Dinarland Highlights for March 24, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 3.24.23

Yada (TNT)

…Cant be stressed enough that the budget needs the rate, not the rate needs the budget. The budget is going through the motions and once the rate is released, it will sort itself out.


Mountain Goat


…the key phrase here is “several stages”…This reinstatement could not just pop out one day…But now we are in the stage of progress to get the dinar reinstated and then there are many more stages to work on the Iraqi economy. Folks they are following the plan as outlined in the “White Paper”. There is no secrets to what they are doing.

Is the IQD going to be reinstated on FOREX…?  We now see that they told us recently this is where they are heading very shortly…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: Channel One News just did an interview with the Finance Minister he’s saying soon the dinar will be parallel with other middle eastern currencies in the region.

FRANK: Are you kidding me?  That’s absolutely fantastic!  That’s insane for him to say that.  In other words he’s telling you that when they reach the REER of the float the dinar will be parallel with other middle eastern exchange rates…everyday they are telling you more and more.  It’s getting ridiculous with the excitement of the monetary reform!  You are inches away from receiving your new small category notes and new exchange rate…

FIREFLY: We have heard much from the CBI governor…he’s talking about having consistent pricing inside of Iraq…the only way of doing this is through having a strong currency…he is telling us how we are getting away from a dual currency and only deal in the Iraqi dinar in our nation for now on…the dinar will be strong and the reconstruction revolution is coming…All day the television Channel One has been educating us… FRANK:  Monetary reform education!  That’s what you’re getting buddy.  And it’s going to get louder.

FIREFLY: The rate in the budget is going to exchangeable.  They said it’s going to start off at 1300 to 1 or whatever.  It has room to play and change

FRANK: This is the RV phase…that’s why there are multiple exchangeable rates for your budget but they’re mainly for the float…This is massively huge for you to understand...It is not only exchangeable in the budget it will be exchangeable for you to be able to exchange the 3-zero notes to the new national currency they are bragging about.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

What you and I and everybody else are waiting for is for the private sector.  You’re not going to get into the private sector without having an international acceptable exchange rate.  They didn’t do it at 1360 or 1166, 1192, 1460, 1310.  What are they going to do when they change it to 1132?  Really are they going to an international compliant currency at 1132? …They’re not going to go to the International market and be article VIII compliant at 1132.

The triple zeros on our currency we have today…we believe…that’s gonna change…one of the reason why I believe it’s going to change is because Iraq is openly talking about coins.  They’re talking about smaller denominations.  Those are the types of things that made me go, ‘hmmmm, why did that happen?’




[via PDK]

Member Question: Is this our weekend Mark?

MarkZ Answer: It could well be…IMO its getting exciting. I am hearing amazing things from banking contacts…Those who have been silent until now are suddenly giddy and excited. Redemption centers are geared up for this weekend…they are on a short “on call” status. They have to be able to at work within an hour of being called. Everyone is hoping this is going to be it…we don’t know the exact timing.



What is the real exchange rate? …the official rate is…1300…There’s a discrepancy between the official rate and the market rate.  When you read this article there’s confusion and I can understand why.  Article:  “Ali Al-Alaq for Shafaq news: Wait for a decline at the parallel dollar exchange rate.”  Quote:  “the parallel rate means the exchange are of the dollar in the market and not the official price set at 1132 dinars for every dollar.”

I’ve been out of the loop for 3 days but I went back and I did not see any article that I could find that said the official rate for the Iraqi dinar moved from 1300 dinars to 1132 dinars.  I think this is a typo. I might be wrong…1132…would be phenomenal…If this is truly the new exchange rate, 1132, that’s a huge jump in the value of the Iraqi dinar… The lower this number becomes…the better it is for us who have invested in the Iraqi dinar.


Nader From The Mid East

The smaller notes in the ATM machines…is not true.  The ATMs are not allowed it with the small categories …for sure I know…They can’t put small category in the streets and I know because I asked somebody very close to me to get some money…from the ATMs in Baghdad and there’s still the same categories notes.  This happened yesterday.

Whatever the CBI is gonna do … the CBI make a decision everybody’s gonna have to agree with it because this is a trust team…so whatever the CBI is going to decide everybody else is going to decide it’s going to be happy.  They’re gonna have to sign off on it and that’s it…



Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…here’s one that came  from the Vice President of HSBC  – just last night – he indicated that we would be looking at our exchanges  within the next three days…Thursday, Friday, Saturday. That’s pretty specific. I think we could all live with that…I think we’re supposed to keep an eye according to HSBC…the next…few days, Friday and Saturday…So I’m excited about that…we’ll see what manifests in the next day or so.


Clare (KTFA)

An economic institution indicates a rise in the inflation rate, which is the “highest” in Iraq in years

The Future Iraq Foundation for Economic Studies and Consultations announced, on Friday, that the annual inflation rate for January 2023 has increased, reaching more than 8.2%, which is the highest rise in Iraq in years.

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