Dinarland Highlights for February 14, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 2.14.23

Mountain Goat


As I stated many times already the new 2005 Iraqi constitution states that there shall be a referendum passed in parliament on instituting the conditions of the constitution to manage the oil and gas. This is called now the oil and gas law. Seems anytime we get news of a rate change, this law pops up in the news. Why? I was told way back in 2011 that this law is necessary to…reinstate the dinar as are all the provisions in the constitution must first be met, including this one. Funny how it always comes up when they are getting ready to reinstate the dinar.



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Why would Iraq be printing new high security currency if they were not going to be worth much more?

Exactly…We can back up years and see all the lower denoms that have been printed“The central bank announces the imminent introduction of large quantities of lower denominations of the currency  This article was from 2018.  They paid millions and millions of dollars to DeLaRue…one of the top currency printing companies to print these new high security lower denominations currency notes…  We know they are there…we know they were paid for. They sure would not print all of these to keep it at the value it is now.

I can tell you the repeated conversations in Iraq is that the rate will be considerably higher than the USD.  Chatter in Iraq continues saying the impending event where the dinar will be at least equal to or superior to the US dollar…Sources are still looking at mid February…I am still hearing it’s the 24th…they have laid extensive groundwork…


Frank26 (KTFA)

We told you as soon as they get back from Washington DC all heck is going to break loose.  They came back…What did they bring back?The 2nd Package.  The 2nd phase.  The second article from the CBI to the Iraqi citizens.  And what is it? …It’s a new exchange rate against the American dollar.  It is a gradual float of getting to at least 1 to 1.  That’s amazing so they can at least go float it internationally.

We truly, sincerely feel there will be another rate change coming in the right direction.  That’s what I’m looking for between now and Wednesday or whenever.  Let’s see… I believe 1000 might be the next range.  [Firefly’s] bank friend believes 1190 will be the next exchange rate they are looking at.  Whatever the case is it is being done because now they are in the 2nd phase which is the 2nd article from the CBI…

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: Today we still see the street rate lagging behind the official rate of 1300.  The street rate is just over 1500 but that’s normal for the street rate to lag behind for a little while.  We hear the 2nd phase they’re about to introduce to us is about to be launched.  Let’s wait and see what this will bring to us with our exchange rate and currency…we hope the rate moves with this 2nd phase.

FRANK: It will…the 2nd stage equals an international float.



The overall goal is to get the Iraqi dinar to a 1 to 1 level playing field exchange rate…the dinar is going to get stronger and it’s actually going to get stronger much quicker than people think…major projects happening in Iraq and every one of these has to with the new development going on in Iraq and how their economy is actually getting very strong which will lead to them having a 1 to 1 exchange with the United States dollar…the economy for Iraq is getting ready to boom.  Employment is getting ready to boom.  Everything is getting worked out…

If the United States gets behind a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar to $3.22 then it’s going to be recognized by the rest of the international community.  But if the United States doesn’t get behind it, I don’t care if they change the rate or not it’s going to mean nothing to us who don’t live in Iraq …



MilitiaMan (KTFA)

1310 isn’t enhancing the value of the dinar.  It was 1166 to 1460 and then back to 1310.  That’s not enhancing.  The inflation and all those things that come with that just doesn’t match.  But what does match is they they’re enhancing the value based on income streams…taxes, tariffs…gold reserves…foreign reserves.  All of those things are the things that enhance the value fo their currency…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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All of these things we are seeing in the economic reform is due to the completion and success of the monetary reform from the CBI, US Treasury, IMF and World Bank.  The CBI is keeping the confidence and momentum up with the citizens of Iraq concerning their monetary reform.  Just telling them to “Hold onto their IQDs because it may be going up in value” is a clear indicator of what’s to come IMO sooner rather than later at this 2nd stage of monetary reform…it can’t get any more clearer than that.  “Hold onto them!


Clare (KTFA)

Huad Hussein from Washington: The currency crisis is gradually receding, and Iraq is becoming aware of it

“… there is already a system in place between the Central Bank of Iraq and the US treasury, but it is new, and the Iraqi parties have become more familiar with the mechanism



Sandy Ingram

What is Iraq doing to prepare for entering the global financial world?It is efforts like this that encourage our belief that the Iraqi dinar will revalue at a much higher rateWhat is an FIU?  (Financial Intelligence Unit) That is a bid deal, a really big deal…Iraq applying for and being accepted by this organization says they are ready to dig deep and understand financial crimes before they happen…FIU could easily help Iraq identify large sums of money leaving Iraq for Iran or any other place in the world…this means checking the financial status for Iraqi politicians will become second nature.  


Nader From The Mid East

[Guru] Pimpy makes me laugh.  Sometimes I hate him.  I hate him because he makes fun of me but in a good way though. 🙂  Pimpy this is for you.  Listen to me…You saw my video…it’s not from me, it’s the news.  I put the captions on...whatever the government says, whatever the TV says, the news, whatever, I put out there.  Whatever I hear or read or something good I put it out there.  Don’t get me wrong, something is going to change Pimpy.  You’ll be surprised…wait wait, we’re gonna kick your ass Pimpy! 🙂  On the rate we’re gonna kick your ass. 🙂 You’ll see.  Just be patient. If I say it with a smile it’s because I know something.

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