“Now vs. 1955 Prices” by Danlboon – 2.21.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:24 AM ET on February 21, 2023

If it’s 1955 prices we will be going to after NESARA is announced then be prepared for numerous changes and nicely confront those that refuse to change to still make a big profit for themselves.

$100 in 1955 is worth $1,116.31 today in 2023 and $100 in 2023 is worth $8.96 in 1955 so you can work it both ways. So maybe we can go back to the $0.10 hamburger and $0.15 cheeseburger from the fast food places. You would be able to fill up your gas tank for maybe only $7.00. And you can purchase a home of $1,116,310 today for only one NESARA $100,000 monthly payment. But you should still have well over a Million Dollars in your QFS Account and that should not be denied from you.

There would be give and take everywhere in the transition like with inflation the past two years, but it will take time like a month or two for everyone to settle in with accepting what it is as the price of gold and silver will be the standard for everything to go by. There should be no criminal charges brought on someone or business who refuses to change when they can benefit in their own way with others having lower prices, but possible sanctions might be placed on them if they do not lower enough, or they might lose business due to their high prices.

I think employers will have to be at the start of this move to then be able to reduce their employees’ salaries, but the employees would have their QFS Account for back up till things are settled in. Maybe it would be a good effort for all the employees to come forward in a jest of good will to ask to have their wages changed towards the 1955 wages at the beginning of all this, or even now to prepare for it along with requesting to have the state and federal income taxes halted which those should be first.

No more $15 per hour minimum wage, but if you were to receive one third of that now of $5 it is worth $0.45 in 1955, so you would be receiving $55.82 per hour today.

The NESARA $100,000 monthly payments should cover someone for a few years at today’s prices even for a one month payout, but this should not be reduced to the 1955 prices of $8,960 per month. And the maximum $5,000 monthly payouts for those on Social Security should not be reduced to $447.91 per month.

The NESARA settlement payments and the amount in your QFS Account should not lower due to the fact that we are going back to 1955 prices as our phony government has ripped us off way too long and this will not be another way.


Higher priced items like homes and business contracts will be the issue, including union contracts there will be a lot of people involved with those.

I think there will be major changes in the DoJ as to how much penalties can be charged price wise, as they cannot keep them at the prices they are today to put more people in jail, but those fines that have not been paid should now be paid from the people’s QFS Account, yet they might not even need to be paid based on the US CORP laws which should no longer exist and the charges dropped by a Common Law Judge.

It might be with dirty cops that won’t now follow Common Law and want to still hand out false tickets and make arrests with high fines then it might just come out of their own QFS Account. Resisting arrest cannot be the first charge as in the past.

Once the dominoes start falling then more people will pick up on the idea, and why not support your employer by even accepting NO wages as you have NESARA to pay you, and help out your community with what funds you have left over. If local stores start cutting their prices by 15% of the original 2023 prices each week they will be down to 1955 prices in 7-8 weeks, and it will not be a crash. Donald J Trump worked for one or zero dollars each year while being president, but he had money to live on. Now that you will have NESARA money to live on you can too, so help the small business pass up the mega corporations.

By the way, utilities and all other necessities, like those that ride the bus and subway, we should also see a decrease in prices. Airline, medical, housing and all transportation including repair costs are to be going down as well.

There will surely be the need to find the homeless housing, so that is a NESARA Humanitarian Project in itself, but you don’t have to set up an appointment as with exchanging currencies as you can do it with a few of you to help them find out about these funds. So maybe purchase a home where they would want to live and get them set up to receive all what you did, then transfer the property.




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