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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-16-23 

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is Thursday, March the 16th and you’re listening to the Big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody, wherever you are around this beautiful blue marble of the globe. Thank you for listening and tuning in. Hopefully you’re hearing us translated in your own language, or you speak English and can understand English, even when you’re golden. Don’t worry, we’ve got you

Now it is time to get into the all-important Intel segment.  Got a few things to share. Let’s start. First of all, we talked a little bit on Tuesday about what was happening in the banking situation with SVB.

And some of the other banks across the country we had as many as 71 banks that had some form of reduction or collapse in this country. And it could be even higher than that internationally. It was 1400 and some odd banks. I was out two days ago.

So there’s still a lot of activity. Now. To be fair, I was looking for the larger markets like the Oh, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average that I was looking for the Dow to take a more of a hit than it did because through today’s close, the Dow is actually up for the week, even though it’s only Thursday. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we had an up move today of some 250 some odd points and that leveled out some of the losses that were taken in this week

So we’re so that’s interesting. And I think part of the reason is because there’s been a bailout of sorts of SVB and some of the other banks, and so on. And what happened was the tier one bank, we have four main ones without using (????) so on there’s one, you know, is that Wells Fargo – Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank. Those four kicked in $5 billion each, for a total of 20 billion to help prop up the stock. And you know, they probably got some pretty good concessions for that with that bank.

 And then we also understand that nine other tier two banks kicked in what would have amounted to another 10 billion, So that would be 30 billion total used between the banks to prop up SVB and maybe Republic bank together so there’s a lot going on there that maybe smoothing things out a little bit, let’s call it that.


Now. More of these so called cabal banks are failing or need to fail and that happening, but overall, you know, our deposits we have currently are mirrored by the quantum financial system. So in other words, our deposits in a sense, our senses are covered by the quantum financial system, not FDIC which you might be going away. In fact, some of the banks already have started removing their FDIC stickers from their windows and from some of those inside areas. So that’s going to be interesting.

So what’s happening globally, is we are looking for a quote unquote meltdown of global banks.

And you know, Credit Suisse took a major hit another drop yesterday and then today, I believe it was which would have been earlier today, our time of course.

The Swiss Reserve Bank kicked in, I think it was $50 billion equivalent $50 billion worth Swiss francs, into the Credit Suisse bank.And so prop it up, but I think it came back up as a result of that. So there’s a lot of that that’s been going on around the globe. So we’ll keep an eye on that. And just just to let you know, just to make you aware of the situation, that’s why I wanted to bring that up.

I believe our deposits are secure, but there does not appear to be a quote unquote, run on the banks. And I think that’s good. I think, I think people that need some cash are getting it without a problem. And, you know, that’s good, too. But I think all of this is just about ready to change for us – for the better anyway, so let’s go with this area, and talk a little bit about that.

We talked a lot of times about the fact that the bond holders or bond sellers should be getting liquidity, pretty close to the time we get our notification, or start our appointments, or exchanges.

And the latest that’s come out today was that – and a lot of good stuff came in yesterday on Wednesday, by the way, but what’s interesting is these bond sellers, many of them have received their quantum account access cards  – or their QFS cards – These are cards that remember are thicker than everyone’s normalcredit card has a three computer chips imbedded in them  – one is for biometric fingerprint loading and the other two are for access to accounts and balance and stuff like that al right, but these cards aren’t used to shop with – they are not for buying -That’s why I call them an access card. They’re designed to be used to access the quantum financial system, the account that we have or will have in the quantum financial system.


And by say access, you’d be able to see your balance and you’ll be able to move funds from the quantum account into your primary or secondary bank accounts – not only Wells but other banks if you choose to use other banks. Okay, and to get that you have an email that gets entered – you enter an email, you have a primary pass code as well And then there’s a security code, which would be related to the Starlink satellite system that appears that there are three codes that need to be entered – two codes plus the email .

There’s a whole thing I’m sure we’ll learn all about how to do it. But what I learned today, which was different for me, I thought these accounts these quantum accounts were primarily only for Zim holders, and super, super whales of currency. That actually is anybody that will do an exchange that results of million dollars or more, that would be in their account goes and has a quantum access card.

In other words, a million dollars or more gets you into the quantum financial system with a quantum access card. Okay, that’s good. All right. Everybody’s protected by it. And what a basic cool is the quantum account – the QFS is the computer system is designed for those of us who are doing these exchanges and doing the zim, and all of that, but it backs us because of the gold backed and asset backed currency that we’re about to step into here. but we haven’t had an asset backed currency for – it’s been over 100 years I think. And you know we had a gold backed currency that we went to the silverback, and then we dropped it all together, believe that was under Nixon.

Believe that was under Nixon way after 1972 So maybe I’ll put my dates there but the point is-  we’re about to embark on a new one I believe I use this term on Tuesday night, the new US Treasury dollar. I’ve called it the USTN – US Treasury note for quite a while but the term Treasury dollar as opposed to a Federal Reserve notes. Here the difference in those two, the Federal Reserve is going away and what remnant  it in the Fed has already been rolled into the US Treasury – And the same thing is true for the IRS, the remnant within IRS is being rolled into the US Treasury.

