Mr.Ed Update: Under the New QFS (Quantum Financial System) we will Return to 1950’s Prices



Under the New QFS (Quantum Financial System) We Will Return To 1950’s Prices

Bob Evans Restaurants used to give out pricing books for various years in the past.

Here are the 1950 rates:

New House $8450…
Average Income $3216…
New Car $1511…
Rent $75…
Tuition at Harvard $600 yr…
Movie Ticket $.65…
Gasoline $.18 gal…
Stamp $.03…


Granulated Sugar $.85 for 10 lbs…
Vitamin D Milk $.85 gal…
Ground Coffee $.70 lb…
Bacon $.50 lb…
Eggs $.24 Dozen…
Fresh Ground Hamburger $.49 lb…
Fresh Baked Bread $.14 loaf…

You will have a QFS account worth $13.2 million.

There is no way that you could spend all of that money in your lifetime.




If you lived for 150 years you would spend $482,400. (if you spent your entire paycheck or if you had a lavish lifestyle)

You might spend 4 times that which is $1,929,600.

It would take you 4042 years to spend all of it.

This is the golden age that is approaching.

This perspective shows you what the Central Bankers pulled off to enrich themselves with the Dollar Bill Babylonian Funny Money Scam.


We will also have Quantum Voting so no more cheating on elections. Ever.




Source: Rumor Mill News

Reader Andy comments & Mr.Ed replies

In Response To: Under the New QFS (Quantum Financial System) We Will Return To 1950’s Prices (Mr.Ed)

Re: Under the New QFS (Quantum Financial Syste….

Lets say we get 13 million and prices go to 1950s.

If every person on the planet has enough money to buy all this stuff who is gonna go to work and make all the stuff we can afford to buy without working.

If everyone is a multi millionaire, who is gonna build the roads, maintain the sewers, keep building new houses, fix electrical crap after a storm.

Who is gonna build all the iphones that the kids just have to have.

Who is gonna squeeze the grapes to make the wine.

Just asking for myself and the rest of humanity.





Reply by Mr.Ed 🙂

The world as we know it…is about to be stood on it’s head.

Nothing will be like it was.

The way it has always been was based on how much money you have or earn.

If your born into wealth or if you have a job that pays a lot more then others…you are considered the winner.

You get to live in a special house in a special neighborhood and drive a fancy car and so forth.

Now…all of that goes out the window.

Everybody is rich beyond your needs.

They always said if you enjoy what your doing…it’s not a job.




So nobody will be doing a job they don’t want to do or like.

There will be robots to do that type of work.

Now you can do anything you want. You can go do the job/career you always dreamed of doing.

Instead of going to work so you can eat and reside under a roof…you can go to school to learn the trade or skills you need to do what you want to do.

If you want to be lazy and not work…so be it.

Go on vacation for the rest of your life if that works for you.

But you will get bored out of your skull so you will want to keep busy doing something you enjoy.

It is not about the money anymore.

You might want to grow organic food.

You might want to give it away to your friends or neighbors.




Maybe you like to grow tomatoes…maybe your neighbor likes to grow corn…then you trade.

There is lots of off world technology that goes beyond what the mind can conceive at this time.

The rules are not the same…they go outside the box we are in.

So you will just have to wait and see about that.

But it is free will. You do anything you want to keep you happy. (so long as you do not harm any person or person’s property)…you will be fine.

‘Do unto others…as you would have them do unto you’.

The golden rule.

The new ‘Space Based’ QPhones are already built sitting in warehouses ready to be sent out to everybody.

They work off the new Starlink Satellite System same as the new Quantum Internet (faster and signal anywhere) as well QTablets for the new internet.

Several countries were involved in Europe to build these phones.




In the future devices like this and other things you wonder about will be simply replicated in whole. No need for humans or robots to make anything in the future. You got to think outside the box. 🙂

Oh…we won’t need roads as the new vehicles levitate and fly without roads or infrastructure. Much more planet friendly with no fuel or pollution. They also are already built and waiting to be delivered. They were/are being built inside the hollow moon which is full of factories. All off world technology about to be given to us…not far away either.

Vehicles…Med Beds…Replicators and much more is being built as we speak there in the moon.

Get ready for March Madness. Disclosure. 🙂

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Source: Rumor Mill News


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