computer, much less a working QFS that merges incredibly fast speeds with a 90% coverage factor over the globe. It includes technological secrets deemed existential by those who place them “out there”. This new system MUST be protected from an array of potential bad actors, including saboteurs, psychopathic scientists, moles, hackers, unabomber zealots, and hardened enemies of whatever ilk. This is your second Space Command emerging right before your very eyes. It is an ASSIST and PROTECT mission obviously deemed paramount by the new PTB. 

The turns and twists of this new reality have begun to change the psyche of our planet. All of this will be spoken of in history classes for hundreds of years to come. And yes it HAS been expensive; and it is going to be EVEN MORE expensive moving forward. And to that end there is a Plan afoot, sweeping and brilliant in scale and scope; or should we say a plan HAS BEEN afoot for decades. It is graced by the knowledge that there was a tipping-point of failure in the old systems of Earth, of History, of a Bygone Era. These are either being rendered ineffectual or have been disintegrating steadily in the direction of oblivion.


And what is leadership, our true leadership, to do? To stand by and watch ignorant adherence to failed economic systems and the atavistic forms of governance previously leading humanity is abhorrent. Further ignoring the movement toward the abyss would have not have been the wish of those who care deeply about humankind. To stand in the way of progress, in all that word’s ramifications, seems adolescent. Or; do we embrace a better future and a better way?

With space exploration we gain new forms of knowledge; we gain a sense of our own inner spark of divinity; and we gain communication with the Wheel of Destiny; and, through earnest prayer and deep meditation, perhaps with Source. We gain a greater sense of our own creative powers. We can better learn of a heart and mind that we possess and still do not fully understand. We can explore being heir to soul attainments foretold by the ascended masters, and those willing to dedicate many lifetimes to our edification. Now, we see little choice but to move on boldly, carefully, toward our own path of soul-progress. It is a complexly rich and bountiful universe, with millions of galaxies, and vast and great mysteries begging us to re-shape the best parts of ourselves.

We who read this, along with thousands of others of like mind and energy, have our own role to play. It is a KEY role and it is not necessarily related directly to our scientific knowledge or our technological acumen. No! We are the Appointed who must be the stalwart anchors that protect families, children, and indeed the very fabric of social stability. In this TIME OF TRANSITION, we are needed and appreciated in advance.

We here must be the bastions of Hope and Mercy as vast populations are exposed to unusual and challenging circumstances. Hundreds of thousands of old-school jobs and remnant positions at dying industries are going to disappear in the next 5 years. People will question their security and viability in a system where rampant change becomes the norm. Incomes will be temporarily decimated for many (but only temporarily); and the last thing that is needed is panic and acute despair. The challenges will ironically most affect people in countries that have heretofore experienced high standards of living. We must be there for the people, and if we help the people, we will be helping our country (wherever that country may be on the map) as well. We will be recognized by our humanitarian spirit and our dedication. Think about the importance of playing our part well. To answer the calling of our soul, and of course of Source, is to do what what we came here to do. So, gather your strength of will, ignore all naysayers, and remember who you REALLY are. Your part is very important to the process. Vast sums will be entrusted to you and they will be your earthly armor, for a time.

True wealth resides in how you see yourself, how you interact with others, and in your “actual” progress within the Wheel of Destiny. 

Emulating an exogenous benevolent thread that elevates all Sentient Life, we will be part of the new-laid foundation for a new Golden Age of Gaia. For this wondrous  Age to be fully expressed as a True Harmony of the Galaxy, the individual becomes even more self-aware. Each and every person, while witnessing this incredible planetary shift, must examine, and if need be, amend their own personal code. Write a new code for yourself, as a new code pervades the Earth. Through all of the quandaries that will come, through the societal and technological shifts that lie around the corner, each individual must BE a centurion of constructive and positive faith.

Embrace the Light. and do not succumb to the doubts and pressures of temporary chaos. As never before, embrace your expanded spirituality, your morality, your social harmony, and exude a spirit of kindness to all those around you.


This will help humanity through a trying Time.

Restive Sage


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