“Scams in NESARA and QFS? (Part 1)” by Danlboon – 4.2.23



Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:38 AM ET on April 2, 2023

While we are in this transition of banking systems there will be those that will take advantage of the situation and con people, and the most likely are those connected to the present government and those already using scams.

You may believe I’m a fear monger, but then go ahead and make a direct deposit to the IRS and see how much taxes they see you failed to pay and they withdraw even more. Almost as bad is using your cell phone to do financial transactions as hackers can easily access that technology.

For identification your Passport will still be a way for international transportation, and I have been denied one to even get on a regular airline flight, for not paying my taxes, as they believe I may just leave the country. A passport is also very good for gaining access to your QFS Account to start with.

You can believe nothing will go wrong, but things have gone wrong ever since 1776 and even worse since 1871 backed by the Khazarians, and you do not want to discriminate to blame them, then tell that to those that have been hit hard while trying to be Free in America. But here I am bringing things up that you should be aware of and not be caught in a trap as you thought everything that comes to you is good.

Just some clarification is those that will receive a QFS Account with the millions of dollars in it are those with a Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth as that has been traded on the stock market. If you do not have one or you don’t know where you were born then you can only set up an empty QFS Account with maybe a $5 deposit to start with for general banking with the QFS. Some may have a delayed BC that they got as an adult, but you may not have as much funds in it as if you got it when you were born.

Yes, Charlie Ward has said every country has Birth Certificates on the people as it began about 100 years ago, but for what I see is that it is in the bigger cites of the third world countries as many Africans in their native lands just don’t go about doing that.

Now the NESARA $100,000 monthly payments is to be for everyone that has not been convicted of crimes sitting in jail or about to be, yet those that have been released by serving their time should receive them. So those that might get away with it is if they con the QFS financial center that they are not street thugs nor gang members when they actually are. Many of these don’t have any bank account and deal with only cash.




There should be conflicts in the gangs if only a few members can gain access to their QFS Account and the rest are left out, that would bring in that those funds belong to the gang and not to the individual. Then they will be going after others to join in to get even more, most likely in Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, NYC and Buffalo, yet Chicago was not on the top 20 list. No different than the big bankers’ policy. You are not a Freemason or of the Illuminati or Skull and Bones, too bad.

One note of comment is that my friend and I have received notice that a Wells Fargo branch is closing in Las Vegas, most likely due to the high crime area, as the last time he was there several years ago they had only one ATM and it was inside the door and could only be used during business hours. Are the street criminals and corporate criminals free in public going to receive a QFS Account and the NESARA payments? Who knows? If they can’t they will be coming after yours. They are the ones to watch out for.

The White Hats should not just put a few comments out there that you can open your QFS Account at any bank branch with just your present bank account info, SSN and your DMV ID. Which John Smith are you? Maybe it will be as bad as the 2020 elections, someone else got your account like they did with your vote. The fewer amounts of ID verification the better someone can steal your QFS Account and receive your NESARA monthly payments.

There should be some rules out as to what age the people are to be to gain access to their QFS Account as for receiving the NESARA payments you must be 21 years, but maybe at the age of 18 years you have access, unless there are certain circumstances where you need the funds as if you are on your own. So the QFS center staff should know those rules and not just deny you.

Maybe the government will be handing out your QFS Account to illegal immigrants and they have special financial centers for those immigrants to go to, so the White Hats, US Military and all of you need to keep an eye out for this. Maybe someone will find a Latino with my BC that is only 45 years old when I am much older and I have a CoLB with my ancestors coming here from Germany at the time of Lincoln, and the Latino has never been to California let alone they don’t know where they were born or I was.

For many years here in California we have been required to provide our thumbprint at the DMV as verification, as that goes along with our photo that is with the standard driver’s license or ID everyone above the age of 16 should have, so that could be something QFS could require. By the way, I think the DMV will just be a certification center for new drivers and keep what they have for all commercial drivers including those Class C with Endorsement for taxi/passengers for hire, but no mandated driver’s license just to travel.

There are those that claim this NESARA and QFS is a scam in itself, like my good friend, even though things have changed a bit and international bank wires have taken a lot less than 7 days now, reported by some that have done it. So they will be trying to keep things as they are as the only way they think things will change is with proper elections and getting the proper people elected, not this Trump and White Hats’ stuff.




When it comes to our debts being cleared it should be automatic and you receive your normal statement and you now owe nothing. But if someone were to push it, like on a telephone call or by email, that you need to sign up for a certain service and pay a fee then that would be a scam if this is the only way to clear your debts.

Now if you want to know about the Constitutional Amendments then go to Operation Disclosure and search for the 14th on 3/13/23 and then in sequence starting with the 1st on a daily basis as I give some explanation to them.



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