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Al-Rafidain sets the sale of two thousand dollars to travelers, starting next Sunday

Al-Rafidain Bank announced that the sale of the dollar to travelers will be limited to 2,000 dollars instead of 7,000, as of Sunday, 3/19/2023, at the official price of 1,320 dinars.

And the bank’s media stated in a statement received by {Euphrates News}: “Based on the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq, Al-Rafidain Bank announces that the sale of dollars to travelers will be limited to 2,000 dollars instead of 7,000, as of Sunday, 3/19/2023, at the official price of 1,320 dinars. Cash dollar 2000 dollars. 

And the bank confirms that “the deposit of the Iraqi dinar for travelers will be through the designated branches and according to the instructions announced earlier.”  link

Al-Sudani: The outstanding problems with the region must be left and we succeeded in making the budget for three years

{Politician: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani stressed the departure of the “stuck problems” between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.

Al-Sudani said in his speech during the opening of the 7th Sulaymaniyah Forum today: “The holding of such conferences in the presence of such a large gathering of researchers and those interested in Iraqi affairs is evidence of freedom of expression and the practice of democratic life in Iraq today.”


He added, “We pledged in our government program to provide services to our people and build a strong and cohesive economy and we were able to achieve large percentages of the ministerial program,” noting that “the agreement on the draft budget law represents a bold step, avoiding previous failures, and expressing clarity in the vision set for our stated goals in serving the citizen.”

Al-Sudani pointed out that “the budget is an important key to open the doors of solution to several problems, achieve priorities to address unemployment, combat poverty and corruption, and initiate economic reform,” noting that “financial and political stability paves the way for optimal investment of our country’s first wealth, legislate the oil and gas law, and understanding with the Kurdistan region of Iraq in this regard.”

He called for “departure of the term {stuck problems}, and replace it with terms of sustainable projects, and common economic opportunities, for the sustainable and equitable well-being of all Iraqis.”

“The painful memory of the heinous crime committed by the dictatorial regime against our Kurdish people in the city of Halabja is a sad occasion, and we voted in the cabinet two days ago on the project to turn it into a province, which is the least we can offer in exchange for their great sacrifices,” he promised.

The Prime Minister pointed out that his meetings in Erbil yesterday “were fruitful, and I met a group of party heads and representatives of the components, and we had an interview without restrictions, because we are – in word and deed – the sons of one homeland, and one fate.”

“He praised the efforts made to reconcile the Kurdish political leaders to unite the ranks, and we are supportive of these efforts.”

Al-Sudani said: “The distorted lightnings of the unity of Iraq, which believes that the strength of part of its parts is to weaken the federal government or by weakening other components in the country, were an entry point for the terrorist organization ISIS to attack the heart of the state, threatening all components without exception.”


He looked forward to “deep and sustainable economic partnerships, bringing us together with brotherly and friendly peoples, and sharing security with them, with effective and fruitful economic cooperation, can only establish sustainable security.”

He stressed, “We will never accept that the land of Iraq is a starting point to threaten the security of the neighborhood, and our constitution obliges us not to interfere in the affairs of others, just as we do not accept to affect the dignity of our land and sovereignty from the neighborhood or without it.”

He pointed out that his government “at the early part attached special importance to strengthening the border guard forces, and increased efforts to control them and prevent infiltration, and eliminate any force that seeks to destabilize, whether in the Kurdistan region or anywhere else in the territory of Iraq,” noting that “Iraq’s history, geographical location, capabilities, economic capabilities and human resources qualify it to play a pivotal role in the Middle East and the world to become a regional anchor.”

“This week was full of successes and highlighting a humanitarian issue linking Iraq to its regional and international environment through our holding the climate conference in Basra,” he continued.

Al-Sudani said: “We have seeked within our government program to give priority to addressing the effects of climate change through a number of projects that contribute to reducing emissions, including the establishment of renewable energy plants, rehabilitation of closed sewage sites, projects to combat desertification, metered irrigation technologies for water, and heavy water treatments.”

“We recently signed contracts for the fifth licensing round to invest and stop burning associated gas, to reduce carbon emissions by large proportions, and we will proceed to develop projects that turn associated gas into a source of electric power,” he added.

