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Entry Submitted by Rich at 8:04 PM ET on April 1, 2023

Except from Goldilocks:

The BRICS Nations are working on a basket of currencies that will best serve their economy in the eastern half of our world.

This basket of currencies does not include the dollar or the euro.

These basket of currencies will be based upon their five member block who started the BRICS Nations.

Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, Chinese RMB Yuan and South Africa’s Rand.

This is allowing them to increase the demand on their own local currencies and reducing dependence upon the dollar and the euro.

Demand equals a raise value, and developing their own payment structure is allowing them to move their local currencies across borders at lightning speed increasing the velocity of their money as well.




The ISDA stands for the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

The most common derivative types are futures, forwards, swaps, and options.

The above categories are contracts between two parties whereby a derivative from the above four categories derives its value from an underlying asset.

These assets and others are being tokenized with a supporting contract between that token and asset with a commodity.

This transition is all about giving real values to our assets going forward.

The derivative market has many assets that are being currently moved into a commodity based trading digital asset.




Thus, the movement from Libor contracts to SOFR contracts is the path into our future allowing collateralized assets to give lasting value to their existence.

This is the transition my friends we are looking for that will allow currency swaps to take shape.

Currencies are a large portion of the derivative markets whereby Forex constitutes a sector of the market we need to watch.

All of the above mentioned has a back wall date of June 30th 2023.

What makes this even more interesting is the FedNow International Payment System launches a few days later.


My thoughts,

I was just reading this article for today, from Goldilocks and I wanted to share some of my thoughts from the info supplied. I love the article and after reading it, I thought how much the information, if I understand it correctly, aligns with the things I have read about the QFS, XRP, XLM, tokens, etc. and even my last posting regarding the ISO 20022, NESARA, GESARA, and 120 days to a possible November election date. 

Again, last weekend there was no release of the RV, though the hopium hype was Guru’d for it’s reveal, as was the case for today the first of April. So while I must apologize to those of you who didn’t get the 1-800 number, nor book your appointment for tomorrow, like I have………Not…..Sorry, just kidding. Maybe next week, or next week, or next week, or maybe, just maybe, after the end of June, when the electronic currency transfer system spoken of in Goldilocks article, has it’s backdoor for completion and the new FedNow International Payment System comes online in early July, with possible NESARA GESARA rollout, leaving 120 days to a possible November election……. sounds good to me! 

Now I’m not saying that the Good Guys timing can’t be moved up to sooner than the end of June, but that is the posted back wall for the International Payment System to be fully operational. I would think that we will need this system in play, before we can ship funding around the world for hydrating all our humanitarian projects everywhere, don’t you? NESARA GESARA funding and currency movement will probably need it too. So unless they bring it unto full completion and tested compliance before that, I think it’s safe to say the Good Guys won’t be pouring funds into accounts for us, without the secure new vehicle to move it around. That makes sense to me. All IMHO.




Regarding all the financial processes and instruments, that Goldilocks seems so well versed in, I must confess, I am a novice when it comes to high finance and banking structures. So if I misunderstand the real meaning behind all that was posted today, I do apologize. I’m just a guy, on a mission for The Creator of Heaven and Earth, to bring prosperity to humanity, once my appointment has been successfully completed (but not today, as I joked about above. Sorry, that may have been in bad taste for some, but this journey has been so intense, sometimes we need to step back and laugh at our situation, to keep from losing it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the Guru tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow thing, is doing more harm than good IMHO. I wish they would find new high up sources that actually knew what they were talking about.).

Now if I understand correctly, from the excerpt from Goldilocks’ posting that I pasted below, BRICS is pushing the RV forward, driving home the gold/asset backed currency requirement, so that anyone printing non-backed toilet paper, will ultimately be placed in a pressured position. This is great for advancing the fall of the corrupt banking and finance systems, which have to be gone before we can have any hydrating, as I spoke of in my last posting. Developing their own transfer system for funds, also puts pressure to get others onto secure systems, like the QFS for security and XRP, XLM and secure tokens, which can only be used with gold/asset backed currency. The squeeze is on!

The ISDA information Goldilocks posted, also reinforces asset backed commodities, such as currency and currency transfers. Just printing currency, willy nilly, for use in all trade, will soon be completely unacceptable to the entire populace of the world and those institutions who have built their empires on it, will come crashing down. Then our RV can begin. The change from Libor contracts to SOFR contracts, further reduces the ability for the corrupt to easily manipulate the lending process, by removing the ability for those in control, to dictate rates to their advantage, but instead, ties them directly to actual overnight transaction rates. 

I scrounged up this info on these Libor and SOFR contracts, so that I could wrap my head around these changes to high finance:

“The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) for financial contracts, was calculated from data of the rates, that major London banks were actively charging each other for loans. This rate was used in the financial industry to price derivatives, cash products and other financial instruments. LIBOR was designed to be based on actual interbank loans, but apparently it turns out, they weren’t really taking place. In 2012, the panel banks that put together the LIBOR rate values, were coordinating together and submitting false data in order to profit more from various trades, by simply submitting a rate they could hypothetically lend to one another at, without actually loaning the funds.

As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced in 2017 that it would phase out the inaccurate and manipulated process by the end of 2021.

In coordination with this process change, world financial authorities sought to install an alternative rate system, to replace LIBOR. For dollar-denominated contracts, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) proposed the use of the SOFR system. Based on real, overnight transactions conducted in the Treasury repo market, SOFR became a more realistic system for bench-marking the cost of borrowing money. Since these transaction values can be observed by anyone, it is harder for someone to manipulate the rates.“

These points, if I understand them correctly, help to support the fall of the Bad Guys and their fake systems and our moving to the QFS and secure, asset backed currency and instant transactions. Of course the June 30th date for final compliance gives us a back wall, which could come sooner, but aligns well with other info I have been reading. Thanks Goldilocks for this update below and all your other postings. Keep strong humanitarians, we are getting there, important step, by important step!

As always, thanks for listening to my meanderings, all IMHO.






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