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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-30-23

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is Thursday, March 30TH and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks, everybody for tuning in, literally all over the globe – As we had over 17 million listeners on Tuesday night, God only knows how many people will be listening and tuning in tonight.  So thank you, everybody, wherever you are, if you’re getting this call, translated simultaneously in your own language. Thank you for the people and the software that has put that all together. Thank you for listening in – wherever you are – –

Well, it won’t take too long you guys because Intel is a little bit tight. I’m a little bit restricted on it, but I’ll let you know we had word yesterday from a very strong source that the toll free numbers that we’re looking for could come out anytime after markets close today.

Now that’s Thursday market closed four o’clock Eastern. And when I heard that, I said to myself – hum -it makes a little more sense to me if it were after markets closed Friday, and the reason I say that -meaning tomorrow – is because we have information from another source – That’s very strong – That says that Saturday, yes, April 1st  is the day that all the funds start flowing.

That would be to bondholders – that would be CMKX – to fines and penalties – to adjudicated settlements – to the remainder of the farm claims and Indian claims – to quite possibly prosperity package is starting to officially go out.

Okay, so, if that’s the first if that’s supposed to be the day the money start flowing to us. Does that mean we go in for an exchange on Saturday? And for that to happen, when would we get notified? Could it be tomorrow? Since it wasn’t today yet.

I don’t expect it to be now but it could be overnight. We could get emails that we wake up to – so that’s quite possible.




And the reason I say that – why is this timing? Why now – or the proverbial question that’s band from the Big Call –  call what makes this time different?

How many times have I heard that question? It’s a legitimate question. It really is. Because what makes this time different is that Iraq finally made their way onto the Forex yesterday, Wednesday, the 29th  of March, Wednesday, for the first time in I don’t know how many years – I’m going to say almost 20 years on the Forex -not evident – Not as a an exotic currency but as a real bonafide currency that’s been revalued and has a new value that is probably being traded up as we speak

We know roughly what the in country rate was, you know roughly where it is. I’m not on forex, but so I can’t tell you, but I know our rates will be terrific On our redemption center screens.

And I’ve mentioned that to you alluded to those before on the Big Call. So here’s  where it goes. If Iraq is trading now, we have two confirmations of that. On Forex, internationally. They are a sovereign  nation again – With all the sanctions lifted by us  the War Powers Act removed.

They are free as in free and the Bible says he has been set free, is free indeed, and Iraq is a free and sovereign country and they are doing their thing

Now so what does that mean for us? Do you realize when Iraq printed their so called new Iraqi dinar it was the three zero notes the 25k notes to 10k to 5k or 1k notes, they also had a change and they were five they had a 250 which I have one have a 50 dinar note they had a 25 dinar coin And I believe the other coin was 100 dinar – that all something like that.

I can’t find the two coins. I wonder why. So but all of those three zero notes especially the 1000 to 5000 the 10,000 25,000 all of those currencies were newly printed starting in 2003. What year is it?2023.




That was 20 years ago. I followed it for 20 years now. Since those were printed, I’ve been invested in it for 19 years – on the Big Call for 12 years. So this is new. That’s what makes this different.

I think the Forex is a big deal because we’ve been waiting for that to show up. We’ve been waiting for somebody to give us evidence of that. And now we had it as of yesterday, Wednesday. That’s good news

I don’t think we’re doing anything that’s  holding up Iraq at this point. And they’re not doing anything to hold us up. We’re moving forward – and now we’ve got to see how that manifests.

What does it look like?

Bond holders still do not have access to funds – They are still waiting some of them are waiting for their quantum account cards or let’s just call them Q-cards –  which are those really thick, three chip cards that give them access to the quantum account?

And I’ve heard three different numbers on this – 1 million, 5 million 10 million. The last number was 5 million. If you have an exchange that’s going to yield you $5 million or more. You will get a quantum card, a Qcard which is the card to access your quantum account which is in the Quantum Financial System.

Okay, and that’s what you’ll use to go on and get those get your ID your balance. Remember, you’re the only one see it nobody else unless you want them to can see your quantum account.

Okay, nobody – you can use your card on your laptop- – if its properly coded. To see your balance you can actually do it on your brand spanking new Q phones that you will get at the redemption center. You will not get a laptop at the redemption center. But you will get – if you are a zim holder, you will get a free Qphone – it’s a satellite phone. It works on the Starlink satellite system.

It basically is a phone that can be used anywhere on Earth. Let’s say that way – with a global satellite phone. And it’s way faster on searches internet or whatever. It’s maybe 100 times faster than what we have now. It’s really quick – so that you’ll be given. I don’t know if there’s a monthly service charge for it or what it is or how much it is, but it’s not going to be a big deal to us. of course, if there is one –

Man I can’t wait to get a satphone. That’d be really cool. And one thing that’s cool about his phone is it is designed so that we can use it to go to our quantum account and move funds into our bank account or accounts from the Q phone – You can do it on a laptop at home or whatever but these are designed to be able to use the Q phone to move those funds. Alright. that’s really exciting.




So what’s happened today? What about redemption centers?

I think the staff is going to be on call. Maybe over the next few days. That’s necessary. That’s okay. They may be they’ll get a call to come in. If we get numbers they will get called to come in and help book appointments and what’s cool is that redemption centers everywhere have been receiving these satellite Q phones and they’ve been receiving new USN currency or what we call United States Treasury dollars. in all the denominations that matter. Hundreds 50s 20s 10s fives I don’t think the singles are worth messing with yet.

Okay.  The rest of the denominations of our new currency are  there, they’re there. and they’ve been there and some of them are there some redemption centers are getting more as needed. That’s really cool.

Now it appears that the kickoff day for this could be some where around the weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It could be if we don’t get started on Saturday, for example – It may defer to Monday – but this weekend, especially a day weekend, and I’m including tomorrow as a possibility for us to receive these emails from Wells Fargo giving us the toll free number.

Okay, but money is really supposed to really be flowing on Saturday, April 1st – that’s going to be interesting.

By the way, don’t worry too much about what you might have seen or heard about President Trump’s indictment.  That will open up the possibility for the tables to be turned. That’s all I’m going to say about it.  So let’s see what develops from that.

I think we’re in a really good place you guys. You know I can’t get the number tonight I wish I could.

No this is not a celebration call – wish it were.  But the information is looking very strong for this to come – any time – and I like the possibility of between Friday and Monday. I like it –

So let’s just consider it the weekend and see what happens.

So that’s what I want to share tonight. Intel wise. I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened over the weekend and keep an eye on April 1st. Let’s see what actually manifests on there. Let’s see what happens. All right  and  congratulations to Iraq on your sovereignty and your new rates. Congratulations on something that’s going to be beautiful going into our future. And thank you for everything you’ve done to make this happen –




All countries coming together  with brand new agreed upon rates last Monday at 11am in the morning Eastern thank you for that. Thank you That is all settled and ready now to go.

Obviously there is probably still pick up and drop off going on around the globe. That’s okay. We knew that was still going to take place. But we think we had everything point now where it’s able to move forward with security and proceed.

So be prepared for that be prepared with a toll free numbers come out when they come out. And we will hopefully not have to do another call unless we choose to do a celebration call.

But as it is right now, we’re looking forward to having these numbers come through and we appreciate anything that you’re doing. So thanks everybody so much – thank you listeners all over the globe. We appreciate you. And with any success, this will go through for us as we anticipate, and we’re gonna pray that way and pray the call out.

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