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Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 1:08 PM ET on February 26, 2023

Designing our Safe Havens opens the door to a tapestry of conceptualizations, thoughtful ideas, and creative thinking. Planning is essential. Funding is essential. Finding the right personnel is essential. And healing the soul of the world is….essential. Imagine,…a prominent and well-known Safe Haven in every city in the world by 2035. We who know the way will plant that seed, and we will demonstrate its merits. When good people everywhere see it working, day to day, improving cities by improving lives, they will want to join us. The Safe Haven concept will go viral. 

We are lucky here in that we can share ideas with great back and forth flow. I encourage all to video-document the daily progress and planning sessions for your Safe Havens. We can see it all starting up and then working day to day. I’m sure it will be initially challenging for us to start the wheels in motion, but I know we are determined to try hard and see it all come to fruition. 

I am on record now: the Safe Haven concept, utilizing Ubuntu refinements, will ultimately change the course of human history.

You see, dear ones, in a world where Peace reigns, the planet steadily becomes a VERY plush garden, and many of the challenges of life-as-we-have- known-it, will simply fade away. If you do see Peace coming, overly influenced by current events, think again. We will see the waters made pure again; we will see the land protected from dumping wastes, and chemicals; we will see the oceans cleaned up from plastic dumping and mercury poisoning; we will see the oceans and great lakes made sustainable again, in a natural state of vital abundance; we will see all the waters be free forever from human refuse; we will see oceans and lakes and streams teaming with fish and crustaceans galore; and, we will see the deserts replenished with oases aplenty, with new water availability.

The combination of amazing worldwide peace, food security, a personal productive attitude, a moral mindset, and environmental efficacy leads to better and less stressful life styles. This combination is a pathway, also, to enhanced mental health for all, which is also stakes a path to a new movement into fuller spirituality. Those who have been hurt the most, those who have lost their way, the wounded warriors almost all used up, those with a load of baggage too heavy to lift…will be granted a new vision. Forgiveness we note always is ever a close cousin of philos love. Crime rates will decline steadily as hopes and dreams coming true will inspire a new attitude of soul inspiration. The beautiful path to human ascension will be opened to a new generation who will read about the problems and travails of the 20th century with dropped jaws and various forms of disbelief.

There is a real danger that we do not, today, fully SEE the absolute necessity of the Safe Haven revolution. The vital emergence and proliferation of Safe Havens is indeed essential. 

So, how do we proceed. Each one who sees and believes will have a vision and will develop a plan. I have evolved a fairly elaborate action plan. This does not mean that there are not a multitude of plans available, and a huge number of plans that will work. I will video every step in the journey and make a movie for each safe Haven. It will include the stories of people we meet and assist. There have to be first steps in any journey and so here follows a brief summation of basic steps.


Naturally, my very first step is to assemble a team that shares my vision and can assist me at every step. I will draw from different professions and skill sets. The only constant is that they MUST share my vision and my divinely-inspired mission to help this world reflect God’s wishes. Having a team gets very expensive very quickly, so I will initially keep it small, less than 10 upper-staff people for the first year; 25-50 per Safe Haven. My goal is to operate initially like a non-profit corporation and then feed it funding from a wealth-management account that I set up with a proven performer in that field. This will create positive cash flows that fund this first-year group of Safe Havens. The second year, we expand further by adding new Urban Safe Havens.

So, by way of example, I will have an Urban Safe Haven in a given city as a priority to start. Once that is set up and functional, I will also move to start the first satellite Rural Safe Haven. Later, a second Rural Safe Haven

The Safe Haven building template and operations plan will be designed to first provide TRIAGE for immediate help. This involves (A) needs assessment, evaluation, and emotional support/counseling (with a possible referral to a medical clinic or hospital – the cost of which we cover if they are not already insured); (B) provide debit-style cash cards for emergency triage when there is an immediate need – especially when children or elderly are also involved; (C) provide immediate safe shelter if they are homeless – if they concur; (D) provide them with immediate access to our state-of-the-art food & meals program; (E) if applicable, connect them with available public programs already established, providing transportation if needed. In this first meeting phase, we begin to understand what their personal situation is and their daily needs, and then we gain a sense of their larger overall needs. Triage is first, if needed, but then we take it further; we make it a long term commitment. We want to go beyond the emergency stage, and aid them in their life journey in seriously fulfilling ways. 

