Dinarland Highlights for February 16, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 2.16.23


[via PDK]

…hearing positive things from Vietnam… Keep in mind that we don’t hear as much from them…but they are prepared for an increased value on their currency.  We have seen documentation from our state Dept. that Vietnam needs to increase the value of their currency…they are way undervalued…they are ready to go…  [Dong Rate? I still believe it could be around $2.25 or so…but banking contacts think that is low and it could be higher. There is always the chance that Iraq could go alone…they have approvals for that. But all my contacts in Asia and Asian banking believe that Vietnam is positioned and ready and will go at the same time… I feel very confident in these two currencies.

90 corruption arrests – counterfeit money” …The counterfeit money was US $100 dollar bills. They are counterfeiting US dollars in order to buy more dinar. They are cleaning that up in Iraq with over 90 arrests so far. They have made massive moves cleaning up corruption in Iraq over the last 24 hours. We are told this is important…they are cleaning things up…for a reset in price.

I am hearing fantastic things that came out of the meetings with Iraq , the Fed and the UST that they all agreed to. That all of the framework, times, dates are settled…and that the cleanup of corruption in Iraq is going quicker than anticipated…I am confident saying it is well underway because of the number of confirmations I have gotten on money being positioned and in place. Now we wait to get a better idea on the timing. As far as I am concerned the countdown has started. Things are now moving forward.


Mountain Goat


This article is music to me when I read it… Yes we [have been] waiting so long to see this. Finally!!! Go RV!


Nader From The Mid East

Since last Saturday the police and man of law been running the streets in Baghdad and markets of Baghdad…you see a lot of cash in the streets.  Everybody sells cash on the streets and everybody sells dinar and dollar…the government is cleaning up.  They want to take all that out.  They don’t want nobody else besides the banks or the exchange offices to sell dinars or dollars or any kind of money.  That’s a good thing…if they are doing that they are doing it for a reason…that’s going to take a couple weeks…maybe a month to clean up all that money in the streets.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: They’re talking about the budget. They’re saying the next move is to strengthen the dinar after they now have the dollar under control.  They keep talking about speeding up the budget because it’s holding up the project and the projects are waiting on the budget.

FRANK:  Everything waits on the new exchange rate.  Everything.

The Iraqi dinar is now going to go in orbit internationally around the Earth and they’re calling it the ‘second important package’.  We called it the 2nd article from the CBI to the Iraqi citizens.  The monetary reform education has now graduated to this level.

FIREFLY: Bank friend…Middle East leaders want the IQD in their basket of currencies and…all these meetings they are doing with the USA, Feds and Treasury none of this would happen unless we were going to an international rate. Watch for 1190 to come into play.

FRANK:  This is a smart bank friend. Seriously, everything you see.  Everything you read and you’re not going to float?  Then why the heck did you spend so much energy, so much time to explain to the citizens, educate them, that you were going to? …Why would they go through this if they were not going to float the currency?  Of course they are.




Iraq…had a chance to come out to Washington and the squeeze was put on them.  Biden has put a crack down on Iraq because it won’t stop funding Iran.  This is what happens when you get a Coordinated Framework in there.  These are people who are loyal to Iran not Iraq.  That includes the Prime Minister forcing Biden and the United States Federal Reserve to put the squeeze on Iraq and it’s affecting their dinar.

Urgent the governor of the central bank reveals the secrets of the dollar’s devaluation and the reason for its rise in the market

He’s saying there’s no reason to change the Iraqi dinar rate anymore.  He goes on to say anybody who wants an increase in the dinar versus the dollar must be wanting it for nefarious reasons.


Deepwoodz (KTFA)

There was a question posed due to the increase in the amounts of dollars “sold at auction”.  So why the increase as of late?  Possibly…We know the border ports are in full swing using their new electronic platforms. We know the shipping lanes have been upgraded and increasing imports just as the land locked ports are. The country is getting all the bugs worked out of their new and transparent platforms. This in turn is reducing corruption and smuggling. It’s fair to say that an increase in the amounts is not only expected, but in this stage of the game it’s a good thing. This won’t change until Iraq comes out with their new international rate and pretty new bills. Then you can say adios to the widespread use of the dollar.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

It’s very important for the CBI and Sudani to be telling the citizens to hold onto their worthless IQDs.  It’s important that you take notice of this.  It’s a direct and powerful indicator of what’s to come from the CBI to the citizens of Iraq for their currency.



Henig (KTFA)

A leader in Al-Asa’ib sparks a dispute between Al-Sudani and Al-Maliki

IMO: Maliki being Maliki again.  I see any disagreement with Maliki as being a good thing. Maliki likes his power, and when someone opposes him on that, it’s generally needed. I like to see Sudani standing up to Maliki, it seems VERY positive.The more Sudani draws power away from Maliki, the better. Sudani ascending, Maliki descending. I like it.


Paulette (KTFA)

[Response to Guru Deepwoodz]

Perhaps…However, Iraq has clearly stated that imports only require a maximum of 60 million/day…the citizens are being encouraged to hold and use IQD...where did the other 600 million+ go this week? It certainly didn’t result in controlling the exchange rate as it still sits at 1530.  Somebody is clearly desperate enough to pay a premium for USD and is not willing to do it legally as they can purchase direct through the banks at 1320…many articles have stated that billions of dollars are syphoned out of Iraq and into other countries through the Currency Sales and that this “THEFT” has to end…Iraq has clearly stated that this excessive movement of USD is not a good thing…

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