“Help and Advice about Quantum Ledger Firm Scam” by A Good Friend – 3.17.23


Entry Submitted by A Good Friend at 5:01 PM ET on March 17, 2023

I read the article which directed me to the “scam” website

I also registered, but I was a bit suspicious, so I created a new e-mail address and used it to register.

I am a webmaster and have done a bit of app development, although not on a professional level. 

Because of that I’m more aware of the warning signs. I’ll share a few thoughts to see if this helps. 

I don’t speak English well, but maybe I’ll be clear enough.

If you find it worthwhile, post it on Judy’s and your website newsfeed.

I believe website is for data collection purposes. Obviously not for benign purposes …


I imagine many people have registered. 

So now the creator has a big database, which who knows what he will use (…) 

Not much data is requested during the registration process, which is partly good and partly suspicious. 

There is no authentication on the site. No KYC either.

It doesn’t generate any QR or ID codes either, which in theory would be useful for a bank identification.

Does not ask for any official data (passport number, driver’s license number, proof of address, … etc.)

Fortunately, I didn’t have to provide any official documents (This is good! Because it could be easily abused.)


Since I was a bit suspicious, I didn’t register with my usual email address, but created a completely new one. 

Many people – unfortunately – are not careful when registering a new one, and for example enter the password of their email address in the registration form of the website.

In such cases, if the purpose of the website is to harvest data, scammers may try to hack the email addresses used by the registering members by using the password they entered when registering. As many people use one or only a few passwords when registering, careless or lazy users are exposed to e.g. : others taking control of their email inbox. From then on, they can easily access contacts and other accounts there.

The similarities between the website and the website were quite striking to me, but on closer inspection the links on the website sometimes pointed to the trunk page and sometimes to the website. 

Since the two websites are similar at first glance, the deception could be that if the registrant already has a account, they are using its email address or its password. This is a visual trick. It plays on the subconscious. 

I downloaded the app and my security software did not flag anything suspicious, yet I continued browsing from my phone’s browser.

What was very strange was that after a few clicks on the app, data appeared as if I had uploaded the crypto accounts. 

I could not move anything in it, but it asked for a cryptocurrency address in case of a “transfer”. 

If someone entered a wallet address here, it was definitely logged by the app or website. 

It is a known fact that malware (data stealer) can be obtained by browsing or downloading a file that activates itself without our knowledge. 


It hides in the deep folders of your computer or smartphone and activates at a given time or on a signal. 

I created my own account on in the evening, but I couldn’t sleep, I was disturbed by some strange things I was experiencing, so I woke up in the night and deleted the app from my phone. 

My suspicion was confirmed, the next day I got the warning …

What happened, happened. But all is not lost, no need to panic, just follow a few steps: 

This is my advice to those who have registered and/or downloaded the app from

1. Change the password of the email address you entered when you registered immediately!  IMMEDIATELY!!!!

2. Once you have downloaded the application, delete it from your phone or tablet. 

3. If you have tried to move crypto (withdraw) and you have given your ETH or BTC public address, please move the balance from these addresses to another address, do not leave anything on it!

4. Anyone who has done a registration or app download from any device – tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone – I recommend running an antivirus program, rebooting and updating your devices. 

If you think it helps to log in to your account and change your details and think how tricky you’ve been you’re going to be disappointed, because a website/app logs everything! When you sign up, when you change it. You’re just deluding yourself. Because you can see the history. It’s all there. 


Since you had to enter a phone number when registering, you can expect to get unsolicited messages (SMS) to tap on a link, or unsolicited “super” offers.  Be smart and careful, do NOT CLICK on any unsolicited messages!!! 

I am sure that you have not prepared the website with good intentions. 

It would take a skilled webmaster a few hours to create one. 

The only question is when and for what he will use the data obtained. 

There is no going back, what’s done is done. 

All that can be done is to mitigate the likely damage by taking the steps suggested above. 

Obviously this is not 100% protection, but it may help us sleep better.


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