“To Bruce and Other Truthers” by MW – 3.2.23


Entry Submitted by MW at 6:37 PM ET on March 2, 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel I must bring a different perspective to all the GCR is next week info. I have been doing this for about 20 years. I bought Dinar that long ago.  At that time, and every week since, the RV was going to happen “next week”.  52 weeks in a year times 20 years, that is over 1000 lies by the “insider contacts” of the truthers.  Wow! 

I watched Riccardo Bosi on a show with Janine of “Tarot with Janine”.  If you don’t know, Riccardo Bosi founded an organization in Australia, that focuses on right and wrong, not traditional politics.  He is a dynamic leader and is highly connected to the Alliance.  I find him to be down to earth and very smart.  He said, just a few days ago, that the Alliance is a small gorilla group who have been fighting on two fronts, the underground war and on the surface, they have been chipping away at the top leaders of the dark-side.  He said they have been putting out the message that “We have won!” based on the “claim it as if it has already happened” manifestation technique and to poke at the dark-side.  I believe he said that the Alliance was doing really well but there is quite a ways to go.

Let’s look at some figures.  I don’t know who published it but there was a graph showing the numbers of “people” on the dark-side.  Remember, in the Bible it says that a third of all the angels in heaven fell to earth with Lucifer and Satan.  That is many millions!  So…There are 1/100 of 1% of the population or 800,000 people, who are the Super Elite on the dark-side.  Elite number 1/10 of 1% or 8 million.  Totally compromised top employees (congressmen, senior VP of global corporations, etc…Fallen Angels perhaps), number 1% or 80 million.  Do we really think that the Alliance has arrested 800,000 people, all the super elite?  How many of the elite have been arrested and taken off the board?  8 million people is a huge number of people to process, even through the military justice system (which is much faster than the corrupted dark-side court system).  If those figures are anywhere close to true, this war may go on for a few years more.

Obviously the point is, if the highest power players are not out of the way, how are we going to release large sums of money to innocent humanitarians?  I mean, how easy would it be for the bad guys to think and do the following?  “Hmmm…I can’t hack the QFS but helping the people is ruining our maniacal plans.  Oh, I know, let’s just hunt the humanitarians down and kill them.  Easy solution, we have been tracking everyone via every electronic means for years, we will just send out teams of CIA contractors and do them in.”

My purpose here is not to be negative.  My purpose here is to give you all a new and I think better perspective.  Instead of anxiously awaiting “next week” which never seems to occur, watch this war and realize that for Gesara to occur, all wars must be done.  Many more countries need to be gold/asset backed than is currently done.  Many more people must be awakened to the fact that this is a spiritual war (regardless of your religion).  Many more countries need to be members of BRICs than is currently true.  I know, may of you have had their hopes pinned to Iraq’s evolution but obviously that is only one piece of the pie that needs to be completed. 

I don’t know the timing of anything but I can observe the various developments around the world.  Good things are happening and horrible things continue to happen.


My hope in bringing this perspective to you, is to save you from becoming bitter or losing hope.  I believe there is an Alliance and I believe we will win.  I just think that we are far from unleashing large sums of money to defenseless people (humanitarians) while there are still many cruel “people” at the levers of power.  Go create the best life you can with whatever resources you can muster.  Yes, it is horribly difficult now, for most of us, but isn’t that better than pinning our hopes of being financially saved, only to have those hopes dashed week after week?

I send you Blessings,



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