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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-7-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, March 7TH and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for listening, wherever you’re tuning in from, whether you’re live or on the replay.

We’re glad to have you, especially if you’re one of many, many countries that are getting us broadcasts in your own language simultaneously translated into your language. So we hope that might be the case tonight. Let’s hope it is, I know usually is on Thursdays. And sometimes it is on Tuesdays, but we’ll see. So thanks, everybody for being here tonight.

Okay, sounds good. Thank you, Bob. All right now you guys have heard me say that Intel kind of comes and goes, it flows. Some days it just we get a ton of information. The next day it’s quiet – today was one of the quiet days.

We got a little information a couple days ago. You know, from the weekend you don’t believe some of the biggest Intel days are Saturday.  They really are – a lot of information can come in on a Saturday.

All that’s fine. Here’s where everything appears to be. Over the weekend, we found out that we had so called green light turned on by military to begin exchanges for 4A and 4B – we also had the green light turned on by the Treasury to begin these exchanges.

We heard that the bondholders in tier 3 would actually get their notifications after we were notified which was a change – which was a flip over what we originally had most recently – now with two three lights and things moving forward seemingly and yes things are moving forward because we did see where another tranche of funds was released today with at least 15 zeros after – which that doesn’t impress me too much because 15 zeros after a one, for example would be one quadrillion.


Well, that’s chump change in terms of big picture in terms of everything so I don’t know where the tranche came from or to whom it was going. We don’t know that yet. We just found out about this today, so it’s not as relevant to us as we’d like it to be.

But we do feel that we are very close to the end of our ride. We know of, for example, we know the tier three bondholders and large currency players that are in Miami ready to set up new accounts and get access to funds that are sort of part of – well they would be part of tier three, or possibly between three and four. Like 4B

Now they’re VIPs and that’s a little different sometimes. But with that happening and happening tomorrow, I just feel that that portends well for us – that we should be getting clearance to land this baby, any day. We know NESARA and GESARA are supposed to be brought out to us this week.  And we know who’s involved in that.

And we also we just you know guys, it’s quiet and it’s quiet for a reason. When you can’t get information from banks sources or other sources that we have – And when everything’s so quiet, we barely can get one or two people to send an email or text. It’s tough. It’s quiet and tonight’s one of those days.

Now I was actually expecting to be called on this call tonight and still could be but with some additional information. But at this point, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. It could but it might not tonight.

So this is the thing. You guys know that I’ve always had something to say about the fact that tomorrow is the date which is a Wednesday. It’s a major number (8) for China for the elders, the Chinese elders – and it could be that something happens for us tomorrow. I don’t know if we would exchange or not. I don’t know if we’d get notified or not – but it seems like we’re at the point where from what I’m hearing there’s nothing else really that needs to happen.

If there is we don’t know what it is. We put that way usually, you know it’s we’ve got to take these number of arrests. We’ve got to do this with the nations that are not quite ready. Bla bla bla and we haven’t heard any of that recently – we haven’t heard that in a while. So there may be like I said some things out there that we don’t have right now. We’re expecting things to start happening for us.


We really are the bondholders as a group in tier 3 have not yet received their notification to get access to their funds. Most of them can see the funds in their account in sort of a pending status. But beyond that, they don’t have access to funds. So I’m gonna say that we’re both tier 4A and 4B and tier 3 should be started getting access within 12 hours of each other.

And we may actually go get our notifications before they get their notifications that they have liquidity Or at least that’s the latest or the we’ve heard. it doesn’t do us any good unless somebody gets notified, whether it’s bondholders in tier three, or whether it’s us in tier four or whether it’s tier 4A getting started out west out of Reno. All of that in what I’ve understood what I heard is moving in that direction – moving forward.

So tonight, I don’t have an actual window for you. I don’t have an actual timeframe. but we know that this is very close, and we just have to wait it out. That’s what we’re gonna have to do is really work our patience to the max and let this come to us let it happen. So that’s all of the information

All right, so really, guys. We have to hang in between now and Thursday. Simple as that. Could we get something tomorrow? Yes, I think we could. But I can’t tell you what to do. I hope our numbers don’t don’t have that indicated to me. Absolutely. any stretch of imagination.

That should happen. But let’s take a look. See where this goes. In the meantime, a really good night tonight.

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