“Questions to be Answered, Part 2” by Danlboon – 3.10.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:50 AM ET on March 10, 2023

Here are some more questions you may be asking that we should know answers to real soon, yet I hope I get the answers near correct the way they will be coming out.

“On Wed. 8 March in Dubai President Trump and Dr. Charlie Ward Announced Implementation of NESARA/GESARA.”

Will everyone know when NESARA is announced when it happens? Apparently Not, as it happened two days ago on the other side of the world and nothing about it anywhere as it has not been broadcast at all. Time: 18:00 GST in Dubai, UAE is 6:00 PST in California. That changed my previous answer I was to give.

So when will actions be taken as for the public to know if NESARA/GESARA is true or not? Still unknown, but the longer it takes to reveal it then it becomes a bigger lie on Trump if he actually made the announcement.

Will the Emergency Broadcast System be put out only on TV and radio? When the EBS does come out, for about 72 hours/3 days, all media will be a controlled block so you can only see this and it will get onto the internet by many sources, so those that do not have TV or do not listen to radio will not be left out, and it will not be pay per view, yet then again there are seniors that don’t have internet either, but they should be informed as well.

It will be better showing everything in video and audio format, but the newspapers should be required to put out the basics, the truth. There might be a short phone message that comes out too for you to know where to look. It should not be where the EBS is the only thing working on your cell phones to make sure you get the message but cannot communicate.

Will sporting events like basketball and hockey going on now be interrupted or postponed? The games should continue at the arenas, but they will not be broadcast live.


Will work like usual for many be halted or postponed? Not unless you are in the broadcasting field or in government where your job involved treason or other high crimes or supporting them.

Will we be informed and recognized as being Sovereign when we are now considered US Citizens? I’m sure there should be some type of announcement on the EBS and the police and border patrol agents will not be mandating you to be US Citizens anymore or they will arrest you, but you may just claim to be a Sovereign American from now on and it will be OK. But then again this will not be a stop and ID Republic thus law enforcement will have to be better trained.

Will our present passports be kept the same or will we need new ones ASAP stating we are Sovereign People of the USA? It should be changed in due time, but the present ones will due till things are set up to have the new ones put out for each of us.

How can we access our QFS Account and how will it work? You will need proof of who you are, like your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth and your DMV license or photo ID, and with that your BC or CoLB will have a number on it for the QFS Account to match, so once the bank or credit union approves you then you and only you will know how much you have in it and only you can make deposits or withdrawals or some business with your approval for direct deposit.

A notice should come out of how to access the County Records of where you were born in order to retain access to your QFS Account and the County Records employees should not deny you of receiving your BC or CoLB.

Will those that were stranded at birth and/or adopted find out where they were born to have access to their QFS Account? Some type of notice should be put out to find their BC or CoLB and not just let them be denied as the Account does exist.

Will we be denied to purchase any items as our present credit is no good if we use our QFS Account? As long as you did not waste the present millions in it already you can purchase up to the amount that you have in it then. So don’t squander it all away just because you became a millionaire.


If we wanted to start a business or need the funds now for our present business that were much more than in our QFS Account will we be able to receive a loan? Most likely yes, as it should not be based that only the rich can start the big businesses as they are doing already, and guarantee of the payoff to the loan will be a portion of your NESARA monthly payments for up to the $13,200,000 in 11 years. And if you haven’t shown a good enough profit in half that time to continue then you better work things out fast.

Is the QFS Account an individual account or a joint account for both partners to have access to it? It was set up for you at birth thus it is an individual account and no partner at this time will have immediate access, yet it is in your best interest if any future problems come up in your relationship that you do keep it as an individual account. Also it is like another bank account if needed.

Will our QFS Account be available to family if we pass on? Most likely not, as they will have their own so they do not need to profit even more, but the assets you have purchased with those funds can be passed on and not seized by the government or bankers. There might be some cases where accidents or crimes occurred where the parents passed away and the older children need some funds without being adopted, so they will need to be worked out.

Will our ancestor’s QFS Account be accessible to their heirs? Absolutely not, as people will be going to court to fight over all of it and you will have siblings and cousins you never knew of showing up at your door wanting a piece of the pie.

Will the NESARA $100,000 monthly payments continue if we pass on? Absolutely not, as it is like SSI and SSDI that they are to stop once the person passes away.

Will people be able to adopt children just to receive access to the child’s QFS Account or NESARA payments? Absolutely not, as it is the child’s personal QFS Account and they need to be 21 years old before they would be able to receive the NESARA monthly payments. And no dirty judge can rule otherwise.

Will the SSI or SSDI payments be placed into the people’s QFS Account when NESARA is announced automatically when their time comes as it would no longer need to be going to the people’s present bank or credit union account? No, everything should not go to the QFS Account to then make it easier to shut down the other financial institutions while at the same time the people still do not have access to their QFS Account. The same goes for the NESARA payments.

Will our present bank or credit union account funds automatically be transferred to our QFS Account when NESARA is announced? Only if your bank or credit union was shut down as your funds are still safe.

The future payments will only transfer once each people has access to their QFS Account and is verified and no sooner. If it did transfer then it would be easy to just halt funds from the people.

By the way, turn your clocks forward Saturday night from 2 AM to 3 AM for Daylight Savings Time.




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