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Forum Thread:

All statements or words are my opinion only.

In defense of our Guru commenters , they are doing their best to give their own opinion. I’m personally thankful for their info,  yet sometimes frustrated because it gives me a prospective and I filter those words and comments with my own thoughts .

I do feel many times it is deceiving for currency holders trying to remember to read between the lines remembering complicated global facts with variables they are not saying. Then, blend them with an added conflict of interest if you may have a $ exchange knowing $Millions look to be at your door step,  yet possibly  far away.

“Remember the big picture”  and the story will/should l be prophesized.

My comments below are bullets to remember ?????

  • Taxation:  

If you understand GESARA / NESARA the conversation taxing the currency is against the global planned elimination of debt/taxation .


Should you keep an eye out to plan , yes.

Fed tax 37% – gone , State if applied gone or shrunk. Remember, reinstating Gold backed digital currency is part of GESARA / NESARA  with  an estim, 14% deprecation only on certain items not currency . But, all should be happening at once / a sequence like dominos. and you will have plenty of time to confirm taxation if it applies . Exchanging in 2023 will be considered taxed in 2024 .

Folks , I will say it again,  taxing will be going 100% against the goals/ plans of NESARA/GESARA.

  • Consult a tax advisor:

IMO , the vast , vast majority of tax advisors have no clue what is going down . Talk to your fellow currency friends and ask if they have a tax advisor that is dialed in , The average tax advisor will say , Fred tax 37% must plan , State , must plan , estate tax must plan , gift tax must plan etc. NESARA  / G—is planned to trash most if not all the mentioned . Remember 2023 applies to 2024 and CPA’s will lose a ton of income when NESARA is implemented . Advanced tax attorneys the same . I know advanced estate tax attorney firms that will charge $100,000 – $1 million ++ because you have it . Patience – Patience — Current large asset planning as we know it today will be 90% ++ obsolete

Personally, as a past Large Estate Asset  planning life agent years ago , the only real planning is having a Living Trusts for distribution and management for kids , friends . As I stated NESARA will have no Gift , Estate, and transfer tax – all gone. Planning will be simple and CPA’s , big Advance Attorney Firms will be used but 90+ obsolete. The $100,000 of $1,000’s , Million dollar annual fees saying it again — obsoletes ,

  • Does Iraq’s reserves justify a high rate ??

All this take about how Iraq has to have X reserves , X money supply , X inflation , deflatio0n to justify a higher rate can be somewhat important but total bull . It just creates a lot of repeated conversation to confuse all.

Just remember Kuwait has been at approx. at $3.25 for decades and what do they have ? Oil . They are what 9th 10th in the world with little mineral and fertile land to throw in the value pot


Iraq was the same at $3.25 ish for decades and decades as the same Competing Dinar currency . This is huge, they compete with the same Dinar Currency as Kuwait .  Iraq just got slammed when a crazy leader took over and destroyed their global position . Folks , Iraq is the #2 or #3 oil reserves in the world , not 10th ae Kuwait . Iraq has one of the larges mineral reserves in the world adding in one of the most fertile land masses in the world .

Bottom line Iraq is best guess , 10 times more valuable than Kuwait at $3.25ish — not Iraq with .0007 currency . .

Don’t get all caught up in daily repetitive chatter about has to be this or that . Iraq has ATM ‘s 1st time in history , Cleaned up banks , Asset/ Gold backed ready to go , connected to the Quantum and a dozen more credible 1st time in their history items.  H—they are announcing the new value on their TV;s , radios , media etc .

This is a global event and Iraq is the #1 catalyst country to start the GCR – Global Currency Reset.  . They set an Iraq Dinar value long ago,  they are just fine tuning. One can also say , just finishing up details not only with Iraq but the Globe .  

Iraq is posturing / will be the financial hub of the middle east – That alone is huge – remember .0007ish ?? Not a chance in H— will it stay at .0007ish . I’m not even getting into Iraq can’t globally trade with .0007ish

  • Quantum is ready &  Funded ?  

The comments lately stated the Quantum is now ready – is now Funded.

The Quantum has been ready and tested for so many months . What is being said is they are now ready and funded . What is funded ? The Quantum is the mother Hubbard that will have the digital block of  Qua”d”rillion/ Quin”t”illion, sextillion digital gold Mineral backed dollars ??? currency what ever label we want to say. . I had to look at the internet to understand Sextillion LOL . Yes hard to believe but those names are real and are applied .

What really Funded means?  I have figured out as stated, the Quantum is the funded Mother Hubbard and or for the 1st time if true,  Paymasters have been funded. IMO , The Quantum will be the mega bank we will get cards to use with a representative ,  but not as a general bank  – you will transfer X amount of $ to your bank for general stuff – food car , house etc .  Paymasters are for the larger big box currency holders that will help people in much larger areas of need.  

Conclusion ,

Read the words said carefully — Funded . Read between the line . For the 1st time , I have heard from a contact , he has friends that have completed their transaction and see $$ in their account – release time is expected on X date if true .


The key to the last statement is incredible — if true .

  • Quantum has been funded –  huge if true ?
  • Paymasters have been funded – huge if true ?
  • Money seen in “their” account, and they are going bonkers, that means the process has started , when ? I say jus very close – huge if true ?

The moral of the whole story ,

  • Taxation – should be a thing of the past and gone.
  • Iraq’s new rate – It has to change and not 1-3 years from now – this is global leader “that is the trigger” of the largest financial change on earth
  • Funded – is a process and part of the GCR Global Currency Reset and it is incredible complicated coordinating 209 countries , making sue all their archaic computers work , banks (eliminating the bad ones Globally ) , all must be Gold/Mineral backed , must be linked and tested with the Quantum , eliminating most (goal is all) of the bad guys , banks in 209 countries and god only knows , another 1,000 , 10,000 more complex elements to change the Globe never seen  since Adam and Eve .   

Are Guru comments real ? —- to be continued?

Chow – Remember , When Blessed – help Family , Friends, and Humanity

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