He pointed out that “it launched a major initiative to plant 5 million trees and palm trees throughout the governorates of Iraq, accompanied by the launch of a national guide to urban afforestation for the first time in Iraq.”

Al-Sudani concluded his speech by saying: “The world can learn many lessons from the battle of the Iraqi people, of all their races and religions, in their war against terrorism.”

Iraq announces 7 investment opportunities in the oil refining sector and refining industries

The Ministry of Oil announced, on Wednesday, 7 investment opportunities in the refining and refining industries sector.


The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil, Hayan Abdul-Ghani, said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency during the event of announcing investment opportunities for refining sector projects and refining industries in Iraq, that “the ministry is keen to increase national production from refining capacities and cover the local need for oil products, and transform Then to export the surplus to foreign markets, and gradually Iraq turns from an importing country to a source of oil products.

He pointed out that “the announcement of investment opportunities represents a shift in the strategy of the government and the ministry towards encouraging foreign investments in the crude oil refining and refining sector, and opening new horizons for international companies and local private sector companies specialized in this field.”

The Minister of Oil added, “The Ministry of Oil, in cooperation with the National Investment Commission, has prepared a promising program to announce a group of investment opportunities in the refining industries sector.”

And he announced “seven investment opportunities, three of which will open for submission as of today, March 15, 2023, and similarly, three others will be submitted for early next April 2, while we will announce another investment opportunity at a later time.”

And Abdul-Ghani indicated that “the investment opportunities that the Ministry of Oil announces today in cooperation with the National Investment Commission, and the submission of these investment opportunities will be as of today, March 15, 2023, and they are:

1- The Maysan Investment Refinery Project in Maysan Governorate, with a capacity of one hundred and fifty thousand barrels per day.

2- The Qayyarah investment refinery project in Nineveh governorate, with a capacity of seventy thousand barrels per day.

3- The black oil hydrogenation project in Basra Governorate, with a capacity of thirty thousand barrels per day.

As for the other three investment opportunities… namely

1- The Nasiriyah Refinery Investment Project in Dhi Qar Governorate, with a capacity of one hundred and fifty thousand barrels per day.


2- The Al-Kut Refinery Investment Project in Wasit Governorate, with a capacity of 100,000 barrels per day.

3- The Samawah investment refinery project in Al-Muthanna Governorate, with a capacity of seventy thousand barrels per day.

Submissions to purchase information kits for these opportunities will be opened as of April 2, 2023.

– As for the Haditha investment refinery in Anbar Governorate, with a capacity of seventy thousand barrels per day, the date for submission will be determined at a later date.

A chapter on the existence of other investment opportunities, which will be announced at a later time as well.

For his part, the head of the National Investment Commission, Haider Muhammad Makiya, expressed his hope that these investment opportunities would achieve their goals, and said that the commission provides full support to the investing parties in cooperation with the Ministry of Oil.

He added that investing in the refining industries sector contributes to supporting the national economy and sustainable development, and that it is an important step by the government and the ministry to advance these vital sectors.

While the Undersecretary for Liquidation Affairs, Hamed Younes, said that announcing investment opportunities contributes to increasing the refining capacity of Iraq, improving the specifications of oil products, and achieving the goals and plans of the ministry in covering the local need and shifting towards export. Yunus noted the importance of announcing these opportunities in advancing the reality of the oil industry, and its great effects on the economic and developmental reality.

In turn, the spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, said that the nomination of these investment opportunities came based on a realistic study by the concerned authorities in the ministry, due to the actual and urgent need of the concerned governorates, and also to achieve the ministry’s goals in increasing national production of refining capacities and improving their quality according to approved international standards. And by adopting environmental and health standards.

And he added that this package of important projects in the refining industries sector represents a promising step to achieve the goals of sustainable development, by advancing the economic reality of the governorates, working to increase their financial revenues, and providing job opportunities for their people and other service sectors. 


Jihad referred to the Ministry’s call for international and local investment companies who find themselves capable and competent to quickly submit their papers to the Ministry, in accordance with the conditions and instructions of this round of investment opportunities in the refining and refining industries sector, pledging to provide all kinds of support and attribution to the investing parties in order to achieve the goals. common.   link

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