Steve Beckow: Post-Reval Role Challenging


Post-Reval Role Challenging

March 22, 2023
by Steve Beckow

Soon enough our role as humanitarian philanthropists will be upon us. My thoughts have been going in that direction a lot lately, as I mentioned earlier.

Since I’ll be the CEO of at least four different organizations, (1) my focus is on performing that task well.  How big will they be? Michael has said:  “This is you becoming the steward of an organization and of an undertaking of massive, massive global impact/import.” (2)

That’s a challenging assignment and just getting my head around it has proven interesting.

One of the promises I’ve made myself is that in any problematic situation as a CEO, I’ll first exhaust what I can realistically do to handle things before asking others to assist me.

Not unrealistically. Not like the pilot who was so preoccupied with changing a signal bulb in his plane that he stalled and crashed it.

And not like someone who likes to do things himself and turns down help.  I will need vast amounts of help.


In the consideration of things that may come up, I’m struck by one tendency I think we have.

Psychotherapist John Enright once said that being wrong is like death to the ego. An overactive concern for being right is called a self-serving bias.

I find it almost irresistible to be self-serving. And very difficult to observe. It’s like a siren song that I fall asleep to again and again and wake up to find I’m being self-serving.

I think it would be unrealistic of me to expect others to see and acknowledge a mistake easily; the self-serving bias would mandate resistance of some sort.

Sooner or later, we’ll have to recognize self-servingness and choose personal responsibility instead.  When it comes, I will welcome it. But I don’t think it’d be wise of me to expect it.

Meanwhile I can fixate on what’s “right” and “good” or I can ask myself: What behavior will be welcome and successful in this interaction? (I’ve already told you the handicap I think I labor under as a hermit thrust into center stage.) (3)

Oliver Goldsmith wrote a play, performed in 1773, called She Stoops to Conquer.  Stooping to conquer is counter-intuitive, which is probably what made his play so interesting. I shall be stooping a lot, I think. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not the most-called-for response. The alternative – being right – simply feeds the ego.


Meanwhile, in our post-Reval companies, the employment contract is different from a family or a friendship contract. People we work with don’t have to be our friends.  If we listened in on lunchroom discussions, a lot of them might be having what I used to call howdidoo conversations – here’s what the boss did and here’s what I said, etc. Telling and retelling our story is how many of us handle our irritation.

We gossip. We strut and posture. We work on our story till we get it just right. Our lives become a collection of stories in which we always figure as the hero.

Somehow I need to face the fact that, if I need to stoop a hundred times to conquer, then that’s what I need to do. People do not have to respect me; it’s something I’ll need to earn and work to keep.

The Mother has said that dictatorship will no longer work. Her plan is love. (4)

Given that I have a temper and have in the past put people into inner conflict and suppression at times, the amount of discipline it’ll take to tame myself – especially given the release that wealth will bring – makes me dizzy to think about.

The Arcturians said:

Arcturians:  You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling. …

Hence any thoughts or feelings that cause inner conflict of any form are best pulled into your conscious mind [i.e., observed] to be displayed as an experience. In fact, in 5D this will occur with your EVERY thought/emotion.

Hence our leaders are having to totally hone this mastery of energy NOW. (5)

That’s quite a tall order. But I no longer moan and groan. I now see how it’ll all get done: Complete the vasanas + Remain self-aware + Mastery of emotions + Send love out to the world + Invite the aid of the Company of Heaven.


So not just awareness, which was the goal of the growth movement, but mastery of our feeling states, which is the Company of Heaven’s goal for us. At least for everyone playing a major role after the Reval and definitely for anyone meeting with our star family. To them anger is a noxious fume.

To summarize, as someone preparing for post-Reval duties, I need to ask myself what I can do to address a problem before I turn to others. I need to demonstrate humility, thoughtfulness, and the other divine qualities because the way I am may be mirrored down through the company with more impact than my words.


(1) You may enjoy seeing the current state of the plan:

  • Michaelangelo & Partners – Headquarters; pipeline for redistribution of sequestered wealth.
  • Golden Age of Gaia – Vision and interpretation of building Nova Earth; welcoming of our star family; preparation for Ascension.
  • Michaelangelo Fund – Four Point Plan; plans, programs, and projects for national populations.
  • The Hub of Ancillary Services – Ancillary services to all member organizations.

Other services: Ascension University, Golden Gaia Library, Golden Age Museum, archive, research group, and publishing house.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017.

(3) See “The Truth is Beyond Comparison,” March 21, 2023, at

(4) Divine Mother: Make no mistake, Sweet One, Love will win because that has been my Plan always. (Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 30, 2019.)

DM: So let me tell you and share with you, and I hope this gives you comfort — the outcome is assured. And it is the return to love. (“The Divine Mother: The Biggest Revelation Yet to Come,” January 28, 2018, at

(5) Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Suzanne Lie, Nov. 8, 2013.



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