The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from DJ 3-13-23


” The Office of Poofness “


How hard is it to change? On an individual level, that question is a Pandora’s box of ideologies and psychological issues one could discuss endlessly. But when we talk about business or governmental changes it always comes down to greed and power, the components of both can be easily identified. Greed is obvious, it’s always about the money. Power is always about control. Those in charge of either don’t want to lose the money or the control.

This came up in a conversation I was having about proven new technologies, across many fields, that would vastly improve the human condition and yet are not deployed. Below are some examples that I have been personally involved with.

25 years ago I was presented with an in-line fuel filter that could be applied to any combustible engine, that could remove the carbon from the emissions, take 70% octane and make it burn at a 100% level, drastically increase mileage and was very inexpensive to produce and install. Hooked them up to fire trucks, police cars, and 23 three used cars and every time it worked as advertised. And that was 25 years ago!

I have seen a project, including the actual science behind it, that was a way to treat coal where the coal would burn carbon free.

A microbial antibacterial that kills virtually every known pathogen with quick kill times and residual killing (meaning it keeps killing pathogens up to three months once applied). Proven with hundreds of independent lab studies and actual applications in hospital settings. This product can stop infections in a profound way and literally save lives. I put this in front of , not exaggerating, dozens of hospital CEO’s and hospital chains. They all said “ yeah we agree this works, but it’s too expensive, we’ll stay with bleach, it’s cheaper.

A load suppressor for electric motors that can be applied to any house or manufacturing situation that could cut electric bills virtually in half . Installed them on houses, a small manufacturing building and two large irrigation pumps. Worked every time as advertised.


This is just a small sample of what I’m aware of. I’m just one guy. There are thousands of new tech and social reforms out there that could affect the human condition in a major way. Yet because of greed and the need to control they are suppressed. So the question has to be asked, how do we effect real change?

The GCR/RV will generate vast sums of money that, if applied correctly, can fund these new innovations. But if the bad players get their hands on it things will continue in the same manner they always have. It will take a change of consciousness. An awareness if you will. The GCR is not a financial thing, it is a spiritual thing. And has always been. While it is better to watch the mechanisms needed to logistically launch the GCR not the end sum of those efforts, it is far more important to achieve the spiritual awakening needed to apply those mechanisms to the human condition and affect real change.



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