Dinarland Highlights for March 17, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 3.17.23

Mountain Goat


I believe this three year budget is going to be the “rebuilding of war torn” Iraq budget. This is why they will also need a strong international currency.



[via PDK]

It would be poetic for Iraq to go on the 20th “Senate votes to proceed with repeal of authorization for Iraq, Gulf wars” This is the 20 year anniversary on the 20th of March. This is very important.

Member Question: Mark, is there ANYTHING now that could take this RV past the 20th at this point?

MarkZ answer: At this point I don’t know. We are in the short and skinny of this. The mechanisms are in place…. I think this thing is done.

This one is 2 days old…but very important. “Vietnam discusses increasing trade with Iraq”  These are major trading partners ..both are slated to change currency values at the same time. Our own state dept has called on Vietnam to change their exchange rate. This is another one where they are telling us what they are doing…

Member comment: I read yesterday that the Iraqi dinar was once $3.78 to $1 USD- Wikipedia.

MarkZ Answer: That is accurate. It had that value before the US declared war on Iraq. The US petitioned the UN, IMF, World Bank and all the agencies to reduce the value of their currency.  So when they re-instate they put back the value from where it used to be. They artificially reduced it and now they have to correct that reduction

Member Question: Will they drop zeros off the dong?

MarkZ Answer: They will also change the value and have lower denomination bills just like with Iraq’s currency.  From the Vietnamese war they had done the same thing in Vietnam.  Artificially reduced the rate. And they need to restore that value. Vietnam may be the longest devaluation in history…that I can find. … …No one knows the exact timing…we just know we are close


Frank26 (KTFA)

It caused the dollar crisis. Is the government able to end the phenomenon of “dollarization


[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: They just told us on Channel One the other day that the ATM machines will only use dinars for now on.  There will no longer be American dollars found in these machines or any foreign currency. Just dinars from this point onward. According to my bank friend…expect the ATMs to be set up to use lower notes now that it is only dinars.

FRANK: …the new ATM machines have the new software for the new small category notes and because we are very close to having it introduced to you I believe these new ATMs…are already loaded and ready for you

What is Sudani telling the Iraqi citizens for the last 3 weeks?  He says to them, ‘Hold onto your dinars.‘ …Then something else happened.  ‘Hold onto your dinars…because it’s going to have value soon.‘  That was the second part that was added.  Then something else happened…’Hold onto your dinars because it’s going to have value soon and you Iraqi citizens are going to…be able to take your 3-zero notes and exchange them‘.  For what?  The national currency.


Clare (KTFA)

Parliament announces receipt of the draft budget law

Today, Friday, the House of Representatives announced that it had received the draft budget law




“Central Bank Issues Third Package To Facilitate Procedures For Obtaining Dollars”

“…the official exchange rate is 1320 dinars for every US dollar will be calculated through the electronic payment card issued by the license authority.”

The exchange rate is the same in country as it is out of country.  That’s exactly what it’s saying and the rate is 1320 dinars for every dollar.  I keep hearing people going, ‘That’s not the in -county rate and that’s not the out of country rate.’ …it’s the same no matter what

There’s a lot going on in Iraq.  The budgets are being looked at.  We have the agreement between Kurdistan and the federal government of Iraq finally on hydrocarbon laws.  There’s a lot of tentative agreements there, but what we’re looking for is these things to get signed.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Alaq is saying today…the central bank is working with the Iraqi government to make the dinar the main currency in the Iraqi market.  They’re going to have no multi-currency practices anymore.  They’re de-dollarizingwhat are we talking about here?  A major currency in the world. 1310 IQD to $1 is not a major currency.  It’s obvious he’s talking about something…private sector coming in from around the world is not about a currency that has triple zero notes anymore.  We’re talking about major currencies…he’s saying that we’ll represent strength in the currency ‘externally’.  Externally is across the borders…


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

I’m not hearing any more chatter about Iraq has to do this or get this done.  We did confirm that…They don’t have to…get their budget out for 2023 before we start…That was rumored a while back…I feel like…this is as solid as we’ve ever been…in terms of what has to happen…  what we’re hearing from…two our sources…we should…receive our notifications before noon, Monday, the 20th… If that happens, there’s a good possibility we could set appointments Monday and possibly go Monday, but certainly go on Tuesday.  Rates are going to be terrific…we’ll see what happens…



Sandy Ingram

Baghdad, Erbil reach comprehensive agreement

Disputes over the over the sovereignty of the Kurdistan region continue.  The Prime minister of Iraq announced this week that Baghdad and Erbil had reached a comprehensive agreement in regards to oil revenue.

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