So where do we go from here?

Bond sellers are going to be received the remaining bond sellers that don’t already have their quantum account access cards or their QFS cards are going to be receiving those by FedEx, Saturday and Sunday – This Saturday and Sunday, but today’s Thursday, that’s two days from now, that remaining a lot of them have their cards already. The ones we talked to already have and the expectation is that all of them will receive those, but they will have access to funds Monday and or Tuesday.

This coming Monday the 20th or Tuesday 21st – And those are supposed to be pretty important dates for us. Now, Jeanne mentioned the 20th which I think we call the spring equinox. Okay, And that is the start of spring on the 20th. It absolutely is an important date for us – that’s Monday this Monday coming – The 20th of March. And I think it’s highly significant that it happens to be the first day of spring – So let’s keep going and see where we end up.

We are also supposed to have — and I think it’s definitely going to happen on Monday.

Remember the ISO 220  2022 legislation that is supposed to be activated or we can use the term enacted  and that did on Monday. There’s one here. Now that has a lot to do with crypto coins. But it also has to do with all nations currencies being asset backed and digitized for the quantum financial system. In other words fully integrated digitally with their new rates –

And with the asset backing whether it’s gold silver, other precious metals, oil,Nat gas, whatever is backing up their currency value, diamonds, in the case of Zimbabwe, Tons of diamonds so does Iraq too, but that is supposed to occur on Monday.


Now what we’re hearing from several of our sources is that we are in tier 4B – the internet group – should receive our notifications –  two our sources are saying before noon, Monday, the 20th.

Noon – by noon – one by 11. the other said before noon, on Monday, the 20th of March. If that happens, there’s a good possibility we could set appointments Monday and possibly go Monday, but certainly go on Tuesday.

So we’re very much parallel to bond sellers getting access to their funds Monday and or Tuesday when we set our appointments Monday or Tuesday –  and for some reason we don’t get notified Monday. And we get notified Tuesday. I’m sure we would probably get notified and set appointments and start exchanges on Tuesday.

 So we’re right there Monday or Tuesday for bond holders  liquidity Monday or Tuesday for tier 4B notifications set of appointments and start of exchanges.

Now that I believe is what’s so significant about the 20th 21st which is Monday, Tuesday of next week. So that’s very encouraging to me. I was thinking whether there was one other piece that was important for us to bring out

I say this much yes. I got it. Thank you. We got some information from  yesterday – And while it is suggesting that the NESARA / GESARA  – we talked about that for quite a while though. The NESARA and GESARA should be let’s call it introduced brought out to us by or before April 1 by or before the first – it could start coming out anytime. I could say it sometime this week or the following week before we jumped into April.

Now I mentioned that we’re supposed to get some good news regarding not having to file tax for 2022. We’ll have to see how that flies –  was actually come out10 days prioe to the 15th –  which is easy math as the fifth was so it is April 1 is supposed to be a major day

We’ll have to see if maybe something   happens in that first few days or the first week of April as far as NESARA and GESARA goes

And as far as additional disclosure we’re just have to keep our eyes open, see if anything gets used if the Emergency Alert System gets activated for any reason, and information that we’ve been expecting on a lot of different fronts, so I believe everything that we have heard about Iraq is finally complete for last couple of weeks. And that’s good. I’m not hearing any more chatter about Iraq has to do this or get this done. We did confirm that Iraq does not have to put out a budget you know before we go – That was rumored a while back – They don’t have to do that get their budget out for 2023 before we start

Rates are going to be terrific.   Don’t be surprised if you’re offered a contract rate on the dinar. Don’t be surprised.


Other than that, guys, I really think that captures everything I wanted to bring out tonight.

But I think we should continue to pray in for this to occur. I can’t think of a better timeframe than the first day of spring for us to get this party started.

Today starts my 19th year off in these currencies directly invested – Today is the beginning when I didn’t think I would ever get here  I really didn’t – but here we are – it’s ok – I’m still with it – I’m looking forward to this very much like all of you are looking forward to getting our projects underway.

So that’s really what I wanted to bring out today. I’m excited about it. I feel like we’re this is as solid as we’ve ever been. in terms of what has to happen. the ISO 220 22 On Monday, first day of spring I also love that. Everything is pointing toward it.

And I just can’t say enough about the fact that we’ve been happy to have large numbers of listeners around the globe 14 -15 plus million. That doesn’t include the conference call audience and the replay numbers and the replay links that are completely separate. And I’m glad that we’ve been able to get the word out to a lot of different people. And they’ll be in many, many different languages. So it’s been really fun talking to be in touch with you by email.

So this is the start of the weekend for us. and we’ll see what happens. Monday and Tuesday. And then everybody Have a great weekend and look, look for your emails. guys.

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