The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, and DJ 2-19-23


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

The show that is playing out is merely a much needed set of scripts that are intended to bring forth the crooks and the misaligned folk who are being led down a very dark and dangerous path. Just thank your lucky stars you are not a part of it.

There are things afoot that will blow minds and many should have their minds blown. We are hoping for a break any time now that will allow the left leg to drop as it needs to.

There are many invested in stopping this show, this movie, but they cannot. There are others who have been waiting a long time for the information that is forthcoming. And then there are others who do not believe. Just be assured there is much afoot that is essential for the clean up .

We think that the ranks are being closed in and tons of information are being exposed to show the correlation and the movement to bring about a demise of humanity. The population explosion is real and the demise of many is in the offing but will not be as deep nor as broadly scattered as had been hoped. There are many invested in seeing the society taken apart but it won’t happen; never mind how or why, just know it won’t happen.

There is much money movement afoot and much more is planned. Just rest in the knowledge that, as you know already all of this takes time. It will get done; you can be assured of that.


Love and Kisses,



The Loving Message of Kryon

Financial Systems

You have attacked your own financial systems in the last five years to try and make them fair and to clean out as much of the greed as possible.

Historians alive today will tell you that this would have been an impossible situation in the past since big money was seen as untouchable.


Yet you have disturbed the nest and started planting the seeds of a better system.

This recession you’re in is a recalibration of big money.

You called them on it, and we told you what would fall first [insurance] and that it would be one of the largest insurance companies on the planet [and it was].

So think about this for a moment. We could see it coming because energy is like that.

It creates slow, strong potentials that can be predicted.

It’s not over either, since the old system has to recreate itself. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your bankers are confused .

It doesn’t matter what the government say they are allowed to do or how much money they are being given to do it.

They’re not doing it!

They are frozen in the headlights of a new paradigm and don’t know how to operate.

That should tell you how new and uncertain this change is – like nothing you have seen.



PP’S ” Prosperity Programs”:

No information or movement until mid week….Stay Alert…




When it comes to the reconstruction of the global financial system (GCR), flying under the radar is the further development of the BRICS. BRICS members are expanding their influence in the global financial system by offering an alternative global payment system. At present, the five original members Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, control 30% of the world’s total land surface and 41% of the world’s population. They contribute 16% to world trade and about 24% of global GDP. The BRICS’s counter part is the G7 ( Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, U.S. and the European Union). The two main factors where they differ are the populations they serve (over 3 billion in the BRICS as opposed to 987 million in the G7) and GDP, where the G7’s is currently $33.93 trillion and the BRICS are about $23.5 trillion.

While BRICS members are not well-represented in the global financial system, their collective GDP could reach half the global GDP by 2030. With the potential inclusion of new countries, this could happen much quicker than expected. An expanded BRICS could account for more than half the world’s population, including countries with younger populations and rapid population growth. They would also hold 60% of known global gas reserves, 45 % of known global oil reserves and significant quantities of natural resources like water and rare earth minerals.

Recently ( starting in 2018) the BRICS are engaging in developing a potentially new reserve currency called the R5 or R5+ ( based on the first letters of the currencies of the original BRIC countries , real, ruble, rupee, renminbi and rand). This BRICS reserve currency is a potential rival to the U.S. dollar and the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights currency. ( SDR’s “special drawing rights” is the currency used by the IMF for loans to member countries) . Along with the new reserve concept the BRICS have already developed a counterpart to the IMF called the New Development Bank or NDB. Multiple countries have ratified their participation in the NDB ( Egypt as of Feb 2023).

The implications of the BRICS activities will have transformational consequences to the global financial system. A larger BRICS group would have greater control over key trade routes, exports and supply chains. And with an alternative payment system, move to compete with the U.S. dollar and current, flawed, western financial banking systems.


The Bank of Indonesia ( a GCR basket currency) has called on importers, exporters to stop payments in U.S. dollars. China, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia have already agreed to use the BRICS two-way payment mechanism and de-dollarising , with Singapore and the Philippines planning to join the system. With the European Union (EU) also looking to de-dollarise, the BRICS format could also be a strong alternative.

When you look at these global factual circumstances, they are just another of the mechanisms surrounding the implementation of a GCR/RV. It’s like the Search for the Holy Grail where the “search” is the Holy Grail. We keep looking for a “GCR” but fail to see that the mechanisms that build the GCR is the GCR and the road is just about built.


Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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