“Intentional” by Logan B – 3.5.23


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 3:42 PM ET on March 5, 2023

Many of the Light are not going to like what I have to say but it needs to be said. 

I have been following the progress of this transition to ascension since I first heard that ascension was going to happen on December 21st, 2012. We were told then for years that on the 22nd we were going to wake up with new bodies in crystal Cities of Light to a completely transformed world. Billions of Angels and Galactics would be with each and everyone of us to help with our new found powers and abilities. 

About a month before the 21st we were told that ascension wasn’t going to happen. Everyone that I was conversing with turned their backs on the Light and never spoke of the ascension again. Even though I was as upset about this as everyone else I half heartedly stuck with this just out of curiosity of “Okay, now what”. There wasn’t much to follow so I put it in the back of my mind and carried on with the unawake trying to seem interested in politics, sports and the latest movies so I could fit in somewhat with my coworkers and neighbors. In 2015 I was led towards this RV thing and I once again found myself in the company of like minded individuals with the hope of something better. I got a renewed yearning to learn as much about the dark and the Light as I could find. 

It wasn’t until this last year that we learned that December 21st was a timeline split for us to decide if humanity was going to freewill choose the dark timeline or Light. We were all led to believe that before 2012 the choice was already made. We were being told that those that choose the Light will eventually stay on this planet to ascend to Heaven on earth and the others will be moved to another earth with another timeline split so on and so on until the dark no longer exists but now it seems that plan has been changed to eradicate the dark completely from this universe because the dark do not agree with that plan and continue to seek domination of this world, all worlds and the extinguishing of God’s Diamond Light. 

After following this Light vs dark battle for years the situation this world finds itself in was not because there was surprise invasions from fallen angels, annunaki, orion group, archons, naa ai, etc while the Light were asleep and not aware of what was going on. It was all premeditated and carried out step by step in accordance with a Divine experiment hashed out between God and satan. All these thousands of toplet bombs that Cobra talks about installed by the chimera throughout the solar system and within thousands of miles of underground tunnels and cities were not placed overnight but has been a continuous project for thousands of years. The naa ai was deliberately placed by the orion group black sun worshippers to control this 3D hologram while the Light were told not to interfere. When Lucifer learned He was duped to carry out the atrocities He did to humanity He was so upset He left this universe. When He was asked to return to help with ending this experiment He refused. 

The said 144,000 pyramids around the world were all turned off. All the huge crystals turned off. All the ley lines converted to flow with low frequency energy to accommodate our loosh and power centers littered with satan’s churches. The fact that satan worship and everything that humanity is currently plagued with because of it and I mean everything not just on earth but other human populations throughout the galaxy by secret space forces was not only allowed but deliberately setup. Everything was allowed unless something they did led to our extinction but that’s not true because humanity has been on brink and reseeded 4 times. This upcoming ascension is said to be the fifth and final race.

For years there have been reports of a small group traveling around on planes, trains and automobiles reLighting these thousands of corrupted crystals, gates, power centers etc one at a time. Cobra has spent years disabling thousands of toplet bombs one at a time and hundreds are still left. A group called Gallacom was not impressed with this painstakingly slow approach and determined there wasn’t time left to continue that way. They have recently begun pumping high frequency energies into the South Pole, flushing, transmuting, and collecting all the low frequency crap that comes out of the North Pole. This is re-energizing everything the dark corrupted in every nook and cranny within the earth and on the surface. We will see the benefits of this work quite quickly. All of these things could have been nipped in the bud before they started by a more powerful Light force but that is not what happened. 


We are told that when ascension happens we will remember all of our past lives and no doubt we are going to remember all the times we were completely involved with the dark and did unspeakable things ourselves. Who wants that. We want, rather we need to be reborn with complete amnesia so that everything from the past is forgotten and we are never subjected to the dark ever again. How could the unawakened or the dark be upset about losing something they don’t remember they had? 


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