Dinarland Highlights for March 3, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 3.3.23

Mountain Goat

Resulting from the February 9th meeting in Washington DC, Iraq was given 90 days to monitor for inflation and get the fixed CBI rate of 1320 under control and stable… I talked recently to my CBI contact in Iraq and was told to expect at least one more change in rate from the 1320 to happen between 1000-1150 next in this 90 day period…Of course the CBI could get the dinar rate under control much sooner than later and so there is nothing hard and fast that they must wait the full 90 days…  …they will crash the dinar if they don’t issue…newer lower notes sometime in the process. I believe this 90 period has been given to as a window to complete the process of stabilization to the 1:1.



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It makes a tremendous amount of sense for them to start at a $1.50 rate or so and let the rate float until they meet a certain criteria and they float up to the target rate. It would not shock the system as much…this makes tremendous sense.

There are a lot of folks  from all sides all around the world…that are watching for the dinar revaluation…that are speculating on the rate…and that is based on the Brent crude price… I believe they need a rate that is more than the US dollar…. There has been a lot of historical correlation on the dinar rate…based on the price of a barrel of oil. It runs about 10% over a barrel of Brent crude. If this is true and say a barrel of oil is worth $90 bucks (EXAMPLE)…Then you can make the argument of a rate of $9. There has been a lot of speculation on this from the financial world. To me this would be amazing…but it’s just speculation for now.

…There is a lot of big money coming to Iraq in investments…this would not be happening in a country that’s not going to have a real international currency.  Here we have it in the actual Iraqi press…”150 new projects in Baghdad”  This clearly shows us Iraq is moving forward.

Many…sent me links of Iraqis singing…a little advertisement from the CBI…I postulize that the Iraqi people know what is coming…they are continuing the education on the lower denominations…interesting note values like a $1 dinar note or a $2 dinar note…And a $5 and a $10…these are really small paper denominations…you do not need these unless their currency is about to have a much higher value.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: So much is going on now with the banking and a lot of internal audits in this new banking platform.  It’s screaming a new rate is coming. Why do all this for a continued 1310 program rate?

FRANK: Yes…a new rate is coming…1310 may show up on your budget but it will quickly move as it starts to float.  The currency is de-pegging as it floats.  Once it reaches 1 to 1 it will pair in a basket with many currencies.

The goal is to destroy the American dollar…It is being taken in the back alley never to see the sunlight again inside of Iraq…The Iraqi dinar will become powerful in the country of Iraq.  If the Iraqi dinar becomes powerful…then everybody will want the Iraqi dinar.  Therefore the value of the Iraqi dinar will explode.  This is a very brilliant plan of the Stage 2 of the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar…Everything in Iraq is now done in dinars only…Don’t worry about a date.  Don’t worry about a rate.  Make sure you understand the dollar is being removed from Iraq

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Name protected: I bank at Bank of America in Spokane Washington.  The bank knows about the dinar and they say when it shows on the Bank of America foreign currency website there will be no exchange fees or premiums as long as the person exchanging has an open checking account with them and deposits the exchange.  They suggested I call first…


Samson (KTFA)

Article 1:
Next week is the earliest date for the public budget to reach parliament

Article 2:
Minister of Reconstruction: The budget will be passed next week in the Council of Ministers



Sandy Ingram

The Iraqi prime minister announced Iraq will be self-sufficient in gas within three years.


Henig (KTFA)

Nechirvan Barzani: Iraq is going through a new phase and the world is seen as living a state of political and economic renaissance


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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The 3-zero notes are now going to be removed out of circulation.  They have been very successful and they have been doing this for quite some time to remove 3-zeros from the marketplace but they now have a mechanism that they will be using to remove even more at a faster and quicker pace…the goal has been met to remove most of the 3-zeros circulation but it will continue to take the 3-zeros out until they are all gone.

The monetary reform process is actually happening right now…the citizens, the economic reform investors and you and I all know what’s going on.  It’s not complicated anymore. The IQD is set and it’s poised to de-peg and float and pair in a basket.




Remember…for several months Iraq was taking $1 to $1.5 in buying the currency off the open market.  The big question is what did they do what that currency?  Did they destroy it?  If they did that means there’s less currency out there in circulation….


Bruce (The Big Call)

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…overall, where we are now…adding up to some information that we did hear…was that looks like they’re prepared to finally go early next week…Monday, Tuesday…That’s what it looks like right now.  Now here’s the one caveat. The caveat is we could get a surprise. We could get a surprise soon.



Isn’t it amazing how much Iraq has accomplished since they formed the government back in October of last year and achieved political stability.  They’ve definitely have dived into their economics getting everything prepared for their economics to go and become and move their country to the international level…

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