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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-21-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the Big Call tonight – It’s Tuesday, March  21st and you’re listening to the Big Call – Happy second day of Spring  and Spring Equinox for everybody today, and we’re excited to get some warmer spring like weather around the country, I hope.  Okay, it’s a great, a great day. All right. Let’s do this. Let’s talk a little bit about where we are Intel wise – today is Tuesday, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

Let’s talk about the ISO 200 2022.  That system of protocols was introduced and activated at 9am – Monday morning, yesterday. I talked about money like it’s a long time ago, yesterday morning  9am

It was to pay 24 hours to fully activate that system and that would be activated theoretically by 9am this morning. We believe it was completely activated, but we haven’t heard an official confirmation of it.

I say why do you think it’s been activated?

Because yesterday afternoon only redemption centers had the rates on the dinar and the Dong on the screens. The tier one banks could not see the rates until about seven or eight o’clock pm last night.

We received the codes that they could put in to access those rates and then they saw them on the screens last night. And that was all banks.


By that I mean all the tier one banks, obviously – Wells – Chase – Citi – Bank of America. And it wouldn’t surprise me if some if the tier two banks also were able to see.

So let’s tie that back in to where those rates were generated. The Central Bank of Iraq CBI as we call it was static Sunday. Saturday, it was static. Sunday. We know that Iraq was to introduce their new rates last Sunday, a couple of days ago. And they did and did you know, they have been exchanging the 20 -Let’s call it the three zero notes. And you know, the three zero notes are not just 25,000 dinar notes or 25k notes as we call them. 10k notes 5k notes M 1k notes.

Those are the four categories of three zero notes because they have three zeros on them and these notes have been exchangeable – At least since Saturday in Iraq, where the Iraqi citizens where they would either take the currency in or deposit it through the ATM, although most were going inside the bank to do it.

But they could also deposit through the ATM and get the amount let’s just say let’s use 10 Let’s say they had a 10,000 dinar a 10k. Note – What’s that rate was? I don’t know. Let’s say it was between six and seven. They would be able to get that amount which in our example, between 60 and 70,000 dinar on their credit debit card. So in other words, it’s attributed to their account, it goes on their card.

All right. Now that’s what they’ve been able to do since Saturday.

And the new rate showed up Sunday and then we’re finding out  yesterday that the rates are going up not only on the dinar, but also on the Dong.

And the word was from one of our bank sources that they anticipated those rates could be double this evening – tonight – what they were yesterday. So the idea of there being brought up and exchanged up to where they want them to be.  Okay. So that’s, that’s coming from our sources. directly in Iraq.


And I think that’s great news and in other words, from our perspective, myself and the sources that we are closest to Iraq is done.

They’re exchanging the new at the new rates that are changing, admittedly, they’re going up, These are in country rates – in – meaning in the country of Iraq.

Those rates are continuing go up, and they’ll probably settle in somewhere in Iraq. But our opportunity as I mentioned to you guys, Last Thursday, is a much greater opportunity – and I told you what it was last Thursday, hopefully you remember.

So that tells us Iraq is done.  There’s nothing else they have to do.  They’re done.

They’ve already started doing their exchanges in country. They’ve already got their international rate where they can trade Iraqi dinar and I think I think it’s a big thing and it’s really happening – so that’s really good. so the ISO 200  2022 When that kicked in, that really brought everything together

Not just for crypto coins or whatever happens in that in that  – in that place –  in that area. So, but it also affects us in banking and the quantum financial system, the Starlink system, everything being completely integrated.

And I believe we’re at that point where everything is integrated. We’ve had a green light from Treasury, we’ve had a green light from military or what we call DoD sometimes.

Now it’s like okay, what’s left?

Are the banks doing anything? To hold us up or are we ready? to go? and where are we on our bond holders. Bond owners were supposed to receive their final emails to give them access to funds. They already have their quantum account cards. Their QFS cards, they’ve got those.

In a lot of cases they can see the balance as pending, quote unquote, in their accounts, but they can’t get access to the funds yet.


So this final email is expected to be received. First it was yesterday at 1:30pm on Monday, then it was Oh, it’ll be Monday after 6pm – Well, guess what? – so far, no emails to the bondholders or bond sellers have come out.

However, we have heard from some sources out west that the bond holders should be receiving those emails tonight to give them access to funds so we shall see what that timing is like and keeping – Keep this in mind. Tier 4B was supposed to go and get notified by email within 12 hours  of the bondholders receiving access to their funds.

Now, if that is still the case, there’s always the if word – if that is the case, and the bondholders get notified by email, either tonight or overnight – there’s a pretty good chance we’ll notifications tomorrow – Even though some of us were looking for them today.

They didn’t happen today. Tomorrow is quite viable. And it might just be It might just be emails tomorrow and set appointments, it might not be that we get to exchange until Thursday

But let me tell you what a very top source in the treasury told us tonight –  said that everything gets released. And I think that means bondholders and us and everything all of the intermediary accounts – the rest of the farm claims – because they just had a little bit of foreign claims. The CMKX settlement -adjudicated settlements, fines and penalties, prosperity packages, everything – our toll free numbers, tier 4A – admirals groups, everything gets released – He said Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Now that’s as close as we can get – believe me – as high up as we can get to what’s happening for us

Remember everything I bring to you is just what I get what I hear – how we filter it somewhat and try to get more confirmations. Sometimes it’s tough because things are quiet. Believe it or not – thing are very quiet. out there.

And it was amazing. Really, that I got the information that I got to bring you especially this last part.

So what that tells me is we are right there – Just about ready – we need these bond holders to get those emails to get access to funds. And then theoretically, within 12 hours of that we should get our notifications and begin setting our appointments.

All right. So that’s really the gist of where tier 4B – the Internet Group – sits right now in anticipation for this to come through for us.


 Alright guys, let’s just that’s what I wanted to share with you tonight.

That’s what I wanted to say. I think we’re in a good place for this to come up resource in the treasury is the highest that you can get. And we thank him so much for that and everything that everybody has offered in the way of information. Thank you for it – thank you all the listeners out there.

And with any success we won’t even have a call unless we decided celebration call on Thursday. but that by that point it might be too late. but we’ll see. See what happens. All right, everybody have a great night. and we’ll get together on Thursday unless we get our numbers as indicated.

And we’ll take a look at it and be patient as we have been – let’s see where this goes over the next couple of days. Alright everybody, let’s pray the call out

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