“Questions to be Answered, Part 5” by Danlboon – 3.20.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:55 AM ET on March 20, 2023

People have asked me questions for what was not listed in the past so I will include the basics and I will cover more.

Will there be a bank run when NESARA is announced? Most likely yes, as some will not know what it is, others that follow the government in their evil ways will try to get theirs out first and some skeptics will see what they can retrieve.

Is the banking collapse necessary for NESARA to be implemented? It appears so, as every nook and cranny that the Deep State and government want to hide and make a profit with their money will need to be shut down and not survive again.

Are the banks, credit unions and financial institutions to be Basel 3 compliant to survive into NESARA? Yes, but I think they are even to be Basel 4 compliant which is at least 8% of their deposits are to be in reserve as lawful assets not just derivatives, and I don’t think they are to be foreign either.

Will those that have the millions and billions of FRNs in hand of prior to the collapse will they be able to exchange those with the New USTNs? Not in those amounts like they just took out of the SVB, and if someone were to try and exchange with pallets full of cash they are most likely going to be watched by the US Military as well as the US Treasury as those may not be lawful exchanges.

Will the country collapse when everyone begins to receive their NESARA payments and have access to their QFS account and they stop working? It should not happen that way, I would think there are several billion people that would be willing to work at something, but working as a slave is not it.

On the other hand if most people don’t work then we do collapse, so if people do not want to farm, transport the food, sell the food and anything else that goes along with that then we starve as we are reliant on many others to survive.


Even if there are no people working the financial centers to handle your money and those in government to manage this as working correctly then you cannot even purchase the food with the money you don’t have access to.

Will our retirement fund be lost and will there be an increase like with Social Security when NESARA is announced? Unknown, as it all depends on if that retirement fund or financial institution when bankrupt and if it did then it is lost. It may not have an increase like with Social Security up to the $5,000 as it is an independent retirement account/fund.

Are we allowed to receive any SSI or SSDI if we paid into it at any time as one employer banned us from collecting any as we have an independent retirement fund? You should be allowed, as if at anytime you did pay into Social Security, like for another job, does not give that retirement fund employer the authority to deny you to receive your paid in benefits.

Can an employer have you pay into Social Security and their own independent retirement account/fund and then deny you to receive SSI or SSDI? No, as for what you paid out from your labor and then cannot receive later is then payroll fraud and they must be reported, but I guess some do get away with it. If they combined them then that is something that I have never heard of and it may be illegal if the independent retirement fund did go bankrupt and you have nothing.

Will the 14% sales tax to replace the income tax be federal, state, county and/or city revenue? What we have now is a state sales tax and it should not change as the federal should survive on tariffs. This goes back to the Boston Tea Party based on “No taxation without representation.” As we should not pay taxes in one state to support any other state or the federal government when our state is not a party to an agreement.

Again, what will be taxed under NESARA? All new items, but no; used homes, used vehicles, used boats, food, medical supplies, medical treatment.

When can we see things change when NESARA is announced? Nothing has changed as of yet from the Dubai announcement as it has not been announced in the USA, but when it does you should be seeing things change financially within a day, nothing major will change rapidly as to prices going back to the 1950’s.


If you missed anything go back to my previous postings as I may have covered it in further detail of what you would like to ask.

Now if you want to know about the Constitutional Amendments then go to Operation Disclosure and search for the 14th on 3/13/23 and then in sequence starting with the 1st on a daily basis as I give some explanation to them.



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