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Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 8:04 AM ET on March 1, 2023

Every era and epoch of Gaia reflects its time, its expressions of governance, its evolutionary flow. Whether we reference a religion, a corporation, secret society, nation-state, alliance or empire, the extant relationship to the values and extant morality at play must be considered. The world today is not what it was in 10,000 BC, 2500 BC, 300 BC, 30 AD, 250 AD; 700 AD; 1066 AD; 1667 AD; 1795 AD; 1816 AD; 1914 AD; 1939 AD; or 2001 AD. Change obviously is a constant, though we are a race famous for clinging to the past.

The interconnections of modes of governance, the powerful outbursts of warfare, human trade and enterprise have gone on and on and on. This water planet is far older than we think. Our human life spans, while much longer than those of most creatures, are subject to be shortened by the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yes, gravely so. The history of humans is one of millennia after millennia of 560 masters, our lovely over-arching “noble” class, happy to reign over humanity and have a good time. The mating urge and physical compatibility inevitably led to 12,500 years of post-deluvian hybridization. They are not “US”, but we are “THEM”; at least insofar as genetic builder-proteins are concerned.

Over time, they watched in cautious horror as we steadily re-populated what had become a desolate post-deluvian world. They lost their way and scoffed at Universal law. While often sad and repulsive, our progressive human history has also been romantic, poignant, and poetically inspiring. We have won the admiration of higher minds. We are amazing beings. The love that flows as an unseen Force through the universe is in us, and is capable, when tapped, to dominate the fragile constructs of the baser survival-mind. It is the part of the Love Force that the Greeks identified as agape that elevates and challenges humans. That we know OF it, and respond TO it, is our salvation. While difficult to capture, the full sense of it points the way to an ascension process of the human soul. Perhaps it is a type of hybrid vigor.

We must never forget that the human soul, precious in extremis, is capable to connect to Source, an Origin that designed for all living things both an evolutionary path and, with advancement, an amazing ability to manifest. Ultimately, we learn that human eyes physically can only see what human eyes have adapted to see. But not all that IS. That is an early step on the path of ascension. There IS in fact more to “see”.

The powerful interplay of creationism and evolution is magic. The powerful interplay of matter and energy is magic. And Science seems like magic 

to the novice. Understanding these things does require, however, certain learned abilities and skills. They are very difficult for the acolyte to acquire in one lifetime and are also subject to Duality. This factor provokes a need to also acquire wisdom and a careful attunement to the Light. For a water planet, the survival instinct and the desire to reproduce is constant and will drive a living thing to do almost anything. But what you actually do is never hidden and is always written. Ponder that fact assiduously.

Eons upon eons may pass in the evolution of living things, but creation is but a wave of the hand (or scepter), and a very real manifestation. 


The unfathomable efficacy of Energy itself include expressions of Light, Electricity, and Reason. These must inculcate and sublimate the will to reproduce and the will to survive. The galaxy watches as we proceed. A new Time is imminent. Onward. Ever onward.

The desperate efforts to overcome the challenges of Nature and the frailties of humankind are also legendary. Humankind since the creation of the original Adama has always been in a constant flow of movement out of its original state of bondage. Designed to be a combination of semi-docile ignorance and high-functioning beast of burden, the Adama was to work the fields, work the mines, fetch and carry, and otherwise serve the whims and lusts of the Annunaki. They, despite their advanced intellects, were a race that never overcame the lust for war. Interbreeding changed the dynamic in ways they never saw coming. When they realized that a larger than typical comet, a conglomeration of ice, iron and rock, would not miss the earth, the decision was made to end all manner of human genetics. The Annunaki of course escaped the devastation by moving to an outer orbit. They watched 99.9% of humanity drown beneath mountainous waves or die in the starvation aftermath. 

We are the latest iteration of the global interplay of hybrids and humans and ETs among us who came after the Great Deluge. We reflect the “illegal” creation of an advanced group of beings well-known to the galaxy. They take take great interest in seeing if we can ‘TRULY” win our freedom.

The wars for control of this planet and its various bounded territories are legendary. War is awesome; it can force you to pay attention; it can force you to get busy. It can end you. Fighting over hunting rights, humpph. Or honor? Or, at the behest of some self-proclaimed egotist. Or under the spell of a Machiavellian and hidden cabal. War does make for changes, but it never accomplishes anything. The power bases that have arisen are judged in the context of the historical record. But they are also judged in the light of Universal Law. We know now that warfare is insanity unleashed. Yet the primitive well of emotion it is capable to evoke too often has yoked us to a repetitive past. To think or say that war is an inevitability is to court it somewhere down the road. Perhaps those capable to ascend will someday demonstrate the ability and the power to neuter the elements of waging war and eliminate it as a national choice.

Restive Sage


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