“Hallmarks” by Restive Sage – 3.18.23


Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 1:26 PM ET on March 18, 2023

The hallmarks of rising civilizations include the ability to mine and smelt metal and fashion it into tools and implements of both industry and war. The temptation of rising civilizations is to war over the ground that has the metals in it, conquering and colonizing. The hallmarks of advanced civilization include the ability to combine fashioned metal with chemicals and electronics for both industry and war; and….space exploration.

These civilizations use advanced theories of money creation to create debt-slavery for the masses and accelerate the inventive processes. The hallmarks of a civilization grown so powerful as to discovery the relationships between energy and matter, and anti-matter, intense light and intense sound, manipulated harmonics and the ability to manipulate earthquakes and weather…is to flirt with complete global destruction on a biblical scale.

Misplaced goals and regressive leadership lead to atavistic and maniacal delusions of what progress really is. The hallmarks of a civilization that begins to understand its true spiritual heritage and the fulsome nature of the soul is that it progresses its communications with other civilizations that have the ability to be in 3D reality, or 4D reality, or 5D reality at will. There then is gained expanded knowledge that all civilizations at every level are subject to Universal Law. The advanced ability to communicate with other civilizations and their constituents forms a Great Awakening where commitments to Source, Law, Science and Intent form the crucible of your Destiny.

In this crucible, the Duality that exists as a thread through Time is that Free Will becomes the compass by which all civilizations are measured. The neophyte planetary civilization then evolves to understand that it is not alone in the Universe and that it has to bear the ultimate responsibility for its Destiny. The highest result comes when the commitments to Source, Law, Science and Intent form a harmony on the seeded water planet (DNA), and later its related star system.

The more common result, however, is a deficiency of harmony, or even a missing advancement in a given component. There is much hope throughout the galaxy that Gaia will ascend; as well, there is much trepidation and loving concern that the harmonics that are so close to Gaia’s grasp are a fatal ten centimeters too short. The planet has come to the Age-old point of divergence. On the celestial Vista before us, we can see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding hard into the Verdant Plains of Glory. Who will stand to guard the wall that divides Hope and Harmony from destruction?

Who has the strength of Intent necessary to stem the tide. Look in the mirror, old soul, and fulfill your covenant of birth. A womb was prepared for you; a womb was taken; and you came as a child. You grew into adulthood. You found, this time, a planet that had progressed. You found it in Love with Peace; and you found it plagued by War-advanced-by Science. You found a place in dire need, starseed, and you found your role. You saw the power centers formed to great peaks of strength, and you saw them in conflict. The mode of civilization in place is now challenged by Destiny.

And so it becomes painfully evident that we had to choose our leaders carefully, and did not. Dear souls incarnate now, you know that it can be such a wondrous planet (if you will just have it so). If you have learned of the power of your individual Intent, then you will not be seduced by those whose Intent is degraded, atavistic and ultimately fatal. In the thrall of your Intent, you shape and form the future. As ever, we have allies to aid and guide us. We have our teachings, though they are too often ignored. We have leaders available who are far better than the leaders who have somehow found power. We know of the Harmony we seek, we want that Harmony, and we understand the powerful Forces that beckon us to join.


We choose NOT to walk away from Harmony when we are so very close. Forward is the way.

Restive Sage


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