Being realistic, it is self-evident that our society has seen many people become entangled in some mix of crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, trafficking, homelessness, mental illness, etc. As a result of a variety of causal issues and poor choices, many become overwhelmed by a downward spiral. Many people simply give up, and find that society can be very unforgiving and unkind. If we have Safe Havens, we must expect that we will be interacting with these unfortunate people, and need to have a plan to lead them back to a better lifestyle, free of addictions, with guidance to a better life moving forward. We will cooperate with the public providers already set up as much as possible, but also attempt to get them advanced help through our own sponsored programs. Even though we know we cannot help those who do not wish to receive help or try to improve, we can play a pivotal role I believe in making a huge difference.   

One way we will help is to have a truly ambitious program that will arrange for jobs and/or job training for people able to work. A job that someone likes and that pays a decent wage is often a path to a better state of being. It also indirectly helps related children, siblings, and in some cases elderly parents. I have a plan to be able to provide a pathway to jobs.

I see Day 1 as initiating the Urban Safe Haven in each of my 8 chosen locations. Each would be located either in a (1) a large city; (2) a medium city; (3) a small city; or (4) a large town. I will design a template for a “bricks-and-mortar” building of good size in a prominent urban area of each of these city-types. The location for each needs to be near a major highway or street. I will select a vacant site to purchase that already has full utility service and infrastructure. For the template, the size of the Urban Safe Haven would follow, more or less, a design that includes at the very front a reception lobby with a staff desk and multiple computer stations. Next to that will be our admin offices. A sizable part of the building will be dedicated to a community dining hall and attached commercial kitchen. We will have a culinary classroom and practice kitchen (next to our real kitchen) where we teach culinary skills, knowledge, food safety, and the art of good cooking. Our graduates will be in a position to obtain jobs in the food service sector virtually immediately, and some will go on to enter our chef program. Our dining hall will have some of the best food in town lol! We will also have a tech school on the premises, a mini-college, where we teach computer skills and tech support skills. Our graduates will be able to obtain jobs in that sector as well.

The Rural Safe Havens will be located 20 to 50 miles from the city. We will start by locating two or three couples or families that cherish the idea of a rural farm-type lifestyle. We will use an Ubuntu format that ensures a steady income stream that rewards productivity. My team will help me assemble land purchases starting out at about 200-300 acres, and as high as 1,000 acres as we add new families. We will establish a set of gardens and field plots of anywhere from 3 to 10 acres each. Each plot will be dedicated to a different type of crop. Part of the land will be terra-formed into small ponds and lakes to be stocked with fish. Other areas will be dedicated to the growth of nut trees such as walnuts, pecans, almonds, dates, etc. Some areas will be dedicated to fruit trees such as apple, peach, pear, cherry and so forth, as the climate will allow. Maybe avocados and mangoes; yes mangoes for everyone. At the heart of the Rural Safe Haven will be a communal food processing center, kitchen, and dining hall. We will can food and freeze food virtually year round. We will have a large freezer storage section as well. Later, we will established a dormitory for visitors and temporary students. 


Every state has one or more universities with degree programs for agricultural studies and advanced farming techniques. We will coordinate with them, and have their students stay and work-study with us on site. They can see how the classroom relates to the farm itself. The professors can visit as well and see how different study programs can enhance productivity and promote sustainability of soils and water resources.

One of the best parts of the Rural Safe Haven concept is that it can coordinate with the Urban Safe Haven. Our urban dining hall in the city will be using some of our own fresh-grown produce, as well as our stockpiles of canned or frozen foods. Our chefs and cooks at the Urban Safe Haven, can visit the Rural Safe Haven and assist in creating herb gardens and harvest them for our dining halls. They can teach our rural cooks advanced cooking procedures and techniques as well. Having TANDEM Safe Havens, where feasible, is a very good thing. 

I don’t believe most people comprehend just how much food a 200-acre farm can produce in a year when adequate water is available. Truly, there is no scarcity on this planet. There has been a scarcity, however, of enlightened leadership. That has changed, as we now have learned. 

I hope many starseeds will plan on exploring the advantages of having a Rural Safe Haven, or two, or three, working in concert with each of their 

Urban Safe Havens. Together, we can inspire a groundswell that eventually forms a massive tidal wave of human progress, As we move closer to attaining our Light Bodies, manifesting energetic sustenance from the quantum realm (as some already do), we will that “food” will be different for us. But we must help our brothers and sisters globally to translate the new Peace Dividend into food security and crime reduction. We must assist Source in cleansing the planet of environmental abuse. 

The Safe Havens are not the only institutions that represent our benevolent revolution, but they are to play a key role in healing the soul of this world.

Restive Sage


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